How to Clean Silver Rings: A Francesca Guide

Learn How to Clean Silver Rings: A Francesca Guide

Be it a single band or diamond ring, ensure your silver ring stays sparkling bright by checking out our guide on how to clean silver rings the safe way. 

Words by Sam Bailey

Is there anything more eye-catching than a silver ring with a fresh tan? We think not. Sure diamonds can up the sparkle, but silver can steal the limelight in its own right when it's fresh.

And a good tan is not a necessity, we believe a silver ring can look good any time of year if given regular TLC. Just like getting your nails done, to keep jewellery looking fresh on delicate hands it too needs a quality polish and clean. But the question is, how to clean silver rings? 

In a way it’s an art just like a good manicure. But unlike the more relaxing task of getting nails done, the idea of going to a jeweller every week seems arduous, expensive and unnecessary.

The good news is it’s actually very simple to learn the best way to clean a silver ring and pick up what to clean silver rings with by following on with our jeweller’s guide.

In it you will discover a few very easy ways for cleaning a sterling silver ring that are effective, won’t break the budget and are gentle (i.e. won't harm the ring), read more below.


3 Ways To Learn How To Clean Silver Rings


Images of front and back of polishing cloth

1. Invest in a polishing cloth

A quality sterling silver polishing cloth made of cotton will remove surface debris, polish silver effectively and keep it fresh and tarnish free. 

The best thing too about a polishing cloth is that it is small, can be carried anywhere with you in your hand bag aaaaand it doesn’t require any chemical intervention or scrubbing which makes it the safest alternative when it comes to cleaning a sterling silver ring.

As makers of fine jewellery at Francesca we know how much a good sparkle matters so we’ve designed our very own sterling silver polishing cloth which you can purchase through our website.

Made of 100 % cotton, our sterling silver polish will be your new BFF and arsenal of choice when it comes to cleaning a sterling silver ring.

Start with a sterling silver cloth first, we truly believe it’s the best way to clean a silver ring that costs next to nothing and can be done as little or as often as you need 

Buy a sterling silver polishing cloth here.

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2. Know your product 

Sure a silver band is a silver band but the type of ring design may influence the best way to clean a silver ring. 

For example, in our current sterling silver ring collection, we have branded logo banded rings and we have diamond rings.

A branded logo design such as our Insignia ring or Decade ring feature a Francesca logo etched into the sterling silver. So, when it comes to how to clean silver rings that have grooves you may want to consider a soft toothbrush as a tool that can get in those hard to reach places to remove any tarnish or debris build up.

Alternatively, if you have a singular diamond ring such as our Hampton Ring or Flemington ring and are wondering what to clean silver rings with, as they are precious  you may want to try a polishing cloth only or a professional clean from a jeweller.

Image of silver rings sitting in a stack

3. Play It Safe

It can be tempting to Google natural solutions and remedies such as ‘clean silver ring with baking soda’ or more broadly ‘how to clean silver rings’ and racing for any option that you can select that is already found in your kitchen pantry, but it may not always be the safest solution


    Rather than risk tarnishing your sterling silver ring or dulling the sparkle more and building a thin film over the light coloured metal, the easiest way to bring on brightness is with soap and water.

    We recommend cleaning a sterling silver ring with a silver polishing cloth first and if still dull then try warm water with a mild detergent solution and soft toothbrush, allowing the bristles to gently glide across the metal, polishing it back to perfection while cleaning grit off from around the edges. 


    During the cleaning process, keep your ring ultra safe by using a bowl of warm water on a table bench, free from harm. While it can be tempting to use a sink for cleaning a sterling silver ring, play it safe, go natural, stay away from any dangers and always towel dry with a soft cloth after.


    Again we do not recommend household cleaning products, keep in mind any recommendation online that says ‘clean silver ring with baking soda’ does not know your rings specs - don’t risk it.

    For further guides such as how to clean a diamond ring or how to store jewellery to keep it safe from air pollution or direct sunlight see our blog page here.

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