AMOS Collection - The Inspiration behind the collection and campaign shoot

The Inspiration

AMOS - “We all share the same stars”

Our latest limited edition collection, AMOS was inspired by the stars of the East Coast of Tasmania. It’s the go-to Summer getaway for Tasmanians. Reminiscing on many sister trips up the coast, we (Hannah and Rachel) have never seen clearer skies at night. The stars in this collection are a reminder to always look up.



There’s a 5 year difference between us, but that’s never stopped how close we are. From a young age we were making jewellery together (well Rach was placing stone designs out on the lounge room floor and Han would assemble) and as time went on this passion grew. As we got older Han went on to study Law and Science with Francesca being sold 1 day a week at Salamanca markets all while Rach was still studying at school... but there was always this underlying desire to stick together. When Rach finished school and took a gap year to work alongside Han things became very clear. We had to pursue this dynamic duo together and take the business to a whole new level. Opening our tiny store on the outskirts of the CBD fuelled the passion with an incredible customer base pushing us along. From there it’s all been history, growing together, encouraging, (Sisterly fighting... sometimes) but most of all a world of fun! Do what you love, with the people you love and don’t waste a second of your life being anything other than truly fulfilled with how you spend your time.



"As long as we can see the stars we will be on this journey together - no matter where we are in the world the stars above will always make us feel united." - Hannah & Rachel


The Shoot

Freycinet National Park is iconic to Tasmania, boasting incredible scenery. We just knew this would have to be where we shot the campaign for our AMOS Collection had to be shot. We were fortunate enough to stay at Saffire Freycinet, and they were kind enough to give one of our lucky customers a two-night’s stay. And Freycinet Air for taking us on a scenic flight over Freycinet and for offering a flight for our lucky customer, who won the giveaway!

To shoot the campaign, we thought it was only right that we walked up Mount Amos with the breathtaking views of Coles Bay and Wineglass Bay in the background. Iconic to Tasmania and iconic to our state, where Francesca all began, shooting our sister campaign was the perfect setting.

We almost had to call the shoot off entirely because of the weather! It was bucketing down with rain all weekend, but we decided to give it a go! Thankfully the weather cleared up as we made our way up the mountain, so we were very lucky to be able to complete the shoot!



The Collection

The AMOS Collection was inspired by the stars on the East Coast of Tasmania! The design features intricate star details, with our insignia embedded within the design. The collection includes statement earrings, a pendant that is on an adjustable chain so that you can wear it long or short; rings, a fine necklace and beautiful fine studs. The Moon and Star Studs are perfect for wearing as second piercing!

A massive thank you to everyone who helped with our AMOS campaign! Saffire Freycinet for providing accommodation for the weekend of our shoot, Blundstone for providing the most comfortable pair of boots for our walk; Wanderlust Trading Co, for providing us with the most amazing Spell and Kavari the Label pieces to wear. Epitome Hats for the beautiful hats. Then to Sophia Pafitis for doing our makeup and making us look half decent even after hiking a mountain! Fiona Vail for shooting the campaign, and capturing photos that we will cherish for life. And to Eloise Warren for doing the most amazing videography.

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