Necklace lengths: How To Find The Perfect Necklace


Necklace lengths: How To Find The Perfect Necklace

When it comes to statement jewellery, necklace lengths can make or break an outfit. For Coco Chanel, it was about oozing luxury with longline pearl necklaces, yet for Audrey Hepburn, a petite pearl choker was enough to define her chic, oh so demure and elegant disposition.  

Today, the only necklace length guide you need should come from your own intuition or that of a trusted friend who gets your (or that of whom you’re buying for) unique look. Because ultimately, a necklace chain length can often be a natural expression and extension of an individual's style, with different necklace lengths offering varying looks, style interpretations and fashion identities.

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Take the style icons of our time now. You could rock a short choker necklace length with a body sculpting outfit like Kim Kardashian (sexy yet reserved), a delicate mid-collarbone necklace chain length such as the iconic ‘Carrie’ personalised necklace worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex In The City with a white shirt and jeans (feminine chic) or a mix of multi-layered different necklace lengths with a cocktail dress such as Beyonce for instant glamour (and Queen B vibes).

With so many beautiful designs and style queens for inspo out there, the necklace lengths available are endless, but often at times slightly overwhelming. With online shopping the new normal, it can be tricky to figure out what necklace lengths suit best when you can’t try them on.

To make it simple, we’ve created a necklace length chart and information on different necklace lengths to help you purchase the perfect necklace length for your outfit, body type or beloved.

Read on for our Francesca necklace length guide below to help you find the perfect necklace chain length that will flatter you or a loved one.

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Francesca Necklace Lengths Guide

40cm - Shorter necklace length. Sits above or on the collarbone.

50cm - Mid necklace length. Sits below the collarbone.

80cm - Longline necklace length. Sits at mid cleavage or below.


3 Necklace Chain Lengths Available at Francesca

1. The Franc Create Chain- comes in 50cm or 80cm.

2. The Bobble Chain  - comes as a 40cm with an adjustable extra 10cm.

3. The Rope Chain - comes as a 40cm chain with an extra 5cm extender option.

Note: all our necklaces are adjustable. For more on how to adjust, see our jewellery fit guide here.


Choosing a Necklace Length

Collage of necklaces and women wearing necklaces

Neck size

No two bodies are the same, so it goes without saying, your neck length and circumference can often vary from your friend’s, colleague’s or hubby’s too!
The best way to know what necklace lengths work best for your body, frame and decolletage is to measure. Using a soft tape measure, wrap it around the circumference of your neck only to an amount comfortable to be a choker (not too tight!), then as a rough guide, allow 5cm and that’s the ideal length you should aim for.

Collage of necklaces and women wearing necklaces


Just as you would dress to accentuate your body and highlight your best features, you should also select necklace lengths to balance your body type and flaunt your best assets.

For shorter women, 5’4 or less, we recommend 40 - 50cm necklace chain length as long necklace lengths can sometimes look overwhelming on a small frame.

For mid-height women, between 5’4 to 5’7, the world is your oyster (or pearl necklace!) and can more easily choose from any necklace length, be it 40cm or 60cm.

For taller women 5’7 and up, a  longline necklace chain length will suit your height.

Collage of necklaces and women wearing necklaces

Body type

With necklaces, eyes will always naturally gravitate to where your necklace sits. If you want to feel comfortable and still make an eye popping statement, make sure you choose a necklace that works to highlight the area you feel the best showing off.

For women with a small bust, a long chain or multi-layered necklace chain length can work to bring your decolletage to the spotlight. Whereas those with a naturally bigger bust may find longer necklace lengths don’t sit as easily on the chest, so in that case, any necklace chain length that sits before or above the cleavage line will ultimately work best.

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Face shape

A less typical consideration but a fun one to ponder still is how a face shape may play into necklace length. As necklaces help frame the face, the different necklace lengths you choose can also enhance your facial features.

While there is no exact rule of thumb when it comes to face shape and necklace lengths, a general guide we would suggest is as follows.

Round shaped face - avoid shorter necklaces and chokers unless you want to accentuate roundness of face.

Oval shaped face - can be a little more fluid with what necklace lengths as this face shape can suit almost any shape, length or type of necklace.

Long shaped face -  can benefit from balancing out length with shorter style necklace lengths such as choker or princess necklaces (think any of the Francesca 40cm necklaces).

Heart shaped face - will suit any choker or delicate style necklace best. Shorter necklace lengths will help bring fullness to the face and balance out a narrow chin.

So, be it a heart shaped face or a slinky neck looking for a little bling, necklace lengths really are but for the eye of the beholder.

But with so many beautiful necklace designs, from locket necklaces, pendant necklaces, charm necklaces, personalised necklaces and bespoke gold, silver and rose gold necklace chain length to choose from, as long as it’s chosen with love, leave the necklace length to us. With a range of adjustable necklace chain lengths, we’re sure to have you covered. 


For more on different necklace lengths, check out the Francesca necklace page here to buy the perfect necklace for you or a loved one or to get a visual on lengths; see our necklace length guide here.

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