4 Types of Necklaces and Chains For High Spring Summer

4 Types of Necklaces and Chains For High Spring Summer 

Get ready to turn heads this Summer with our hot list of the best types of chains and necklace designs set to be big this season and how you can wear them.

Sam Bailey

Not prepared yet to swap turtle necks for longer necklace styles yet because there are just too many to choose from? We’ve got you. 

When it comes to selecting necklace types or types of chains you will adore and want to wear all season long, we believe it should always be guided in part by intuition and in part by style and current trends.

To make it fun and less complicated, we’ve created a style guide for High Spring / Summer 2023 of necklace styles and types of necklace chains we’re vibing.

With the sun on its way back to the Southern Hemisphere, it naturally brings a revival of decolletage baring options and no neck candy lengths (aka types of necklace chains) are off the table. 

According to The Zoe Report, a destination for latest fashion and jewellery styling founded by celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, it’s all about resort wear inspired jewellery coming into 2023.

Think long line pendant necklace styles contrasted with short collar style necklace types.

For more on our go-to season picks for hottest necklace styles and types of chains we recommend from the Francesca collection, see our bespoke guide below.

4 Types of Necklaces and Chains For High Spring /  Summer 2023 We Love

1.The Link Chain

A luxe resort style chain that can take you from day to night, link chain necklace designs are an ongoing style carrying over from this year that we are still very obsessed with and see as big this next high spring/summer.

Hyped as one of the biggest catwalk jewellery trends in 2022, chain necklace styles are carrying on into next season thanks to their luxe easy to wear design that’s able to uplevel any look - be it casual pool chic through to silk dress resort wear.

A coveted piece right now, according to The Editorialist, it’s the ease of wear that makes it a continual staple. In their words, “it’s a statement piece that loves the limelight and illuminates the decolletage [and can also be] a subtle—yet evergreen—staple that can be easily incorporated into any ensemble.”

Within our collection, while we have different types of chain necklaces, by far the Farrah Chain is a favourite right now. Available in rose gold, yellow gold and sterling silver it features a chunky link that will suit all body types and looks.

Shop the Farrah Chain now on our online store by clicking here.

2.Charm Necklaces
A classic in terms of necklace styles, pendant necklaces or charm necklaces that feature long line chains and symbolic charms are set to make an appearance this coming season.

In contrast to link chains, charm necklaces are all about letting the pendant or symbol take centre stage rather than focusing on the types of chains. In this case subtle types of chains are best. 

When choosing your dream charm necklace, The Zoe Report recommends answering the following questions: Is it classic? Does it have longevity? What’s the story?” then sensing how does it make you feel? If you can walk away from a piece of jewellery, then it’s not your one, however if it feels like an obsession, it’s most definitely the one.

In our current collection, we have a closet full of charm necklaces and pendant necklace designs we know can cover all women and men’s style preferences.

A few that we’re loving that can hold sentimental meaning and be tailored to suit your own symbolism include: the Rope Letter Pendant Necklace, The Haven Charm Necklace, The Ellis Locket Necklace and the Hope Necklace

Shop our full range of charm necklaces and pendant necklaces on our online store here.

3.Beaded And Pearl Necklaces

A 90s vibe for sure, beaded and pearl necklaces are making their way back big time this High Spring / Summer 2023.

Be it colourful beads or stones stacked tightly together on a short style chain or different sized pearls strung together on a short chunky collar, both necklace designs are set to go off this season.

If you’re a colour lover then perhaps opt for a beaded necklace with healing gemstone properties such as our Woodstock Stone Necklace from our Colourwave collection.

Alternatively if you are looking for a chic pearl necklace that can be worn day or night, we adore the Etta Pearl Necklace or Peggy Pearl Necklace.

Shop our full range of beaded necklaces and pearl necklaces our online store here.

4.Engraved Necklaces

Prefer to only wear jewellery that is meaningful? Then you will be all for the trend this season towards specific necklace designs involving engraved words and letters.

The art of etching calligraphy in the form of words, numerals or letters onto jewellery pieces, engraved necklaces are an ancient art and tradition loved and adorned by kings and queens throughout history.

Now you too can embrace your inner queen too thanks to the revival of engraved or etched necklaces this season.

Within the Francesca online store, we have an entire collection dedicated to engraving, the Etch Collection.

As part of the Etch Collection, you can customise your engraved necklace, choosing the types of necklace chains and types of necklaces and pendant colours that suit your specific style vibe.

In terms of the different types of chain necklaces we have: a bobble chain, a plain chain, a link chain necklace or a rope chain necklace - with each of the types of chains allowing opportunity to play with the finding your own individual style cues or seasonal look.

By choosing an engraved necklace from our Etch Collection you can make the meaning that works for you and design one or more bespoke necklace styles you or a loved one will resonate with.

Shop our full range of etched necklaces and choose from different types of chain necklaces on our online store here.

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