Just In: The Jewellery Organiser And Jewellery Boxes You Need Now!

You’ve probably heard of the famous ‘Marie Kondo’ method that involves organising your house in a way that ‘sparks joy’ but what about your jewellery?

When it comes to our wardrobes we have shoe racks, clothes hangers, storage boxes and coat hooks for our clothes but what about our jewellery collection? Where do they go?

Safe to say if you own diamonds, solid gold or sterling silver jewellery, necklaces, earrings and charm bracelets they inevitably ‘spark joy’ in your life. And if not...maybe it’s time for a visit to Francesca (*hint hint!*).

So why aren’t you giving your beautiful designer jewellery the devoted love and care they deserve by ‘Marie Kondo-ing’ them too?

Well don’t worry girl, it turns out you can! Whether you’re not sure how to, what jewellery organiser you need or what will maintain and preserve them well, we’ve got you!

Introducing the new Francesca jewellery organisers. With three beautiful options ranging from jewellery boxes to jewellery organisers and jewellery pouches, each offer a perfect way to store your most precious pieces either at home or on your travels. 

Designed in Australia by us, each jewellery organiser has been thoughtfully crafted to offer an amazing range of ways to store and showcase your designer jewellery pieces and secure them in a safe place year round.

To help you spring clean your jewellery regime and learn a little bit more about how you can organise your designer jewellery, we’ve compiled a list of tips and a guide on the benefits of each jewellery organiser!

types of jewellery organisers

  1. the showcase piece

A showstopper designed to be seen and hold your most precious Franc pieces all year round, if you’re ever going to invest in the one high-end jewellery organiser, the Stacker Jewellery Box is the piece for you. 

The product: The Stacker Jewellery Box ($289, buy it here).

The features: A multi-tiered, multi-drawer wooden jewellery box featuring our iconic gold logo along with white enamel on the outside and black micro suede on the inside, The Stacker Jewellery Box is the ultimate jewellery organiser. 

With three separate sections all uniquely designed to treasure your Francesca designer jewellery pieces, the stacker has a section for every jewellery piece.

Top layer: features the lid with hinges, four small sections, two necklace necklace and a ring/studs section.

Middle layer: features a large section and 15 small sections.

Bottom layer: contains four bracelet sections and three necklace sections.

Who it suits: The woman with a penchant for designer jewellery pieces that owns far too many precious diamonds, necklaces, bracelets, earrings to let them be scattered around and not adoringly displayed and cared for.

The best way to use the jewellery organiser:
As a high-end jewellery organiser made with solid gold, enamel and suede this box is made to be seen, so we recommend displaying it front and centre in a beautiful part of your bedroom, powder room, wardrobe or hallway, close to a mirror.

  1. The staple piece

  1. If you can only own one jewellery organiser, want an affordable jewellery box that you can also take with you (and only have a more moderate jewellery collection) then the Travel Jewellery Box is the perfect piece.

    The product: The Travel Jewellery Box ($59, buy it here).

The features: A luxe black leather piece you can travel the world with, the travel jewellery box features a gold zip and hardware, white micro suede compartment and four small compartments, ring and studs section with an optional removable necklace holder. 

Who it suits: The girl on the go who can’t get enough of travel. Perfect for those who love weekends away and travelling the globe, the Travel Jewellery Box is a great solution that will keep designer jewellery safe and easily accessible on a day-to-day basis! 

The best way to use the jewellery organiser: 

The Travel Jewellery Box is perfect for popping in a handbag, packing into carry on or a larger suitcase or even keeping in your car for a practical every day solution (just remember to keep it safe in your glove box!).

  1. The practical piece

A perfect compact piece that holds the essentials and can be quickly wrapped up in a rush, the Jewellery Wrap is a great jewellery organiser to keep at the ready to store a few key pieces safely in any given moment. 

The product: The Jewellery Wrap $59 (buy it here). 

The features:
A practical soft piece that can be easily held or tucked away into a handbag, the Jewellery Wrap features a soft black leather look on the outside, a white micro suede inside, gold press studs and hardware along with...a detachable zip up pouch, three press stud hooks, detachable ring holder, detachable studs tab and two pouches.

Who it suits: The ‘busy’ girl who is constantly racing from work to social events and home and only has time for a ‘no fuss’ quick makeover transition.

The best way to use the jewellery organiser: 

The beauty of the Jewellery Wrap is that it fits easily into small spaces (such as a clutch bag), can be wrapped up quickly and safely stores essential jewellery pieces in a way that protects them without squashing them. 

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