Styling the Fable Collection: Gold Boho Jewellery By Francesca

Bring back your wild at heart spirit and frolic in green daisy fields with our gold boho jewellery inspired South of France summer collection.

Peel back the dull layers of the season's past and be inspired to loosen up and reclaim a sense of the whimsical this Summer by embracing your inner bohemian with our Fable Collection.

Paying homage to the silk headscarf and gold hoop pizzaz of Saint Tropez era (think 1960s icons Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Munroe) while infusing a sense of romanticism inspired by cheesecloth smock dresses and daisy chains, Fable Collection is an ode to the wild and free innocence of picnic times past. Vogue highlighted the prairie dress and boho trend this summer, with Harpers Bazar detailing the return of boho chic.

With origins that steep within the grounds of a South of France chateau, surrounded by fields and wildflowers, the Fable Collection invites a return to daydreaming, allowing you to escape at any time to imagine a happily ever after that goes beyond the ordinary and instead inspires you to dream of new heights, beyond the moon and stars to a place supported by the warmth of the sun.

Featuring gold boho jewellery at its core, Fable Collection is a gentle nod to the sun’s radiance and golden light while also infusing a sense of the dreamer and the mystical elements of nature with sun, moon and star inspired pieces. As with all Francesca pieces, products are also available in silver and rose gold metal tones to work with your current jewellery collection.

Designed to liberate even the most grounded of souls, Fable Collection invites you to lie back and stare up at the sky to marvel at the stars or feel the last kiss of the dusk sun as it settles over the horizon without a clifftop balcony or jet boat.

With pieces ranging from milky way eclectic to daisy chain inspired hoops, the Fable Collection allows you to intuit what feels dreamy to you while also paying reverence to the regal with yellow gold and colourful gemstone encrusted charms and studs.

Designed to add texture and fun to any daisy chain, silk scarf or straw woven hat the Fable Collection is 
a boho gypsy jewellery range that will uplift the spirits of any soul yearning to return to carefree times.

The Collection

Speaking to the core of the Fable Collection, expect pieces in sterling silver, rose gold and yellow gold metal pieces, a wide array of earring combos from studs, to hoops, charm earrings, eclectic pendants and chunky gemstone rings.

With picnicing in the green fields of a chateau as an inspired element, emerald gemstones feature throughout the vintage boho jewellery range, dropped into a few studs, charms and hoop designs. 

As an boho jewellery range, you can expect all of the signature Francesca earring designs. From huggie earrings, drop earrings and studs, along with gemstone rings, cute charms and pendants that can be attached to any bracelet, necklace, Fable allows your inner child to play freely and curate an eclectic style of your very own.

The Specs and Styling
As an eclectic boho jewellery Australia inspired collection, we are all about mixing and matching the Fable Collection alongside other unique pieces. Discover more about the specifics surrounding the newly launched Fable Collection (including what is and isn’t available) and how to add it to current Francesca pieces.

  • The colours: The Fable Collection has three main colour ways - emerald green, butter yellow and opal white seen in the images as a yellow gold boho jewellery range. 
Our pick - The Ever After Earrings layered with the  Ever After Studs - an on trend mis-matched design featuring pearl and A Grade cubic zirconia

  • The stones: Embedded as key feature stones within select charms, stud earrings, hoop earrings and drop earrings, Fable features pearl, green spinel, emerald, mother of pearl, malachite and cubic zirconia.
Our pick - The Fable Ring  and Dreamer Earrings featuring mother of pearl - the stone of protection

  • The earring styles: With notes of innocence at its centre, the Fable Collection features smaller (to medium) style earrings including small hoops (some are huggie earrings like the Fantasy Huggies),  drop earrings, teensy gemstone studs (Fantasy Studs).
    Our pick - The Fable Hoops that can be worn two ways, with or without the detachable charm layered with the Fantasy Studs for multiple piercings

  • The bracelet styles: Within Fable there are four signature bracelets, all gold boho jewellery you can stack for a gypsy inspired vibe or vibe up in an eclectic way adding an array of unique charms.
    Our pick - The Fable Bracelet, featuring green malachite stones and hand beaded in our Tasmania studio. Customise with the Fable Charm.

  • The necklace styles: Think long line gold pendants through to petite charms with a pop of colour  there are four necklace designs available in Fable with adjustable chains to suit both the innocent through to the flirtiest of decolletages.
    Our pick - The Lioness Necklace on the create link chain layered with the Dreamer Necklace on a bobble chain

  • The fine print: The following products will be available on pre-order from Tuesday 18th October with stock arriving in the coming weeks: Ivy Ring, Daisy Band, Daisy Studs, Daisy Chain Hoops, Ever After Studs and Dreamer Studs.

The Inspiration

With the return of travel and with it postcards from long, balmy European summers, we wanted to elevate the old world charm of chateau inspired living of the South of France while embracing the strong hot sun of the southern hemisphere, to create a High Summer collection that infuses iconic Australian style with a nod to French chic.

As a beautiful boho jewellery inspired collection, each Fable piece was a considered design that reflected notions of romanticism and nature from the rising of sun and moon, to daisy fields and regal jewel tone gemstones.

Whether you dream of frolicking in a field of wildflowers, savouring crackers with fromage on a picnic rug, star gazing in your backyard or wrapping hair in a silk scarf and dancing all night long in balmy temperatures, the Fable Collection has a piece that will liberate all those looking to escape to higher past times.

With the Fable Collection allowing your free spirit to roam wild, choose to wear loose and flowy clothes like smock dresses, linen wrap shirts and skirts and wear as a boho beach jewellery pieces or glam up for an evening with silk dresses, camisoles or open shirts with slightly exposed lacey lingerie for a subtle return to racy. 

For more style cues to uplevel your Fable pieces, check out the collection as featured fresh on Instagram or the shop the Fable Collection page here.

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