The Stud Earrings We’re Loving And A Guide On How To Wear Them

Stud earrings are having a serious moment right now, and we won’t lie, we’re so about it.

With style icons Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner repping serious ear candy with a multi layered stud earrings look through to Meghan Markle and Jesinta Franklin wearing more classic chic diamond sets, stud earrings are definitely in vogue and here to stay.

And the best part about it is? Times have moved on from the cliched sets you got as a kid when you first had your ears pierced, now there are so many designs, styles and stud earrings sets to choose from and so many ways to wear them! 


From teensy diamond sets to mix and match pairs to delicate designs, gemstones, solid gold and sterling silver variations and in your face ‘farsshuun’ pieces, there is literally a stud earrings set to suit every woman.

So whether serious bling is your thing or you’re vibing a more chic, understated look at Francesca we’ve got all your stud earrings sets sorted.

To help you custom create and style the stud earrings look that will suit you best, we’ve created a guide to stud earrings, along with our favourite latest looks, styles and products from Francesca.


What to look for when buying stud earrings:


    •  A ‘nickel free’ label
      Whether you have super sensitive ears or just want to care for your ears and minimise the risk infection or irritation when wearing earrings, by looking out for ‘nickel free’ stud earrings you will ensure ears are safe and free to wear as much bling as they desire!

    • Secure backing
      Stud earrings are amazing, when they actually stay in place! Nothing is more annoying though than stud earrings that look good but feature a loose backing and fall straight off. Because we all know what happens after lose one stud earring and your every dream of wearing that staple set is over…(well unless you don’t mind a mix and match set, in which case, own it girl!).

      To ensure you can live out your every stud earrings dream, make sure to buy high grade earrings with quality backing. At Francesca you can be assured that all our stud earrings are super secure!

  • A jewellery tone that flatters your skin tone 
  • Just like your foundation or clothing, certain metals suit your skin tone more so than others.

    For example, if you tend to have naturally pink hued skin, wearing rose gold will likely give you an even redder appearance and not be as flattering. So when choosing stud earrings, match your skin tone to the right jewellery tone.

    For more on this, check out our blog on ‘Which Jewellery Tone Suits Your Skin Tone Best’ here.


    The stud earring looks we’re loving (and how to wear them!)


    In the lead up to 2020, we’ve just unveiled a whole new Francesca stud earrings collection of seriously hot styles that you can rock this Summer for instant style cred.

    Read on for an edit of the stud earring looks we’re loving at Francesca HQ from our new collection, along with suggestions and tips on how to create your own statement earring look.


    1. Crawler stud earrings
      A longer line stud earrings set that crawls up the ear, crawler earrings are a seriously chic way to bring instant ear candy to your ears, while looking instantly on trend.


    The Francesca crawler earrings we’re loving are:

    • Clarity stud earrings $59 (available in solid gold, rose gold and sterling silver), for a serious touch of sophisticated everyday glamour. Buy online here.

    • Radius stud earrings $59 (available in solid gold, rose gold and sterling silver) for a subtle more classic set cubic zirconia creeper. Buy online here.


    1. Eye shaped stud earrings

    Beauty is in the ‘eye’ of the beholder as they say, and what better way to celebrate seeing beauty than by offering a new stud earrings collection with the diamond eye shape in mind.

    A subtle shape perfect for layering with other stud earrings, eye shaped stud earrings are beautiful as a sliver of something or with a multi-layered set, Hailey Baldwin style.

    The Francesca eye shaped stud earrings we’re loving are:

    • Marquise stud earrings $39 (available in solid gold, rose gold and sterling silver) - perfect paired with another statement stud earrings set or as a barely there but beautiful subtle stand alone set. Buy online here.


    • Trinity stud earrings $39 (available in solid gold, rose gold and sterling silver) - for those that prefer a small clustered set to a big stone. Wear it as is or beside another stud earring set for extra bling. Buy online here.


    1. Hoop stud earrings

    Don’t love a 90s sized hoop but also feel the ‘sleeper’ small hoop trend is officially dated?  Then you will love our new Francesca ‘Create’ hoop earrings. Technically they are studs because they come with a backing, but they’re also more reminiscent of a dangly drop earring thanks to the bespoke charms threaded onto the hoops. The beauty is with the Create hoops, you can tailor the look, swapping or adding charms and motifs to create your very own look.

    The Francesca hoop stud earrings we’re loving are:

    • Cosmos Create Hoops $137 (available in solid gold, rose gold and sterling silver) - a beautiful star piece to accompany a whole ‘ear constellation’ multi-layered astrological stud earring look. Buy online here.

    • Shore Create Hoops  - $147 (available in solid gold, rose gold and sterling silver) -  shell hoops are seriously trending right now, just in time for Summer! Wear these stud earrings solo as a beach babe inspired statement or add additional charms like pearls for your own unique twist.


    1. Plain metal stud earrings

    A perfect way to ‘mix and match’ your stud earrings - especially if you’re following the latest jewellery trend and have more than one ear piercing per ear - plain metal stud earrings are a definite go-to for layering. Simply choose the metal hue you want to work with - be it rose gold, solid gold or sterling silver and the shape that will suit your look and ears best and layer from there.

    The Francesca plain stud earrings we’re loving are:

    • Bar stud earrings - $39 (available in solid gold, rose gold and sterling silver) - wear solo for a chic, understated look or use as the base to layer alongside more glitzy  stud earrings, such as our create hoop earrings or cubic zirconia studs. Buy online here.

    • Linear stud earrings - $39, (available in solid gold, rose gold and sterling silver) -  a beautiful design with a slight style cred of its own, the Linear features our new favourite ‘eye shaped’ design that offers a slight curved variation to that of the classic straight and narrow look.

      Either wear on its own or pair them alongside the similar shaped Trinity studs or any of our crawler stud earrings sets. Buy online here.
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