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The Franc Guide To Choosing The Perfect Bridal Jewellery

Wanting to celebrate your magical day in style? Know you want a beautiful wedding but unsure what ‘look’ you’re going for? Or maybe you have a theme in mind but are worried about leaving your bridesmaids behind?

Whatever the wedding woe is, we’ve got you girl.

With 112,954 marriages a year on average in Australia, according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics, weddings are kind of a frequent event and as a jewellery label, its a niche we know all too well.

But before we talk more, let’s run through some of the fun stats around weddings. Like did you know that the average cost of an engagement ring is at least $5,134? Or that 57 per cent (more than half) of engagement rings are chosen without the partner’s input, according to a survey from Easy Weddings?

What can be surmised from this? Well, if you’re the partner and you want to wow your bride-to-be and lock down that wedding, it seems a solid engagement ring price is on average at least $5K, give or take. If you’re worried about how much to spend, knowing what most people pay sets you up for the win. Of course though, price tag shouldn’t matter but it helps to often have a ballpark figure (and hey if you pay less than that, all the more money for the fun stuff like the dress, food and wine on the big day!).

The second truth? With ‘more than half’ of people being gifted an engagement ring without seeing it, it’s highly likely you won’t get a say if you’re the bride-to-be awaiting a proposal. So if you’re the hopeful one reading this, maybe drop some serious hints as soon as the ‘wedding chat’ commences, to save you in advance (because is there anything worse than a ring that’s far from your fairytale dream?).

Now we’ve got the basics covered, let’s talk the wedding day. To help, we’ve curated a bespoke guide of jewellery to match the wedding theme your heart desires. Check out our Franc wedding jewellery list below and remember, a wedding isn’t a wedding without all of the wedding bling...think wedding rings, wedding earrings and all of the glitzy wedding jewellery.

The Wedding Jewellery By Theme Edit

The Boho Wedding

When it comes to a bohemian wedding, a boho bride will likely be nonchalant when it comes to glitz and glamour, caring less about diamonds and more what connects spirituality or symbolically, opting for a piece that represents her, or her love language.

She is also likely to be flamboyant style, opting for colour over white, alternate over mainstream. The beauty of a boho bride means nothing is ruled out and any wedding jewellery could go. But, for the purpose of keeping it themed, we recommend a boho bride opts for charm bracelets or necklaces either with a symbol of the bride (and or grooms) initials (alpha charm), a behold heart charm, a love charm, a cross charm, a key charm on a colourful beaded bracelet (maybe even stack!) or on a Franc create necklace. Wedding or engagement ring wise, a boho bride would best suit a beautiful Moet or Wembley ring stacked with other gold rings for a true gypsy look or wear as a stand alone piece with a stone that speaks for itself such as the Mayfair diamond ring in gold.

The Church Wedding

For women opting for a more traditional church wedding, it’s likely to be a sacred affair. Holy matrimony is something that comes with serious commitment and meaning. For traditional brides, this will likely mean religious symbolism and modest jewellery that reflects respect over vanity. So, how does that look when it comes to bridal jewellery? Think a cross symbol threaded onto short chain Fran create necklaces (in the metal of choice), pearls in the form of an Ivory or Keshi pearl necklace, a simple pearl bracelet or pearl studs or quaint diamond studs - such as the Juliet or Harriet studs. When it comes to rings, a traditional bride would best suit a Blanc, Wembley or Fleur diamond ring.

The Garden Wedding

A bride-to-be going for a garden wedding is likely all about nature and big into florals and alfresco glamour. This means a touch of elegance but in a down to earth way that celebrates the natural surroundings. To translate the theme into workable wedding jewellery, take into consideration how the jewellery compliments the setting and bouquets. In our eyes, the best wedding jewellery that will tie in perfectly is pearls (as afterall, they are a product of nature) or coloured pieces that coordinate with accessories or the chosen blooms for the day. If bright and bold is an option, why not go for turquoise studs or an Essence bracelet? If pearls and pristine whites is more on par with what you’re wanting for your wedding, perhaps opt for the River necklace, Keshi pearl earrings or Keshi pearl threads. As for wedding rings? We’re going to say the Amaretto, Andre or Amour ring will garner all the right attention on your wedding day soiree!  

The Winery Wedding

Sophisticated in style and setting, a bride wanting a winery wedding is likely to want a glamorous affair. She will prefer luxury over simplicity, style over minimalism and diamonds over diamantes when it comes to bridal jewellery. For a winery wedding, women should opt for glamour but with a certain subtly that still pays tribute and reflects the beauty of the natural backdrop too. For the bride, we recommend the Edwin, Buchanan, Mabel or Iris earrings and for the bridesmaids slightly smaller but just as beautiful pieces such as the Radcliffe or Harriet studs. As for the right ring, the Adore, Francesca or Amour is sure to wow.

The Beach Wedding

Much like a boho bride, a beach themed wedding naturally suggests a low key, nature loving, barefoot by the sea kind of bridal babe. This bride is about letting the seaside views speak for themselves while still embodying the mermaid goddess she is. With that in mind, a beach bride (and even her bridesmaids) would best suit long line chain necklaces (maybe even the Shore, Unity necklace or for a more romantic gesture the Behold necklace), Create charm bracelets (or stacks) and a gold banded ring such as Flemington, Ameretto or Mayfair.  

The Contemporary Wedding

Far from a modest wedding, a bride wanting a contemporary affair in a modern venue (such as a rooftop or hotel) will likely want all out opulence. Which means when it comes to contemporary bridal jewellery, it could well be the easiest to shop for of them all. Think diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds. If it sparkles it’s likely it’s the right fit for her. When it comes to both bridal jewellery and bridesmaid jewellery, we love the Myrtle, Hemingway, Astoria or Radcliffe Statement earrings and as for the main showcase ring, the Manhattan or Leyton will work as a wedding band while the Epitome speaks for itself...if there was ever an engagement ring that ‘epitomised’ everything you could want in a diamond ring, this would be the one.

Want to explore our full collection for wedding jewellery inspo? Check out our Bridal page for all beautiful bespoke bridal jewellery.

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