How to Create a Franc Stack



How To Create A Franc Stack - Designed by you, handmade by us

If you’re a longtime Franc Fan or even a newbie, you’ve probably noticed that we’re rather obsessed with our bracelet stacks, also known as the Franc Stack. So how did they come about? Well they’re kinda the OG Franc piece with origins that trace back to our market days!

An avid beader from a young age, Han would spend hours ‘procrastibeading’ and selling her creations at Tasmania’s Salamanca Market. Customers soon admired the collection of bracelets that adorned Hannah’s wrist and they began to pop their own combinations together. Demand for different bracelets increased and soon the Franc Stack was born!

Of course Han couldn’t continue to bead all of the bracelets herself, so she brought on some helpers. Her first minion? Her sister Rachel!

Today our bracelets continue to be hand-beaded within our Hobart studio. Every bracelet is accompanied by a collectible card that adds a personal and meaningful touch.

We love the Franc Stack because every one is unique to the creator. Through mixing metals, colours, shapes and sizes, you can design something that reflects who you are!

Step one - Start with a Staple

Simple and elegant, the staple bracelet is the pillar of most stacks.



Step Two - Make It Personal

The Franc Charm bracelet brings a little heart to your stack. We like to choose a colour that compliments our personalities and most outfits! Every Franc charm has its own special meaning so you can get a little personal.



 Step Three - Everything is Better in Mini

Get ready to go mini with a Lumier bracelet. Pick a colour that will contrast or compliment your Create!



Step Four - Big is Colourful

Time to go chunky! Find an Essence bracelet that compliments the hue of your charm bracelet.



Step Five - Let It Sparkle

Bring in the bling with a Lustre bracelet! Find a hue that will compliment your colours or go neutral with a white or black.


Step Six - Bring It Back To Basics

Finally, let’s break those colours up with another staple, but this time, we want to change it up. Go bigger, smaller, find a different shape or even throw in a two-tone.





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