Business award winners!



The Telstra Business Awards is always a bunch of fun mingling with people who share similar experiences day to day, listening to people talk about what they are passionate about and most of all – inspiring one another to achieve greater things, and push through the crazy world that is entrepreneurship!  




The greatest thing about the awards is creating a network of friends in business. It can be a lonely world owning a business – the struggles of growing pains and trying to push your business further can consume you. It’s not like your average 9-5 job. When you own a business you literally live and breathe it – there’s no escape… but in all honesty if you’re passionate about it, and love what you do it becomes an addiction!



We are addicted to growing Francesca into something that is beyond a retail store. We want to inspire other young entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality- inviting our followers on our exciting journey. We live in a time that invites consumers into businesses, through the forever-expanding world of social media. Having a platform to interact with our Francesca followers is one of the most exciting concepts in business- we love the fact that we can ask peoples opinions, see what they like, and along the way if we inspire them somehow we are achieving our goals!


Winning the Tasmanian Telstra business Awards has inspired us, allowed ourselves to further believe in the brand and opened so many doors. Winning the small business award was an absolute shock – when we arrived at the awards we analysed the seating plans and were convinced that we didn’t have a chance purely because of where we were seated…


We cannot thank Telstra enough for giving us the opportunity to compete in August at the National awards. The calibre of competitors is inspiring, and to have the opportunity to hear their stories is so exciting. 
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