5 Christmas Necklaces High On Our Wish List This Season

5 Christmas Necklaces High On Our Wish List This Season

Rather than going a generic jewellery piece, make a statement this season with a Christmas necklace that carries sentimentality long past December.

Words by Sam Bailey

Christmas can either be all sparkle and joy or it can be a season of stress and a gift giving nightmare.

We prefer to think of it as a festive season where all the glitz, the glamour, the diamonds, gold, sequins and bling are welcome in a way that no other time of year celebrates in the same BIG way.

It’s also the perfect time to browse stores to shop for a Christmas necklace - be it a gold Christmas necklace, silver Christmas necklace or Christmas pendant necklace for a loved one or yourself.

Why so? Well firstly, High Summer is a time where jewellery brands tend to release their most fabulous, blingin’ collections, so you’ll be sure to find the freshest statement pieces for the year ahead.
But it’s also the busy retail season, so there is an abundance of Christmas necklaces in stock.

With more available this means your odds of finding and being able to purchase a sentimental christmas statement necklace that suits your gift preferences is much higher. It also means rather than wandering the shops aimlessly to fill a santa sack with a generic last minute gift, you can be intentional and choose something a little more personalised and meaningful..

To make this season so much smoother and more fun for you we’ve curated a Christmas necklace edit of the latest Francesca necklaces we see high on the sentimental radar.

Scroll below to read our curated list of the best Christmas necklaces to save you stress and instead enjoy giving or receiving a gift with meaning this season.

5 Christmas Necklaces High On Our Wish List

1. Locket Necklaces

What could be more meaningful than a locket with a precious photo of you, a loved one, a pet or family member within it? Gift wise, a locket is by far the most personalised christmas necklace you can get. 

Within the Francesca locket necklace collection we allow you to not only custom choose the metal (with solid gold, sterling silver or rose gold all available) and style (ie circular, rectangular) but will take the hard work out for you by printing and fitting your photo as well.

Choose from a traditional style Treasure Locket Necklace, a rectangular design or choose something with  a little added sparkle such as Ellis Locket Necklace, Bevel Locket Necklace or Oval Locket Necklace.

Sure to charm even the most plain or particular of sorts, our locket necklaces are by far our number one recommendation in terms of Christmas pendant necklaces.

The perfect gift for: A mum, a daughter, a grandmother or a best friend.

For more christmas statement necklaces see our christmas necklace collection here.

2.Chain Necklaces

Chains are making a comeback and we’re loving them - either as a stand alone statement necklace or as a piece that can be layered with other purchased Christmas necklaces such as a pendant necklace.

In terms of chain designs the sky's the limit within our collection - you can choose from a chunky link chain or a soft subtle bobble chain. It all depends how the wearer wishes to wear or style it.

For a slightly more personalised take on a plain chain, we love the Etch Chain Necklace, that allows for an engraved name to be placed on a subtle gold, silver or rose gold plate. Or alternatively keep it simple and select a classic Rope Chain that can be mixed and matched with multiple necklaces.

The perfect gift for: A friend, a colleague, a daughter in law, a younger girl.

For more christmas statement necklaces see our christmas necklace collection here.

3. Fable Necklaces

Our most newly launched collection, the Fable Necklaces are for the whimsical, the dreamers, the creatives, the spiritual and the divine feminine types.

As a collection, Fable offers predominately gold Christmas necklace designs and is made to inspire the wearer to dream big, get lost in revelry of life and enjoy the little things.

We love the idea of gifting a Fable Necklace to the hopeless romantic in your life who lives for such joys. For the souls who get lost in the clouds and live for the sun we recommend the Dreamer Necklace. For the nature lover and humanitarian help the world types we love the Conservation Necklace. For the ‘Queen Energy’ lust for life types we love the Ivy Necklace and for the fierce goddesses who are a pillar of strength and raw in their femininity we adore the Lioness Necklace.

The perfect gift for: A friend, a sister, a hip fun mum, a younger girl.

For more gold Christmas necklace designs see our Christmas necklace collection here

4. Rope letter pendant necklaces

Like the idea of gifting a modern but chic personalised jewellery piece? Then a Rope Letter Pendant Necklace might just be the best of both worlds.

Featuring a rope style letter at the centre of the pendant necklace, it allows you to pick the initials of a loved one (or yourself), giving just enough of a personalised feature while also offering a simple necklace design.

With all three metal hues available, we’re loving the sterling silver rope letter necklace - it’s the perfect choice in terms of a feature silver Christmas necklace that can also be paired with shorter chain necklaces too.

The perfect gift for: A mum, a daughter, a best friend.

For more silver Christmas necklace designs see our Christmas necklace collection here

5. Personalised pendant necklaces

Not into photo pieces but love the idea of an engraved (and yet chic and modern!) pendant necklace?

You will be sure to find your happily ever after gift wise in our Etch personalised pendant necklace pieces.

The Etch collection is a signature range where we invite you to play with personalised words, allowing you to engrave whatever initials or name you like onto a piece.

We have selected a beautiful range of Christmas pendant necklaces that you can custom adapt to suit your gifting needs from blinging to more contemporary classic designs.

For those who love wearing just a hint of bling, we adore the Etch Vida Necklace. Alternatively for modern yet classic design we love the Etch Hive Necklace, Etch Amore Necklace or for a little more boujee the Etch Pendant Necklace.

The perfect gift for: A mum, a daughter, a best friend.

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