Sodalite Style Guide



Sodalite's Essential 

Are you looking for something to spice up your stack game? Something that’s edgy, yet beautiful, that will still go with everything? Let us introduce you to the amazing (some say it’s the the pinnacle of all stones), Sodalite! The stone that throws 50 shades of blue in the most spectacular and mesmerising way. We may be biased when we say that our Sodalite Lustre Bracelet gives you the nicest subtle sparkle in your stack, but we’ll let you form your own opinion.




Sodalite is the stone of truth and is an intuitive stone that aids idealism and encourages the wearer to gain perspective. This beautiful deep blue gem will help you to perceive truth within life and self, allowing you to live a more authentic lifestyle!



Look familiar? Yeah, we thought so too! Sodalite and Lapis look like they could be distant second cousins from your mum’s side, but that’s actually kind of true! You see, sodalite is made up of the same stone qualities as Lapis, which explains the whole familiar thing. I guess really, really, ridiculously, good looking blue genes must run in the family, lucky ducks!



Incorporating blue into your wardrobe is probably one of the easiest ways to take your style from a 5 to a strong 10! It looks best when worn with other neutrals, like white, black or tan! Then add sodalite to your stack to complete the look!



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