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We need your help

At Francesca, we are determined to make a difference in our community and change the lives of those around us. As a lot of you know, we do all of our beading in house in our Hobart studio and late last year we needed to employ more beaders to keep up with the demand of our bracelets. Beading is something that a lot of people can do, and a lot of people outsource to overseas manufacturers, however we are determined to keep this central aspect of our business, in Hobart. With this in mind, we realised we had the opportunity to make a difference in our community. 

We decided to onboard 4 beautiful African refugee women who had recently made the life changing decision to leave their country and start a new life in Australia. It was a great opportunity to give women who are new to our country the chance to enter the workforce. Ruta, Amleset, Tiemar and Zaid, are the most amazing women and are still part of the Franc Fam today. All of these women have their own stories to tell and carry the distant memories of the country they previously called home.

Integration into a new country can be a difficult and stressful process, especially when there’s a new language involved. Imagine moving to a new country and not knowing the language and having to relearn how to live in a society that is quite literally the complete opposite to everything that was once familiar to you. It’s hard to comprehend what the transition must be like, but if we can simply offer these women an entrance into the workforce, to start earning money, then we see this as a positive step to a successful integration into a new community.  

With our expanding team, we recently had the opportunity to onboard two more refugee women, who were friends of Zaid. This is when we met Akberet and Sebrina. 

Sebrina’s story was told to us upon starting, and it quite honestly broke our hearts. Sebrina made the voyage across to Australia without two of the most important people in her life. All she has is one photo and the determination to bring these two special people to the country she now calls home. 

Sebrina explained that she was forced to leave her two sons in Ethiopia. They are now living in a refugee camp waiting for their Visas to come so they can be with their mum in Australia. Her sons, Aymen, 16 and Moummod, 14, are currently, scared, alone and in need of their mum. In order to have her children join her in Australia, Sebrina must pay $11,000 and wait a 6 to 12 month period for their immigration to be processed.

Imagine leaving your children behind in a refugee camp with no protection, no safety and all alone. The $11,000 needed seemed impossible for Sebrina who until recently, was unemployed.

Sebrina explained that the refugee camp in Ethiopia is really bad. There’s a lack of food, water and no money. If you don’t have these basic supplies, you don’t survive. It’s as simple as that. 

It’s these kind of stories that put things into perspective for us and makes us realise how privileged and fortunate we are to live in a country like Australia. To be able to live in our country where we don’t have to be in constant fear of our safety and wellbeing. A country where we aren’t put in the position to seek refuge in another country, and to be forced to leave your children behind.

Sebrina’s story touched our hearts so much, we knew we had to do something to help. 

That’s why we’ve set out to make it our goal to bring Sebrina’s children to Australia. With your help, we’re going to raise the money needed to pay for their Visas. A one off bracelet that will change the lives of three individuals. You will be able to follow the progress and hopefully see Sebrina reunited with her beautiful children. 

The Sebrina Bracelet will donate the total purchase price. Yes, 100% of the sale price to put towards the Visas needed to bring Sebrina’s children to Australia. 
We may not be able to change the 6 month waiting period, but we can certainly change how long it will take to save up $11,000.

We need your help in doing this. By purchasing the Sebrina Bracelet you will be helping Sebrina be reunited with her kids, and help them transition to a country that offers safety, education and a world of opportunities. 

You can purchase the Sebrina Bracelet here and help change her life and the lives of her sons forever!


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