Hannah and Rachel talk about the Panama Collection


The Inspiration Behind the Designs & us on set

Get ready to stand with poise in the Panama Collection! Inspired by the Palomar knot, the world’s strongest knot, this collection is all about empowering you to embrace your inner strength.

And whether your strength comes from a friend, a quote or an object, the Panama Collection reminds us that sometimes all we need is something from the outside to unlock what lies on the inside.

We had a chat to our fave designers, Hannah & Rachel about taking inspiration from strength, their favourite way to style this collection and funny moments during the shoot.


"With its loops and knots, the Panama Collection could easily be described as the cousin of our Athena and Olympia Collections, can you tell us about your design process and the inspiration behind this collection."

I absolutely love the Panama collection purely because of the meaning behind it. There are definitely similarities and the collections were designed around the same time as each other. However, the Panama Collection was inspired by the Palomar knot, said to be the strongest knot out there!

The knot design is really special because people always seem to be able to find a beautiful connection with the pieces, no matter what it represents for them. For me, I see the designs as finding strength in yourself but meeting in the middle to unite with an external connection, whether it’s a friend, lover or anything in between.

The design that really reflects this for me is the Panama Cuff, where two elements connect in the form of knots and unite in the middle where the circle that is never ending is held.

Share a funny or special memory from shooting this collection.

The funniest memory from this collection for me occurred on the plane home. I was looking over all of the images with our makeup artist, Sophia, when suddenly we realised there had been a catastrophic wardrobe malfunction!

One of our models hadn't had her shoes changed from her day to day shoes (boots) to her Summery slides that were styled to be worn with her outfit. We looked at the beautiful setting that was not unlike a Greek poolside house, and a bold pair of chunky black boots were staring right back at us. But hey, not all was lost, and it wasn't something a little crop here and there couldn't fix haha!


It was a little awkward, probably not too funny, but in retrospect, it was totally something we would do. Basically we arrived at the venue thinking there wouldn't be any public in the shot and low and behold we ended up shooting through many children swimming in giant inflatables haha.

How would you style this collection/which other Franc pieces does it work well with?

I have already popped the silver Panama Hooks on and they're becoming my new go to - I love that they are super simple but unique & noticeable!

The Panama Cuff is a great addition to any stack! I’ve popped it in with my fine staples and I’m absolutely LOVING it! I’ve already started wearing mine on a day to day basis, and have been receiving comments on it from lovely customers.


What is your favourite piece?

The Cuff for sure, it’s amazing, I love it - enough said haha

I’d have to say the Statement Earrings! They are the perfect statement, but not too heavy.



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