How to Style Multiple Piercings


Whether you gravitate towards a chic and simplistic single stud style or prefer a multi-layered modern approach, we’ve got you covered! Our earrings range from solid gold and diamond studs to

hoops, pearls and textured stud designs. We’re sure you’ll find something you love and this guide will help you find the perfect curated earring style along the way. 

Important Notes on Earrings 

Francesca is a ‘nickel-free’ label and as with all of our pieces, our earrings are amazing for sensitive skin. Our stud earrings feature secure backs so you can wear your pieces for years to come and ensure they stay securely in place! 

There truly aren’t any rules when it comes to styling multiple earrings but if you’re feeling a little lost and want some guidance, keep reading for some of our favourite combinations. 


1. Crawling For You 

One of our favourite forms of ear candy is the crawler. For a unique and modern piece, we can’t recommend our crawlers enough. 

How to wear them: Wear them on their own, crawlers are a longer and sophisticated piece to instantly elevate your look. 

We constantly release new designs of crawlers, our current favourites are the Renaissance Crawlers for a modern twist on the classic pearl staple. For the ultimate ethereal look, style them with the Petite Pearl Charm bracelet

2. Hoops and Everything

Our Francesca ‘Create’ hoop earrings feature a stunningly simple design, available in two sizes with a secure stud backing. Our favourite part? You can tailor your ideal look by swapping charms to create a piece that suits you! 

Some of our favourite charms to customise your Create Hoop Earrings are the Ignite Charm, Contentment Charm, Resilience Charm and Clarity Charm.

For a larger pair of simple pearl hoops, we love the Riley Hoops and textured Olive Hoops and for smaller hoops, we recommend the sparkly Darcy Hoops and simple Billie Hoops

How to wear them: a great rule of thumb when layering earrings is to start with the largest pair of earrings towards the front of your earlobe (closest to your face) and gradually layer them with smaller studs or hoops towards the back of your earlobe.

3. Pearls of Wisdom

Pearl earrings and pearl charm studs have got to be one of the most timeless and stunning pieces to add to your collection. 

We also love the Keshi Pearl Threads for layering as they give a unique statement to your everyday look. 

Our Keshi Pearl Studs are a stunning statement textured pearl design. The beauty of our Pearl Studs is the range of sizes from 4mm to 12mm. Our Lulu Pearl Studs (4mm pearl studs) are amazing layered in seconds or thirds. Our 6mm and even 8mm are also a great stud for layering towards the front of your earlobe and our 10mm and 12mm studs are best kept towards the front of the earlobe for a statement pearl stud. 

4. Add a little sparkle

We strive to constantly fill your ear lobes with a little sparkle and release new designs accordingly! Our Contrast Studs are an amazing design to elevate your everyday look. The Luminance Studs,  Marquise Studs and Radius Studs are some of our favourites for adding a simple element of eye-catching texture and sparkle to your ears. 

How to wear them: As our sparkle studs provide enough of a statement with their intricate designs alone, we recommend pairing them with simple, metal-based designs (see below) to really let the sparkle pop! 

5. Keep it Simple

Simple metal-based stud designs look amazing on their own but are a particular favourite to wear in seconds or thirds to add extra texture to your look when paired with statement studs or hoop designs. 

Our smallest studs (ideal for seconds and thirds) include the classic circular Trilogy Studs (one of our favourite pairs, featuring a simple and textured design) and Petite Signature Studs. These look amazing paired with pearls or statement hoops to elevate your look. 

Our Bar Studs are a small and simple design to add solid lines to your collection for a sleek look.  The Lola Studs are ideal for layering, featuring a solid design. For the statement piece at the start of your earlobe, add the Signature Threads for a gorgeous fine chain design.

6. Shine Bright Like a Diamond 

Our Mayfair Studs look amazing as a statement on their own or layered with other statement pieces. We’ve deliberately designed our diamond studs in a smaller size for timeless and minimalist pieces. Our Wembley Studs feature a stunning single bezel set diamond on 9k white, rose or yellow gold for the ultimate timeless stud. These studs are sure to last a lifetime and are a beautiful layered piece for any occasion. 

Other solid studs we love are the classic Malo Studs featuring a 10mm bezel-set white topaz stone on your choice of solid sterling silver or 9k rose or yellow gold. 

How to wear them: We recommend wearing smaller diamond studs in your seconds or thirds with statement earrings to create a stunning curated look! Our larger studs such as the Malo design look amazing on their own or paired with small pearl studs or solid small studs such as the Mayfair or Trilogy studs.


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