Our Q&A with Hannah, Rachel and their mum, Mandy



To celebrate Mother's Day this year, we thought it would be rude not to get Hannah, Rachel, and their Mum, Mandy in, to grill them about who is the favourite child (*grilling - loose term for politely asking loving questions with birds and baby animals floating around) and memories. As some of you know, Mandy was a massive inspiration to the name Francesca, so it only felt right to ask the queen herself at this pressing time of year!





Her heart. She’s so selfless, she’d her go out of her way for anybody and she loves others as if they were her own children - Hannah.

When we lived in America, mum used to go out of her way to take us to this supermarket where every 15 minutes, dancing fruit would perform! Haha it was the BEST! Or otherwise it would be coming home every afternoon to freshly baked choc chip cookies! - Hannah



an absolute superwoman miracle!! She’s the strongest person I know. Ten years we nearly lost her, but she overcame a massive battle to be here for us and we are so lucky to have her in our lives!  - Rachel


The best piece of advice Mum ever gave me was “The people who matter won’t mind and the people who mind don’t matter.” Always telling me to be myself regardless of what others say! - Rachel

Mandy spills the beans about Hannah and Rachel as kids! Needless to say the whole office was in tears of laughter, mainly because nothing's changed haha!


Hannah and Rachel were very different as little kids. Hannah was an extremely curious toddler and wanted to continuously understand how things worked in the world and why different things were a certain way, often asking things like ‘why don’t clouds fall out of the sky?’ Hannah started reading and walking well beyond her years… to no one’s surprise.

Rachel was very creative as a child, she was often helping me cook and get the other kids ready for school (she was the youngest). She had a very active imagination - playing make believe a lot - at one point in her life she was convinced she was a caterpillar. Let’s be honest she’s a bit of a drama queen, always has been, always will be - today we just call her charismatic.

As siblings it was a typical older sister, younger sister dynamic. What many people don’t realise now is that the girls are 6 six years apart! That was much more obvious when they were growing up! Hannah was always teaching Rachel how to do things and Rachel was constantly mimicking her, desperate to be included with the ‘big kids’.

I believe caring for my children has made me a ‘better’,  more fulfilled person.






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