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The Annual Charities We Are Passionate About Supporting At Francesca

As a brand proudly founded on the belief that success means nothing unless you’re giving back, at  Francesca we are passionate about marrying beautiful jewellery design with an empowering purpose and meaning.

Which is why we consciously choose to support and give back to non-for-profit charities both monthly and annually each year by creating and designing regular charity ‘awareness bracelets’ and by fundraising for our annual charities.

As a fundamental part of our brand ethos, our charity pillar is something we’ve become rather well known for in Tas and Melbourne amongst our loyal customers and followers and it’s not only integral to our brand philosophy but is something we’re so proud to have made great headway with.

To this day, we’ve absolutely humbled to say we’ve donated over $200,000 to charities across Australia including the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Be Hers, and Make-A-Wish Australia (for a full list read more here).

Between our awareness bracelets, organising and supporting the Be Her Freedom Balls’ (both in Tasmania and now Melbourne) along with other charity events and fundraisers throughout the year, we are passionate about the charity causes we support and will continue on our mission to make a difference to the lives of the women and children affected.

A big reason we also choose to create conscious jewellery designs and bespoke charity bracelets (alongside our fundraising events) is that we also want our beautiful customers to feel empowered by their purchase decisions too.

Rather than making random donations, we believe it’s so much more empowering to buy jewellery pieces that reflect the colours and branding of the charity that we are supporting. That way, whenever you wear the bracelet it can act as a badge of honour or respect to show your support and bring further awareness to the charity cause as well! 

Sound like something you want to be a part of? To spread the word and bring more awareness to what we do and the charities we support, we’ve decided to do a little intro to the annual charities we support at Francesca.

Read on below to find out more about the beautiful non-for-profit womens and children’s charities we support (and how you can help!).

the annual charities we support:

  1. The National Breast Cancer Foundation

One of the core charities and corporate partners that we support is the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Currently in Australia, 53 women are diagnosed with breast cancer a day and 30,000 women will lose their lives to breast cancer each year. As a fierce, all female company, we at Francesca are passionate about women having the opportunity to live long, fulfilling lives and at present these worrying statistics show no signs of slowing down.

By selling our awareness pink ribbon inspired charity bracelet we hope to help bring about change, so that all women can live their happily ever after.

Each bracelet is made of pink aragonite beads, each bracelet is hand-beaded by our Tasmanian Franc team with $20 from every sale donated directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation

To help us #stretchawareness and show your support for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, you can purchase an awareness bracelet here ($49 or on After Pay) or head to their official site to learn how to volunteer by clicking here.

  1. Make-A-Wish Australia

Another charity we are very involved in is Make-A-Wish Australia that works to help support children make their dreams a reality.

Currently more than 6,500 children are diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses each year, and at present 700 kids just in 2019 are on a waitlist to have their wishes granted, so each dollar fundraised for Make-A-Wish goes towards helping make their wishes come true.

To help support them, we contribute $20 from every one of our limited edition Francesca Aspire Watch sale towards Make-A-Wish, with the pledge to donate up to $25,000 in sales.


For those wanting to show support you can either purchase one of our beautiful Aspire rose gold, silver, yellow gold or black watches here or check out the Make-A-Wish site here to read how you can volunteer and help children’s dreams come true. 

  1. Be Hers

A charity so close to our heart is Be Hers, a organsation that works to fight against human trafficking by spreading awareness, creating partnerships and offering employment to women who have been exploited at the hands of human trafficking. 

At present, it’s 80,000 people are trafficked each year and majority are women. As explained on the Be Hers site: “Human trafficking is a form of slavery. Slavery is when a person is owned or controlled by someone who exploits him or her.” How can it impact people? “It can be men forced to work children in sweat shops, children being sold or traded, women in prostitution or girls forced to marry older men. They don’t have a choice and they have no freedom.”

With our co-founder Hannah having personally been at the hands of human trafficking (to hear her story click here) it’s something that is not only scary and ever present but a personal cause to us too. Hannah now is the director of the charity and Rachel volunteers supporting at the Melbourne based events/

To support Be Hers at a company level, we help organise, coordinate, promote and carry out the Be Her Freedom Balls in Hobart and Melbourne to raise much needed funds for human trafficking victims as well as spread awareness.

In addition, we sell pieces specifically for Be Hers and unlike most charity pieces, 100 per cent of the profit goes back to the Be Hers Organisation (something very unheard of and that we’re so proud of!).

Six years ago we launched our first Be Hers collection and it made $10,000 in the first day! Now we continue to work alongside Be Hers by releasing a new limited edition range each year. 

the charities we’ve supported so far: 

As part of our ongoing ‘Awareness bracelets,’ we support a new charity each month, using gemstone beads to represent the same colour and branding as the charity we’re fundraising for.

Thus far, we’ve supported a range of health, mental health and animal charities including - Endometriosis, Hobart City Mission,  Autism Awareness, Cystic Fibrosis, Dogs Home Of Tas, Dementia Australia, Pancare Aus, MS Australia, Make-A-Wish, Be Hers, Stay Chatty, I = Change, Maddy Riewoldt, Heart Foundation, Variety Tasmania, Leukaemia Foundation and Ovarian Cancer.

In addition, we have over 10 beaders working for us to hand make every single bracelet, and some of our beaders we have helped support get work and income through partnering with Catholic Care Tasmania x x 

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