The Meaning of Sapphire As The September Birthstone


Explore the history of the September birth stone and what the sapphire meaning represents spiritually depending on its colour type with our guide below.

Sapphire has to be arguably one of the most regal of all stones, with the late Queen Elizabeth II not so long ago celebrating her Sapphire Jubilee (65 years as Queen) in 2017, adorned in the most decadent sapphire jewellery (see here in TIME). 

Through to Kate Middleton and Princess Diana have been papped wearing diamond encrusted sapphire necklaces and rings through to Elizabeth Hurley, who played a queen in The Royals tv show being known famously for adorning a sapphire ring, originally gifted to her as engagement ring by Shane Warne.

Now the sapphire meaning has moved beyond a symbol of royalty, it is also the September birth stone in spirituality and astrology circles.

While cobalt blue is primary colour we associate as the sapphire birth stone of September, the sapphire meaning in a spiritual sense can all depend on the shade: with black sapphire meaning, yellow sapphire meaning, pink sapphire meaning and green sapphire meaning all containing different energy qualities.

So, whether you have a friend born in September you are considering purchasing sapphire jewellery or are intrigued to know more about the sapphire meaning, follow our sapphire meaning guide below.

In it we detail the sapphire meaning in all senses: from its history, its hues and how it has come to be the September birth stone

The Meaning Of Sapphire Historically

To understand what a sapphire meaning is all about, let’s first talk to its history, and how the meaning of sapphire as a gemstone has evolved from the early centuries through to now.

Word first has it that the blue sapphire stone very early on was seen in the Middle Ages as a spiritual stone worn by clergy, with the meaning of sapphire said to symbolise heaven. 

As time went on, those in Ancient Greece and Rome considered the sapphire meaning as a talisman used to guard the elite from harm's way, while in Ancient Persia, they believed the sapphire had a connection to land and believe the earth first rested on a giant sapphire and as such made the sky blue (which we love what a beautiful sapphire meaning).
Historically the September birth stone was first said to have had its origins in Kashmir in 1881.
The story goes that a landslide high in the Himalayas uncovered a stash of cornflower blue crystals, which soon came to be known as sapphires.

Sapphires primarily come from Kashmir (India and Pakistan), Sri Lanka and Myanmar, however the September birth stone is now found in Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Madagascar and the United States.


The Meaning Of Sapphire As September Birth Stone 

A birth stone is a precious or semi precious stone associated with a month and corresponding zodiac sign, that if worn by the person born in that month will bring good luck along and other energetic qualities.

As the September birth stone the sapphire meaning is said to denote a few key energetic qualities including: calm, serenity, truth, purity and divinity.

The word sapphire is said to originally derive from the Indian sanskrit word sanipriya, meaning 
‘sacred’ or ‘precious to Saturn’

In this translation, the sapphire meaning considers that it is a protective stone. It is said that in Indian culture, Saturn's influence as a planet is seen as unfavourable, thus wearing a sapphire renders the planet Saturn as more favourable to the wearer. 

Spiritually it’s also been tied to being a protective stone against envy and the famous ‘evil eye,’ used as far back as the 13th Century to ward off witchcraft and keep safe from poison.

Now we’ve moved a little beyond the necessity of being protected from dangerous spirits. Sapphire meaning is much gentler, with the september birth stone gifted with the energetic qualities of wisdom, clarity and nobility.

Sapphire as a September birth stone makes for a beautiful gift to those needing support to feel empowered, to have integrity, to instil focus and or to stay grounded and confident in who they are.

In a nutshell, consider the traditional blue September birth stone as good for anyone who is calm, clever and well travelled (or seeking such qualities) and / or who may need wisdom, clarity and confidence. 

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To learn more about the sapphire spiritual meaning and September birth stone meaning along with all birth stones check out our full blog here

The 4 Other Types Of Sapphire & Their Meaning 

We’ve mostly talked about cobalt blue sapphire as it tends to be the most iconic colour people associate sapphire with. But did you know sapphire’s meaning in a spiritual sense can vary depending on its hue?

With black sapphire meaning, yellow sapphire meaning, pink sapphire meaning and green sapphire meaning all pertaining to different energetic and spiritual qualities.

To give you a snapshot of what each sapphire meaning indicates so you know which one will serve you or a September birth stone friend read on for a guide to sapphire meanings below.

1.Black sapphire meaning

Black sapphires are known to connect the wearer to their inner wisdom and intuition.
A grounding stone that protects and centres the body and any energetic forces, it keeps negative vibes away and provides calm and strength during stressful times.

As such a black sapphire meaning translates well as a gift for a friend or loved one needing support during a challenging season in life.

2.Yellow sapphire meaning 

Yellow sapphires are a healing stone said to represent safety, knowledge, divine grace and power. 
As a gemstone, yellow sapphires are considered to call in auspicious wealth, loving relationships, wellbeing and spiritual knowledge. You can call this one the manifestor's secret weapon

As a symbol of good things, a yellow sapphire meaning will suit anyone who needs a bit of spiritual luck and bolstering to inspire hope and action steps to make their dreams, goals or wishes come true.

3.Pink sapphire meaning 

Pink sapphires are very aligned with a woman who connects naturally to feminine energy. It is said pink Sapphire assists the emotional body through the transitions of life, stimulating the emotions of love, forgiveness, acceptance, and letting go and is particularly attuned to the heart.

As a gemstone connected with love the pink sapphire meaning encourages compassion for self and others and invites the wearer to open their heart to love and daily interactions with others. A stone best gifted to someone healing from heartbreak, looking for love or needing self love and compassion.

4.Green sapphire meaning 
Green sapphires are akin to the earthy, green calming quality of nature said to symbolise tranquillity and calm. Associated with peace, integrity and thoughtfulness, green sapphire meaning corresponds to a quality of groundedness.

As the colour is also akin to the heart chakra, the green sapphire meaning also represents tolerance and compassion for others and encourages a higher state of mind, intuition and clarity.

A person suited for a green sapphire as a September birth stone may be a friend who feels lost and needs direction, one who is looking to expand their self growth or one who wants to feel grounded during an unsteady time.

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