Francesca Create - The Five Muses - Which muse are you?


Let’s get personal. . .

It’s no lie that everyone loves a little bit of jewellery, especially when it’s sentimental and has special meaning attached to it! Francesca Create was founded with a passion to give jewellery significant meaning as well as celebrating authenticity. The five muses behind this collection are living their most authentic life, true to who they are, and inspire those around them each day. Whether you’re treating yourself or treating a loved one, there’s something that resonates with everyone! Find out which collection speaks to you!


"She woke to this world with a fire in her soul, a heart full of love and kindness in gaze"
The Behold girl encompasses and spreads love around her. She’s someone who holds her values close to her heart and makes sure everyone around her feels nurtured! She’s the glue that hold everyone together.


"She had feet born to wander, a mind destined to dream and adventure in her heart"
The Nomad girl was born to wander. She has a passion for travel and adventure that fires her soul to explore every corner of the earth. Well cultured, the Nomad girl loves discovering different ways of living from the souls she encounters.


"She had a smile that could light up any room, a brain driven to inspire and a life certain to be charmed"
The Aurora girl lights up the room with her inspiring presence. She’s a ray of sunshine and makes everyone around her smile. She uplifts those around her and brings them together. She can see beyond the dark for the light awaiting.



"She was imbued with the spirit of the wilderness, with eyes that shone with wonder at the ancient beauty, and when she danced, it was with the earth between her toes"
 The Canopy girl is a free spirit that is passionate about the wilderness. An environmentalist and humanitarian, the Canopy girl embraces nature. She has a love for animals and spreads joy through her caring nature.




"She was drawn to the spiritual, a life lived with balance, and through her quiet focus she found inner peace"

The Tranquil girl lives a balanced life, bringing peace to those around her. She’s content with her own company and welcomes the company of others. She has a calming presence that allows for a wholesome life.



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