5 Thoughtful Friendship Jewellery Ideas for Your Bestie

Blame it on the recent song tribute in Taylor Swift’s ‘You’re On Your Own, Kid’ and the appearance of them throughout her current Eras tour… but like it or not friendship jewellery is officially back…and we’re here for it.

Be it old school hand-beaded bracelets with initials like these worn by Jennifer Garner on the Eras Tour or bespoke statement necklaces like those worn by Carrie Bradshaw on And Just Like That, either way friendship jewellery (i.e. any jewellery with personal meaning) is having a moment.

This time around though, the trend isn’t attached to one look only, rather it’s about the sentiment, the meaning or poetic symbolism of wearing ‘best friends’ jewellery rather than the type.

Translation… you can be playful and bespoke, choosing from any variation i.e. best friend matching rings, adult best friend necklaces or other friendship jewellery types like custom stud earrings or locket necklaces.

You also don’t need to be as OTT as the fans who gave Jennifer Garner two armfuls worth. We think a true bestie would be happy with any best friend’s jewellery piece, big or small.

The question is where do you begin in choosing the right friendship jewellery for adults or matching necklaces for friends?

In this blog we'll help break down ‘what is friendship jewellery?’ and answer all your questions from ‘what jewellery should I buy for a friend?’ to ‘what necklace symbolises friendship?’

Read on below for our friendship jewellery guide and edit of the hottest current Francesca best friends jewellery pieces below.


1. Charm bracelets

Slightly predictable given the hype at the T-Swift concert but charm bracelets in our eyes are one of the most iconic best friends jewellery sets you could go for. 

Beaded bracelets still have the appeal and nostalgia of the ones threaded in high school or younger years, but in our collection, they are more well made and high end.

For a look we love that is modern yet bespoke, choose a gemstone bracelet (with yours or your besties chosen birthstone) and partner it with a unique charm

Cute and quirky charms that represent best friend jewellery well could include the Sanctuary Keylock Charm and a Key Charm (symbolising that you will always keep each other's secrets) or Alpha Letter Charms or Etch Behold Charms with each other’s corresponding initials.

Shop the complete charm bracelets collection here.


2. Bar necklaces


In contrast, for a chic combo that invites you and your best gal pal to channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw's, friendship necklaces, in this case…  bar necklaces (with fine chains and names inscribed on them) could be the way to go.

While Carrie may have had a name plate that cut out each letter of her name, our Etch Bar Necklace is a more subtle name plate that features a name inscribed within a bar - making it subtle for the women who prefer to fly under the radar while keeping their bestie close.

Shop either a fine chain (the Etch Bar Necklace) or a modern large link version (the Etch Chain Necklace).


3. Signet rings


It can’t get much cuter - or more permanent - than opting for matching rings for proof of best friends status.

Signet rings have long held status as a piece used to seal documents, by pressing the face of the ring (often marked with a family crest) into hot wax.

While we don’t write letters or seal documents that way anymore, the symbolism and unique quality remains, with signet rings now often being seen as not dissimilar to an individual fingerprint. 

With the unique and individualistic nature of signet rings, coupled with our design whereby you can engrave your bestie’s initial onto the centre, these rings are the ultimate friendship jewellery piece.

Unique enough to represent an individual, and special enough to act as promise rings for best friends who wish to remain in touch no matter what, we love the idea of choosing signet rings as friendship jewellery.

Shop our Etch Ring to custom engrave your own signet ring set.


4. Hoop earrings


A little less traditional in its association with best friends jewellery, but it's safe to say no two sets of best friends are the same. 

If avant garde or overly obvious best friends jewellery tributes are neither of your thing, but the concept of wearing a set together as matching friendship jewellery for adults remains, then perhaps try hoops.

Hoop earrings, in the form of smaller huggies, are ideal as they give a sophisticated allure yet can have a hint of room for individuality or symbolism.

In the way of choosing which hoop earrings would make ideal best friends jewellery sets consider either - what word comes to mind when you think of your friendship (ie hope, resilience, strength) or what quirky trait do you two share with each other that no one else gets (like humour, patience etc).

Shop our go-to looks tied to these traits, with the Patience Crystal Hoops, Resilience Plain Hoops, Ignite Plain Hoops.


5. Locket Necklaces


A treasured photo of the two of you that can be worn every day, close to heart…need we say more?

If asked ‘what necklace symbolises friendship?’ nothing will ever beat the beautiful offering that is  a locket necklace.

Whether you have a best friend living across the other side of the world, down the street, away on holidays, or kept close in spirit, a locket necklace is a truly heartfelt way to connect regularly to your beloved BFF.

The best part too is that it can easily pass as the most chic and mature of adult best friend necklaces options as it naturally goes under the radar as a locket necklace but it’s what’s inside that counts.

When purchasing a locket necklace from Francesca we also make portrait fitting easy for you. Simply purchase a locket necklace, upload a digital photo  to us and we will fit it to frame for you.

Shop the Oval Locket Necklace or Bevel Locket Necklace for a hint of extra bling or treasure and keep your friend even closer with the Treasure Locket Necklace.

For more on friendship jewellery including inspo on ‘what is friendship jewellery?’ or to answer questions like ‘what jewellery should I buy for a friend?’ see our other blogs such as engraved bracelet styles to gift a friend over on the blog here.

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