The Astrology Edit: Accessories For Every Zodiac Sign To Try

Seasonal trends can come and go but with astrology it’s a forever thing and jewellery based on zodiac signs will always be omnipresent due to the century old philosophy underpinning astrology.

Guided by the time and place a person is born, to the way we see our life as influenced by the sun, moon, stars and our own intuition, our star sign is so individual it’s essentially a tailored identity and imprint, as defined by birth and destiny.

However despite their being twelve star signs in the zodiac with uniquely different attributes they all share at least one common thread and are grouped by an element: air, water, earth or fire. 

But don’t be overwhelmed, rather than looking to a zodiac accessories chart, we have created a synopsis and style identity for each type. Each of the four elements offer key personality traits that fit within these elemental ideals: ie a fire sign will likely be full of energy and outspoken while an earth sign may be humble, grounded and steady in their temperament.

With this in mind, we’ve designed a guide to help you select the best zodiac sign accessories and jewellery choices to suit your style and personality according to your element. 

Either see our Zodiac Collection directly for your individual star sign symbol or read below for our bespoke list of the best zodiac sign accessories and jewellery based on your elemental sway. To learn more specifically on your element’s personality type we also love this guide from Elle.


4 Of The Best Jewellery Styles Based On Zodiac Signs

Best Jewellery For: Fire Signs

Sagittarius, Leo, Aries.


Personality type: Fire signs are warm, passionate, creative, playful, energetic, warm and light. Their inner flame shines bright but if provoked can burn easily and display a fiery and quick to react side.


Best Jewellery Based On Zodiac Signs With Fire Element: Just as their nature is considered playful and creative so too can their jewellery and zodiac sign style be.


For fire, we recommend the following zodiac sign style ideas…


  1. Birthstone jewellery
    Choose a red birthstone piece (to represent fire element) or your own unique birthstone based on date of birth. Either choose a Petite birthstone charm and thread onto a necklace of choice or go direct for a Petite Birthstone Necklace or alternatively the Ingot Necklace or Ingot Birthstone Charm.


  1. Horizon charm

If fire feels aligned with your warm nature perhaps the Horizon Charm will bring out your sunshine nature a little more with the help of a beautiful sun symbol.


  1. Daring and adventurous charms

For the thrill seekers and those with an adventurous spirit we adore the Nomad Charm for jetsetters, Wander Charm for tropical island dreamers and the punchy charm motto If You Can You Must Charm as inspired by Em Carey for the brave hearted.


Best Jewellery For: Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius


Personality type: Air signs are the thought leaders, the intellectuals, those with big ideas and go with the flow as inspiration appears type mentality. They are highly social and idea driven and while their strength is their theoretical mind, at times like the wind, they drift and aren’t able to hold to one fixed state, place, person or idea.


Best Jewellery Based On Zodiac Signs With Air Element: As their nature is driven by intelligence and strong communication, their jewellery and zodiac sign style should reflect this too.


For air, we recommend the following zodiac signs style ideas…


  1. Atypical Huggies
    Air signs are unique, they run their own race and prefer to start a trend than follow one.

    The Hendrix Huggies featuring cut quartz is a design they may gravitate to due its imperfect crystal nature, or maybe the Olsen Hoops in a bright colour such as turquoise, rhodochrosite or larimar could all spark fun, inspiration and an individualistic element.


  1. Letter Pendants

Air signs want to be remembered in history and are proud of who they are and the ideas they bring, so a Rope Letter Pendant, Bobble Letter Pendant with their initial or Etch Pendant Necklace with inscribed initials is fitting symbolism for a air sign who wants to remember who they are and what their mission is.


  1. Watches

With a tendency to breeze in and out, according to their own timelines, a watch that keeps track of time like our Franc Watch Mesh or Franc Link Watch may be one of the best zodiac sign accessories an air sign could have.

Best Jewellery For: Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces 


Personality type: The most sentimental of all, a water sign is as deep as the ocean and water element it resides from. Water signs are highly attuned to emotions, making them sensitive, empathic and intuitive. Romantic and nostalgic by nature, water signs dream big and lean into what sparks joy. While fluid in their emotional nature, they need to be wary to not become too consumed by the emotional waves that come.


Best Jewellery Based On Zodiac Signs With Water Element: With a nature driven by romance, whimsy, the water and dreams, jewellery and zodiac sign style should reflect this too.


For water we recommend the following zodiac signs style ideas…


1.Fable Collection

A collection that is water element personified, the Fable Collection is all about nostalgia and romance. Each piece in the Fable Collection reflects solar or lunar energy with stars, moons and xx symbols and carries a dream state or title. Pieces we recommend include the: Ever After Earrings, Dreamer Necklace, Dreamer Earrings or the Daisy Studs.


2.Wildflower Necklace

Nothing makes a water sign feel more warm and fuzzy than connecting with a cause that supports others. The Wildflower Necklace is a charity inspired piece that not only symbolises the water nature of being rare and one of a kind but also all proceeds support Be Hers a charity that fights against human trafficking. 100% of proceeds go to supporting Be Hers something all water signs hearts would be charmed by.


  1. Illustrate Collection

A handwritten word or sketch on a necklace that can be kept close to heart, is every water sign's dream in terms of meaningful jewellery.


The new Illustrate collection allows individuals to inscribe a word, sentence or drawing onto a pendant allowing the wearer to keep their sentimental message near at all times. Water signs would adore the thought behind this collection and the versatility in design. With two designs to choose from, either the Illustrate Amanda Necklace or Illustrate Pendant Necklace water signs have the ability to dip toes into the creative waters with their own custom design.


Best Jewellery For: Earth Signs

Tauras, Virgo, Capricorn


Personality type: The grounded element of the zodiac, earth signs are the nature dwellers, those most steady, connected, stable and reliable. Earth signs are practical, logical and considered when decision making, tending to plan ahead and think things through, yet are also balanced and calm in detriment.

Earth signs thrive with ritual and routine and also behold a deeply caring nature, make for a good listening ear and are reliable to turn to, you can always trust they will be there. However this also means they can err towards a rather fixed and structured nature and aren’t so great with unexpected change or spontaneity.
Best Jewellery Based On Zodiac Signs With Earth Element: With a stable and grounded nature, earth signs would be supported by jewellery and zodiac sign style that is similar: reliable, classic and structured.


For earth we recommend the following zodiac signs style ideas…


  1. Pearls

Pearls, like the earth, are symbolic of mother nature, a type of jewellery that is reliable, natural and safe.


Pearls are one of the best zodiac sign accessories you could give a earth sign as they can still come in many designs, formations and jewellery types yet they all have a similar vibe that represents grounded.


Pearl styles we recommend are: Lulu Pearl Necklace, Keshi Pearl Necklace, River Pearl Necklace, Pilgrim Pearl Bracelet or Keshi Pearl Studs.  


  1. Jewellery Organisers

Earth signs love organisation so a jewellery organiser, whether it’s a box, a pouch or wallet will likely have them ecstatic.

One of the best zodiac sign accessories you could give them, due to the way each jewellery piece can be neatly packed away and reliably found in its own home. Designed for travel too, earth signs can happily keep jewellery looked after on a holiday knowing each piece is compartmentalised in their own specific place, making the vacay all the more relaxing and grounded.


The jewellery organisers we love include: The Jewellery Wallet for on the go or weekends away, the Petite Jewellery Box for carrying rings or smaller items in a handbag or the Stacker Jewellery Box for a piece kept at home by the bedside table.

For more on best accessories based on zodiac signs check out our Zodiac Edit blog here or for specific jewellery based on zodiac signs see our Zodiac Collection or browse Francesca for all collections.

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