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Francesca’s Newest Create Charms

Our Link Bases aren’t the only new kids on the block. Meet 6 brand new charms, available in three metal tones and able to be worn on Create Hoops, Create Charm Bracelets or any of our chains. These charms were created to add to our existing 5 collections, so that you can keep your jewellery collection fresh and exciting. With some gorgeous meanings, and truly delicate designs we are sure you’ll love wearing these on our Create Bases. 


The Celestial charm joins the Aurora collection, with the meaning “All I want is a life in your orbit.” Its 20mm round face features an engraved moon and stars, and Cubic Zirconia stones set throughout. The Tranquil collection welcomes Wishing Bone and Mati, providing “A little luck for all your wishes in life” and telling that “It’s watchful gaze stares back at the world to keep you safe from jealousy and harm.” These charms also are round in design, and have detailed engravings on their faces. The Dragonfly charm fits into Canopy, and instructs to “live your life with full potential, to live everyday like it’s your last.” This delicate charm is the shape of a dragonfly, and is a petite sized option. Finally, the two additions to our Behold collection are Amada and Vida. These special charms are a similar design to our Lockets, however are an option for those who like the shape but do not want an opening feature. Amanda is an oval design, and Vida is rectangle. Their meanings are “Speak true of your heart” and “Create the life you imagined.”


All of our charms are available in solid sterling silver, or rose or yellow gold 2 microns plated on silver. These 6 new designs each speak true to their name and meaning, and each one tells a very special story. They are the perfect way to add onto an existing piece of jewellery to really make it your own. Being extremely versatile pieces, try the small Mati charms on a set of Creaste hoops, the delicate Dragonfly on a Create Charm bracelet, or the meaningful Amanda on a bobble chain. Starting from $29, these charms are a beautiful on trend option at an affordable price point.

Styling your new pieces

You might be wondering just how to incorporate so many wonderful new pieces into your jewellery look. There are so many ways to style and wear our latest Link Bases and newest charms, so read on for some top tips for how to wear your Jewellery collection like a pro.


The key to our Link Necklace is to layer it with our other chains. Pairing with the Rope Chain, or Bobble chain will have you feeling glamorous and ready for a night out. The adjustable length makes it so easy to layer, and you can choose where it sits making it easy to pair with any of our Franc chains. Adding on a charm or two to the clasp on the necklace will give it an ever so subtle personal touch. Our Celestial Charm is a perfect size for the Link Chain, and will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd. You could try one of our Freshwater Pearl charms, or if you want a subtler look, our Alpha charms are an absolute must for any necklace.


Create a beautiful and unique Link Bracelet by adding on charms. The Mati charm or Vida charms are great sizes for this, or you can also browse a range of our other charms to see what grabs your attention. These link designs are perfectly paired with so many of our other bracelets. The Vieira Bracelet or Pilgrim Pearl Bracelet can make your look a little bit special. Alternatively, our Staple Bracelets are simple and classy to wear alongside and are available in several different bead sizes. The Link Bracelet is a perfect option to add to your existing stack, or wear alone to let it shine.

Francesca has always made sure we stay current with jewellery trends, and these new Link Bases are a perfect update to your collection. Whether you want to wear them alone, layer to create a statement look, or give a gift to a loved one with a meaningful charm attached, we are sure you will absolutely adore your new Franc pieces. They are a great addition to our Create Collection, and a perfect base to personalise. As always, our pieces are made with love, and give you the opportunity to tell your own story through the jewellery that you wear.

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