The Francesca x Em Carey Collaboration For International Women’s Day

Life is precious and as women it’s important to celebrate our strength and success, which is why this March 8th, we’ve partnered with an inspiring woman who reminds us of both the fragility of life and of the formidable feminine strength that lies within us all…Em Carey.


On a day that celebrates all that women are and all that they can achieve, we have chosen to partner alongside an inspiring woman who we believe epitomises true strength, determination and resilience in the face of all obstacles this International Women’s Day, the beautiful force of nature that is Em Carey.

Famously known as the woman who fell from the sky, at just 20, Em Carey, an Australian woman travelling the world on her first solo adventure to Europe, found herself falling 14,000 feet from the sky in Swiss Alps, without a working parachute to save her.

Somehow in the most miraculous of miracles she survived the fall, but woke to a spinal chord injury and prognosis of paraplegia. However in spite of this new reality, an enduring six-year long battle at court and three and a half years of ongoing rehabilitation managed to propel herself back into the world with a new found life perspective, capacity to walk again and a sense of determination that knows no bounds.

To this day she also still holds true that even in light of everything she had to face and overcome, for that brief time the feeling of free-falling was one of the best moments of her life.

Fast forward to now and Em has used her bravery and incredible story to write a memoir as a call to action reminding everyone to never take life or their abilities for granted, with her signature motto, “if you can you must.”


In our eyes, Em is the true essence of an inspiring woman which is why we’re thrilled to have her as the face and inspiration for our International Women’s Day campaign and collection this year.

As a female founded brand, at Francesca, we’re always uplifting the women around us, in staff and community and believe every woman should be championed. We also believe life is precious and that often having a tangible reminder in the form of jewellery as a daily keepsake can be a source of strength, of hope, of will and of guiding affirmation to return to in the face of any adversity or indecision. 

With this in mind, we’ve worked with Em to etch her signature motto “if you can you must” into two of our signature pieces, a stand alone charm and pendant necklace, so you too can now carry or wear a guiding reminder with you whenever you feel you need a higher source of trust or a answer to any of your lingering heart’s desires.

Consider it an ode to your future self. As Em puts it: “I wrote these five words the day I was told I would never walk again. They [became a way] to remind my future self to go for a run if she was ever lucky enough to be able to. Over time though, I realised these words aren't just about running, they are about everything”. 

Designed to be worn daily and serve as a motivation to seize the day and live each moment to its fullest, both our Francesca X Em Carey If You Can You Must Charm and Francesca X Em Carey If You Can You Must Necklace feature a guiding star and cubic zirconia on one side and her mantra on the other. 

With both pieces evolving out of our Etch Collection, each is custom made and engraved and allows you to co-create it with us, choosing from either solid gold, rose gold and sterling silver. 

As a collection designed in collaboration with an inspiring woman, for the purpose of inspiring women, we couldn’t think of a more perfect fit and gift to purchase for either self love or a woman in your life.
Whether it’s as a guiding light, a momento to kickstart a dream, a sign to say yes to new things, or an anchor to return to for strength, as Em says, “if you can you must.”

For more on Em Carey’s inspiring story see her website, grab a copy of her memoir The Girl Who Fell From The Sky. Or shop the charm and necklace collection as an ongoing keepsake you can keep close to heart or sleeve whenever you’re needing a source of positivity or hope.

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