What Does Your Birthday Say About You?


What does your birthday say about you?

Ever wondered why you and your friends are the way you are?! Well wonder no more, because in this is your exclusive guide to discovering yourself and learning how to deal with other people in your life. Turns out birth months have a lot to do with it. Read on to find out what your birth month says about you and your friends.



January - Loyal & hard working

Those born in January are known for their loyal and hardworking personalities; probably the best kind of people you could want in your life, really. So if you have them over for dinner, there’s a good chance they’ll help clean up afterwards. I mean, it’s only in their nature after all.


February - Intelligent & a little rebellious

Those born in February will almost always beat you at board games and are the kind of people you want on your table at the yearly quiz night, given their intelligent personality. Don’t be fooled though, because with intelligence comes a little rebellion, so cheating is quite possibly on the cards, so keep a close eye on them or just have them on your team and it will be all smooth sailing.



March - Honest & kind

Those born in March are known for being honest and kind, so be sure to take them shopping. They’ll give you the 411 on what looks hot and what’s not. Just be prepared for lots of ‘yeah nahs’ and ‘nah yeahs’. There’s also a dangerously high chance of compliments being thrown  your way. So just know that, you’re doing amazing sweetie.


April - Adventurous & caring

Adventurous, is those born in April’s middle name, so just know that a hike up the mountain on a casual Saturday is always on the cards. Their personality is also caring, so you just know that they’ll pack the good snacks. And like, not the rubbish muesli bars with sultanas in them. I’m talking the chocolate chip ones. So that will make the hike #worthit.
Pro tip: if hike’s aren’t really your thing and you’re friends with someone born in April, always have activewear handy... And a drink bottle... And good walking shoes… So you can run away quickly from the situation haha.



May - Empathetic & high spirited

Those born in May are known for their high spirited, vivid imagination, so whilst they may tell you they once dated Chris Hemsworth, just know that it was most likely just another hipster barista that vaguely resembles old mate Chris.


June - Humorous & sensitive

Those born in June are said to have a good sense of ‘umah. Now, while they may laff at all your jokes, they’re probably less punny than they think. We all know someone born in June that 100% fits this description, amiright?!



July - Complicated & witty

Those born in July, well, let’s just say it’s complicated. Know someone whose indecisiveness leads to brunches filled with turning the waiter away because they still haven’t decided what to order? It’s okay, it’s not their fault, it’s just written in the stars of their birth month. At least their witty sense of humour makes up for it. 


August - Brave & observant

Did you notice that it’s raining outside? Well lucky for you, your August buddy did. That’s because of their observant personality. They are also the kind of person who will take the chance and not pack an umbrella or a raincoat due to their brave personality.


September - Calm & clever

You may have wondered why those born in September are the walking definition of cool, calm & collected. Well all is revealed, and it turns out their personalities are calm and clever. What a combo, right! Make the most of this and pick their brains about all the wonders of the world, because they’ll be calm about it, right? It won’t be annoying at all.



October - Friendly & confident

Those born in October have friendly and confident personalities, which means they’re great in social situations. Go out for a night on the town with these babies, and guaranteed you’ll have night to remember.


November - Strong willed & inquisitive

The perfect concoction of strong willed and inquisitive is exactly what you’ll find in November babies. Their strong will and inquisitive nature means that their probably career driven. So whip out the pants suit and watch them get stuff done.



December - Ambitious & generous

Those born in December are ambitious and generous. Yes, this does mean they are generous gift givers, so be sure to stay friendly with these ones, but it also means that they’re destined for success in their own lives. Bring on the rides in their lambo, pool parties at theirs, and the awe of their architecturally designed mansion! 


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