Can You Propose With A Promise Ring?


Want to pop the question to a loved one at some point but can’t afford an engagement ring right now? We share how you can start with a promise ring and still upgrade to an engagement ring later!

There’s always that corny scene in a movie, you know the one where a man or woman wants to propose to the love of their life but it’s super spontaneous so they end up using a beer lid or a novelty ring from a toy machine at the country fair? 

Without wanting to buy into that cliche too much, the underlying thoughtfulness still holds meaning when it comes to promise rings. Which leads to the question - can you propose with a promise ring?

In our eyes, yes you can and here’s why - if you love someone or want to honour a promise or commitment to them, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to gift them a ring as a gesture of love. 

But often the reality is, the reason it gets put off is that those in a romantic partnership know that the expectations are ultra high when it comes to life long commitment (hello large diamond ring!).

Often the thought of getting engaged may feel like a completely natural progression, but because an engagement ring comes with high expectations, costs and design preferences, anxiety about saving enough for the perfect ring or waiting until you know exactly what engagement ring your partner wants can add stress and months to the proposal timeline…not to mention leave a partner potentially upset if they aren’t in the know about why the impending proposal is yet to happen.

Cue - the promise ring. A promise ring is a beautiful entry point to solving all commitment concerns.

If you’re on the fence about whether you can propose with a promise ring, what a promise ring symbolises or if you wonder as the proposer if you get on one knee for a promise ring, we’ve got your worries covered.

Read on to have all your promise ring questions answered including - if any ring can be a promise ring and all the types of promise rings and engagement rings available to suit your vow of commitment.

4 Popular Promise Ring Questions Answered:


1.What is a promise ring?

Traditionally the very first promise rings were recognised as a symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship (often shaped with hearts or hand symbols). 

What a promise ring symbolises has continued to remain the same but has now evolved in its shape and partnership styles. Originating in Ireland, promise rings were a world renowned symbol of love and loyalty - with the wearing of the promise ring, a token of both relationship status and commitment.

Now promise rings can take any shape, metal or form and when it comes to what a promise ring symbolises they continue to be considered a symbol of commitment to another - be it friendship, romantic partnership or family connection.

For more on what a promise ring symbolises read our The Meaning Behind Promise Rings blog here.

  1. What is the difference between engagement rings and promise rings?

    The short answer is that engagement rings are usually a little more ‘fancy’ - think diamonds or jewels (rubies, sapphires, emeralds).

    Whereas a promise ring can be more loosely chosen, manifesting in the form of a pearl ring, quirky shaped ring, an insignia ring or even in the form of a less traditional band such as the Patisserie Band.

    Other main differences are often the price value and the style components.

    With engagement rings, the intended wear time is long term, so often the ring is more luxe than the wedding band itself and arguably more expensive and everlasting (even kept as an heirloom one day).
    Within the Francesca engagement ring collection, examples could be the Wembley Diamond Ring or the Fleur Diamond Ring.

Whereas in contrast, a promise ring can be more seasonal, less blinging (potentially) and be considered a short term interim ring so as to not break the budget. The main purpose a promise ring serves is to bide time and honour commitment but it may not be worn in the long term so it can be more simplistic. 


  1. Can any ring be a promise ring?

As the saying goes, the world is your oyster, so when asking can any ring be a promise ring? Well if your heart is content on a particular style ring then that is most definitely a promise ring option.

It’s not so much about keeping up appearances and asking ‘can any ring be a promise ring?’ rather it’s about intention, commitment and the beautiful words and actions you take when you gift your loved one a promise ring.

Different to a wedding band that tends to embody a particular look (solid gold, sterling silver or diamond encrusted band), a promise ring can be any design you chose to bring meaning to.

Styles we’re loving as promise rings right now include: Flemington Diamond Ring, Twine Ring or the Signet Diamond Ring


    1. How do you wear a promise ring?

    Our advice is to keep it simple and go with your heart. If someone you love gifts you a promise ring, it’s not so much ‘how do you wear a promise ring?’ but what feels right and lights you up when you think about wearing a promise ring?

    When gifted with a promise ring,if it’s not intended as an engagement ring or you feel superstitious wearing it on your wedding ring finger then follow the traditional guide to wearing a promise ring. 

    The rules for how you wear a promise ring:

    • Right hand as the promise ring finger - If you choose a symbol such as a heart ring, the point of the heart should face towards the hand to symbolise a romantic relationship.

    • Right hand hand as the promise ring finger - with the point of the heart or promise ring pointing away from the hand means your heart is open to love and you’re not in a relationship. But it’s maybe a commitment ring to an organisation, family member etc.

    • Left hand as the promise ring finger with the point of the heart facing away from hand - the wearer is engaged or in a lifelong partnership.

    • Left hand as the promise ring finger with the point of the heart facing the hand - the wearer is married! In this case the promise ring finger is likely being worn alongside a wedding band.

    In summary, if you’re ever torn wondering, do you get on a knee for a promise ring (even if it's not the rock you were hoping or yet to save for?), hell yes!

    Promise rings are the new pre-engagement rings and still work as a pledge of love and a proposal while giving you the gift of time to upgrade in time.

    Shop our full range of promise rings, engagement rings or general rings here on the Francesca online store today.

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