Style Predictions for Spring 2020 from NYFW


At Francesca, if there’s two things we love the most: it’s jewellery and fashion.

As a brand founded on creating on-trend designer jewellery with a purpose - we are not only incredibly fashion-forward and style conscious but like to be ahead of the fashion trends.

In fact, it’s safe to say we live and breathe fashion, jewellery and style.

So, newsflash! For those who missed it, last week was New York Fashion Week (NYFW) and as a fashion-forward jewellery label we couldn’t help but ogle over all the latest fashion trends, colours and fashions forecasted for Spring 2020.

From florals, to pastels, to neutrals and metallics, the fashion and jewellery trends for Spring 2020 are all looking fun, frivolous and fabulous as ever ⁠—think so Carrie Bradshaw chic ⁠— that we can’t help but get excited about it!

While we’re not fashion editors, we love high-end fashion, style and cutting edge design, so for fun, we’ve curated our own Francesca fashion edit on our pick of the most up-and-coming style, fashion and jewellery fashion predictions for this Spring/Summer in Aus based on our absolute favourites from NYFW Spring 2020 collection!


  1. citrus hues and popsicle pinks are in!
    Colour is back big time baby, and we’re so for it! From tangerine, coral, burnt orange and bronze fashion through to fuschia, flamingo, fairy floss and popsicle pinks, it’s all about fashion that is bright, citrus and lollypop shades. Think colour pop from power suits through to pleather pants, to tangerine tee pee bags and burnt orange shades.



  1. encrusted jewellery is having a moment
    Think chandelier inspired earrings that practically adorn the ears (like our very own Astoria earrings). In Raisa Vanessa’s runway show, the fashion-forward jewellery featured heavily encrusted diamond pieces ranging from rectangular to circular, to long leaf metallic shapes to a mix of yellow and white coloured diamonds. Overly OTT, overly embellished, overly fabulous - we adore them all! Bring on all of the fashion jewellery this Spring races season! For similar designs check out our own beautiful and overly encrusted Francesca Florence, Carraway, Evelyn or Mabel earrings.

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3. prints from boho, paisley to stripes and oriental designs are back with a vengeance!
Whether you’re more of a soft, feminine and floral kind of gal or have a punchy, bold and playful fashion personality, there’s a fashion print and fashion trend to suit all women this Spring 2020 if this year’s New York Fashion Week is anything to go by. For the fashion forward crowd out to make a statement, think clashing and mixing prints and all of the pattern inspo you can imagine fromLibertine - who essentially ruled the runway print and fashion trend wise.

  1. tulle and textures are making a come back!
    Just as SJP made tulle and fairy skirts famous as a fashion statement in 90s (all hail Sex In The City!), this season at New York Fashion Week saw Raisa Vanessa showcase everything from tulle sleeved tops to the most fabulous puffed sleeved foil metallic and floral crepe dresses. If you’re one for getting out there with fashion trends, now is the time to go wild and wear that tutu girl!

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  1. bollywood eye bling is now a thing.
    Say what now? Yes, according to the style makers, or a few of New York’s fashion designers in particular - Area and Edgii - eye bling and face diamantes are officially in! On the Area runway, models wore a full face of diamante encrusted drapery from eyebrow to lower lid, while Edgii featured heart shaped diamante bindis as a side face statement. Still confused what bollywood-inspired eye (and in some cases lip fashion) jewellery looks like? Check out some of the official pics below to see the beauty for yourself.

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  1. Flowy florals are taking reign over sharp shapes and tight fitting fashion (woo!)
    Between Badgley Mishka bringing the floaty, feminine goods back this season with their beautiful floral, floaty kaftan-esque dresses and Australian fashion fave Zimmerman bringing their iconic lace embroidery, feminine flowy fabrics and soft style cuts, you can expect all of the free movement, loose, comfortable, flowing cotton, feminine beach-chic resort vibes we always love (and live in) every Spring/Summer in Aus.

  1. pearls are still as timeless as ever.
    We’ve always known pearls are classic and stand the test of time, but this season really just cemented it. Label Cashmere Song featured everything from layered long pearl necklaces to cuff pearl bracelets in a traditional way, while Edgii went out there (like their namesake) featuring large goblet sized single ear pearl earrings. At Franc, we’re all about the pearls, all of the time (in fact it’s always been a staple in terms of the jewellery fashion we offer), so whether you want big, small, goblet, strands or single drops, embrace your inner Audrey Hepburn and stay fashion forward by checking out our full pearl range here.
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