5 Christmas Jewellery Gift Ideas We Adore This Season


Time to move past tinsel earrings and shake things up with Christmas earrings that are fresh and current. See our Christmas jewellery collection for inspo!

There are two types of gift givers when it comes to the festive season: the traditionalists and the non-traditionalists. The traditionalists honour seasons with specific symbolism, while non-traditionalists tend to err away from ‘usual’ symbols in search of their own edge and style cues.

When it comes to Christmas jewellery we’re all about taking the latter approach.

Sure we’ve all got that one aunty who loves a bauble set of Christmas earrings, but we prefer to go with the thought that any jewellery can be christmas jewellery, whether worn on the day, during the season or throughout the year. 

This means it can also be gifted with the same spirit of the festive season but not rigid or tied to cChristmas symbolism. So if you also tend to work from this theory and prefer to keep gift giving open and adaptable to change as the seasons pass then we’ve got the perfect christmas jewellery gift guide for you.

A nod to all things meaningful yet modern and available to be worn year round, our Franc Christmas Jewellery guide is a great starting place to begin to explore best jewellery Christmas gifts for a loved one. 

Read on below for our bespoke list of best jewellery Christmas gifts (including christmas charms, christmas earrings and christmas necklaces) to treat your loved one too this silly season. 


5 Christmas Jewellery Ideas We Adore

1. Locket necklaces

  1. Sentimental meets timeless, a locket necklace is a beautiful gift to symbolise how much someone means to you (through the image kept within) while keeping it personal and still chic on the outside.

    With an array of locket necklace designs available, we recommend choosing a piece that feels meaningful, knowing heart locket necklaces aren’t the kind of gift you give for a season, but rather are a lifelong piece that goes beyond seasonal christmas necklaces.

    Lockets we love right now are: Bevel Locket Necklace, Treasure Locket Necklace, Ellis Locket Necklace, Oval Locket Necklace.  

For our full Christmas jewellery edit or to view our christmas necklaces, shop the collection here.


2. Fable collection

Our latest Fable Collection is all about bringing back the reverie and delight in the little joys. It evokes the wearer to connect to daily moments and to savour rekindling the good times past. 

As such, it’s a wonderful way to encourage someone to connect to their own inner joy and free spirited self. Fable is for the earth lovers, the dreamers, the star gazers, the whimsical picnic lovers so for any of these folks, Fable could be the perfect Christmas jewellery gift. 

If astrology (sun, moon and rising) is their thing, perhaps the Ever After Earrings or Dreamer Studs or Dreamer Earrings will be a perfect fit as Christmas earrings.

Alternatively for one of a kind gold necklace designs (far from christmas necklaces cliches) we love: Ivy Necklace, Lioness Necklace, Dreamer Necklace.

For our full Christmas jewellery edit and to view our christmas necklaces or christmas earrings shop the collection here.


3. Charm pieces

Much like locket necklaces, charms can be symbolic but also agile and easily threaded onto any piece, be it for a Christmas earrings set or Christmas charm bracelet.

When considering what makes the best jewellery Christmas gifts, keep it fresh, opt for new modern designs that speak to trends and still suit the individual’s personality.

We love the following for christmas charms: for the beach lover, try the Shore Pearl Charm, for the traditionalist who wants a modern twist, try the Lulu Pearl Charm, for the romantic try the Grace Charm, and for the nature lover try the Conservation Charm

For our full Christmas jewellery edit and to view our christmas necklaces or christmas charms shop the collection here.


4. Etch collection

Possibly the most personalised of all Christmas jewellery, a piece from our Etch Collection allows you to have a loved ones’ initials etched onto a signature pendant or charm so it's bespoke to them.

  1. With each Etch piece customisable by jewellery type, font and initials, no two pieces will ever be the same, making it one of the best jewellery Christmas gifts sure to score brownie points! It is also a signature look you can feel assured knowing they will want to wear it year round.

    The Etch charms we love right now include: Etch Vida Charm or Etch Pendant. Both are adaptable for necklaces or can be added to a christmas charm bracelet.

    For stand alone pendants we love: Etch Hive Necklace or Etch Pendant Necklace as Christmas necklaces.

  2. Earring sets
    Inclined to select a gift that’s bespoke to your loved one? You can’t go past unique earrings. In our collections there are no baubles, or mistletoe hanging off our Christmas earrings, instead they capture attention in the right ‘enviable’ kind of way.

    Earrings we’re vibing right now include: Pearl Studs (for the classic lady), Sara Studs (for the minimalist) or the Ivy Studs or the Fable Hoops (for serious Queen energy) as Christmas earrings.

Still unsure what will suit best? Give the gift that keeps on giving with a Franc Advent Calendar. Each draw contains a christmas jewellery surprise from christmas necklaces, christmas charms, christmas earrings. Or alternatively purchase a gift voucher.

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