How to Style Watches: Colours, Metals and Accessories

We give you the lowdown on how to style watches with bracelets to create a luxe Franc stack or seasonal look.

Watch trends may come and go but a classic style watch will last the test of time… and in our opinion, it only takes a few simple tweaks to change up your watch ‘vibe’ from day to night or casual to dressy.
When it comes to how to style a watch there are two ways you can go: by adding a bracelet stack to create a chunky layered look on the same wrist or by styling the watch and mixing up the band looks.
Whether it’s a date night, a girls night or an every day work to play situation, learning how to style bracelets with watches or learning how to style a gold watch (for a ultra luxe vibe), follow on for our do’s and don’ts guide when it comes to how to style watches.
But first, a little tip from one watch lover to the next.

Remember watches carry more than just time, they also work as a symbolic status of poise, grace, intelligence and come with conscious and considerate intention when purchased. 
Watch wearers don’t necessarily always buy for time keeping purposes, but as an added accoutrement of who they are. So before learning how to style a gold watch (or silver or rose gold), ensure you choose a watch that fits your unique essence.
For the woman or man who appreciates a chunky link that’s more traditional or unisex, we love the Franc Watch (link band), while those who want subtle and modern and a little more dainty we love the Franc Watch (mesh band).
How you style clothes also will play into how to style a watch or how to style watches with bracelets too, with the colour outfit you wear potentially being inspirational or restrictive to the choice of bracelts worn.
With this said, we’re going to focus more on how to style bracelets with watches and how to stack bracelets and create your own Franc bracelet stack with a Franc Watch. With a bonus hint of fashion inspo to get you started too.
To learn more about how to style a watch with clothes, bracelets or with varying bands including ‘do’s and don’ts’, read more below.


How To Style A Watch: The Do’s and Don’ts

Do:  Match bracelets with your watch band 

Coordination queens know this already but, when it comes to styling, if you prefer to err on the side of caution, you can’t go past matching your watch band hue with the same bracelet metal of choice. Instantly you can learn how to style a watch with bracelets in a way that you’ll never go out of fashion.
Keen to coordinate your watch and bracelet combo? Get your matchy matchy on by choosing a Franc Watch band style and colour (think gold, sterling silver or rose gold) then browse our bracelet stack page.


To learn how to style bracelets with watches, all you have to do is pick the same metal hue and then play with what feels comfortable and what bracelet styles tie in nicely with the band.

Style ideas could include the Rochelle Trio with a gold Franc Watch.

For more ideas on how to style a gold watch, see our Instagram page.

Don’t: Clash awkward colours

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but pairing a rose gold watch with a tomato red or green bracelet stack? Hell no.

You know the old ‘red and green should never be seen’ sentiment? In our eyes aside from Christmas, there’s no need to clash colours that don’t make sense stacked beside each other. 
Green and red aside, when it comes to how to style watches with bracelets, we also don’t love adding colourways in alongside a Franc watch (if any).

Keeping your metal bracelet stack choice on the neutral or matching side will allow your watch to stay the feature piece rather than be overrun by one bold bracelet with a whole lot of eye catching vibrance.
For subtle ideas when it comes to how to style bracelets with watches we love the following combos:

Do: Texturise your bracelet and watch band

This is a chance to have fun. Learn how to style a watch with trial and error. Play around with your band and add in bracelets to learn what ‘works’ and what definitely doesn’t.

This could mean chunking it up, mixing fine beads with linked chains, mixing mesh bands with gemstones, just go for it.
There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to how to style bracelets with watches, it’s really down to two things - taste and flair. To get started why not look at one of our duo bracelet stacks as an entry point and go from there.
The Francesca bracelet stack duos feature gemstones and personalisation, allowing you to add or purchase the charms that resonate with you.
Pair the Rosie Duo with rose gold Franc Watch, the Contentment Duo with gold Franc Watch and a Resilience Duo with sterling silver Franc Watch.

Don’t: Wear a nice watch with a drab outfit

Nothing dulls a luxe gold watch than when you pair it with track pants and a baggy top. 

Watches may be worn from day to night or paired beside all manner of outfits and styles, but, at the end of the day, if you downplay your outfit you will downplay your watch.
For days where dressing up is not on the cards, we recommend learning how to style a gold watch with a bracelet stack to add a hint of arm candy to your low key look and still pull off a relaxed luxe vibe.
Alternatively, on the days where you’re feeling on fleek and are all for dressing up, such as with a dress and heels, pant suit and blazer, skinny jeans and white shirt, we’d highly recommend blinging up your Franc Watch with a bracelet stack combo and some earrings and rings to boot. 

Do: Go for gold

Given the choice, we’d go gold every time. Gold oozes opulence, so when it comes to watches, if you’re unsure what will last the test of time and look good indefinitely we highly recommend a gold Franc Watch. With two bands, both a link and mesh band available, essentially you can mix and match over time but always remain the picture of style with a gold watch.
New to knowing how to style a gold watch? We’ve got you.

First, choose your Franc Watch band (link or mesh) then play up or down accordingly.
For a chunkier link band and bracelet stack combo, we love the Rochelle Trio or the Pearl Trio entwined together with a gold watch.

For a subtle gold look, the best way we recommend learning how to style bracelets with watches confidently is to start with a singular bracelet and build up from there. Franc bracelets could include: Etch Chain Bracelet, Franc Create Charm Bracelet or a Rochelle Pearl Bracelet
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