6 Jewellery Ideas For Mother’s Day 2024

Show Mum just how much she means to you this Mother’s Day with a thoughtful jewellery piece hand selected from our tailored gift guide.


1. Etch Bar Necklace

Who it will suit best… the doting mum proud of everything you do and happy to tell absolutely anyone…

Adored by Steph Claire Smith and modelled here with her son Harvey’s name, the Etch Bar Necklace is a signature piece that allows a Mum to not only keep their most precious one close to heart but also display their baby or adult child’s name in a modern way but show off to the world with pride too.

The cute sentimental part of this piece too is that you can also engrave the date of birth or astrological coordinates at time of birth onto the back side too. 

For other engraved pieces that could make for beautiful Mothers Day jewellery pieces we love:  Etch Behold Necklace and Etch Pendant Necklace.



2. Etch Story Locket

We're thrilled to unveil our newest piece, the Etch Story Locket – an embodiment of cherished memories and personal touch. 

This locket goes beyond the ordinary, allowing you to engrave not just the front, but also both sides of the inside panel, creating ample space for personalization. 

The locket includes two photos, printed and inserted for you. Picture the delight on Mom's face as she opens this exquisite locket, revealing heartfelt engravings and precious snapshots held close to her heart. 

It's the ultimate fusion of sentimentality and craftsmanship, making it an unmatched choice for this Mother's Day.


3. Sienna Pearl Earrings

Who it will suit best… the graceful, traditional, well mannered Mum.

Think… the type of earrings that are just classic enough but have a hint of modern day charm, the Sienna Pearl Earrings are the perfect gift for a Mum who is timeless in style and suits a mother of pearl look.

Often chosen for bridal earrings due to their opulent nature, it’s safe to say Mum’s would feel so blessed to wear such ornate pieces and you can feel assured knowing they are a forever be a go-to in her collection. 

Afterall… it is called ‘mother of pearl,’ so gifting them to a Mum seems only fitting no? The Sienna Pearl Earrings are available in rose gold, solid gold or sterling silver, purchase them here.

For other pearl pieces that could make for beautiful Mothers Day jewellery gifts we love:  Dune Pearl Earrings or the Dove Pearl Necklace.


4. Etch Pendant Necklace

Who it will suit best… a Mum with queen energy.

A pendant necklace with old school charm, featuring a traditional circular motif that’s not dissimilar to a pendant necklace Queen Elizabeth held dearly, yet this one seen with a modern twist and engraved element, the Etch Pendant Necklace is a front runner for Mum’s who command a royal touch.

Designed to allow a personalisation, etching your name or initials onto front or back, the Etch Pendant Necklace combines the bespoke touch of a thoughtful daughter or son with the royal element of a pendant necklace. While available in gold, rose gold or sterling silver, if you’re going for Queen energy, we love the solid gold look.


If you want to add an extra element of personalisation, you can engrave handwriting or drawings onto the pendant with the Etch Illustrate option.

For other mothers day jewellery necklaces and gift ideas that can be personalised love: Personalised Pendant and the Etch Vida Necklace (go this one for added sparkle).


5. Bevel Locket Necklace

Who it will suit best… a sentimental, mushy kind of Mum.

Whether you live near or far from your Mum, if she is the type to really think of you often, need little reminders such as framed photos around the house, pictures of her kids on her phone screen saver or writes cute and corny captions on all your Instagram photos, it’s likely she will adore the Bevel Locket Necklace.

A old school looking locket featuring a beautiful cubic zirconia for added charm at the centre, the Bevel Locket Necklace allows you to add a personal picture of you and Mum, or just you, or you and siblings so that she can keep you close to heart at all times and you can be with her always.

The best part too is that we do the hard work for you, simply upload a photo and we will hand cut out the picture to fit it into the locket frame. The hardest part will be choosing the perfect photo! 

Available with so many customizable elements as well - from the chain, the metal colour and photo choice, the Bevel Locket Necklace is a dreamy choice for any loved up Mum.

For other mothers day jewellery necklaces that feature a personalised photo element we love: Heart Locket Necklace and Round Locket Necklace.



6. Resilience Crystal Hoops

Who it will suit best… a glitzy and glamorous Mum.

We don’t want to sound all Mean Girls movie, but there are some types of Mum’s who are actually just ‘Cool Mums’ but not in the same way typecast in the movie. We’re talking about the Mum’s who can rock a cocktail dress with such class, the one who can hold a martini with ease and who looks better with diamonds adorning her body than she does with any other kind of jewellery.

This kind of Mum will suit the Resilience Crystal Hoops to a T and no doubt love the chance to show them off at her next ladies lunch. The Resilience Crystal Hoops are timeless, have just the right amount of sparkle and also mix shapes with a rectangular and diamond element to add a modern twist to classic huggie hoop earrings.

We adore the Resilience Crystal Hoops and are sure the chic Mum’s will too, shop them here.

For other mothers day gifts jewellery pieces featuring a hint of glam we love: Clarity Crystal Hoops or Intuition Crystal Hoops. 


For more personalised mothers day jewellery such as mothers day birthstone jewellery see our birthstone jewellery collection here or our mother’s day ‘Gifts For Mum’ edit here.

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