You Beauty - The Journey of Seeking Inspiration

The Journey of Seeking Inspiration

Finding the inspiration behind the design for this campaign was one of the most organic processes we’ve ever completed.

It all stemmed from a significant issue that is becoming more and more apparent in society. An issue that we have become complacent to and even unaware of. This issue being face and body warping filters on social media.

It sparked the conversation around what beauty standards have come to in this day and age and what the younger generation are growing up with thinking is normal.

Some filters can completely warp and distort facial structures, making someone unrecognisable.

It was from this moment of realisation that we asked the question, how do you define beauty?

We decided that this would be the inspiration for designing our hero collection of the year, and so we decided to embark on a journey to find the true meaning of beauty by going back to where we grew up in Hawks Nest, New South Wales. 

So in late August, myself and a small crew left for NSW in search of the true meaning of beauty. 

Arriving back in Hawks Nest, it wasn’t hard to see beauty in its truest form. We arrived in the evening just as the sun was setting and the burnt orange hues of the sunset reflected on the water’s horizon was magical and captivating. We knew at this moment that we were in the right place to find the true meaning of beauty and capture this in the designs of our pieces.


We stayed at Myall River Campground, the property we lived in tents on during a time in our lives where things were more stripped back and simple. A time where we didn’t worry about what we looked like or what we were wearing; instead all we cared about was enjoying being outdoors, swimming or playing with our family and friends.


We visited Jimmys Beach, a place that is still just as breathtaking as the first time you see it. With turquoise waters and white sand, it’s a beach that naturally has its own natural beauty without effort. It was on Jimmys beach that we bumped into a local man, Neil and his horse, Amy, who were happy to chat to us about his horse and the way she interacts and responds to human energy. 

Whether it was bumping into old friends at the local bakery, chatting to a man and his horse on the beach or visiting local historians like Jan who explained the history of Hawks Nest, we realised that there was immense beauty simply found in human nature. It was the small interactions and the feeling you leave when interacting with someone that captures the true essence of beauty.


One of the most vast landscapes we visited was the sand dunes I had once grown up on. The rolling hills that appear to be untouched, with the only marks being the ripples in the sand that are naturally formed. An incredible location with so much beauty made me realise that we as humans don’t need to be altered, manipulated or covered to look beautiful. The ripples in the sand are formed by the wind and create the most beautiful view. I was inspired by this concept and reflected it in my design process. It’s a message I wanted conveyed throughout this inspiration of beauty, that being untouched, or unfiltered is what makes someone beautiful. 

After numerous days in NSW, we made the trek back home to Tasmania to explore the ancient green forests and iconic landscapes.


We were lucky enough to stay at Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge, right in the heart of Cradle Mountain, one of Tasmania’s most beautiful locations. It was here that we were able to explore the details found in the green covered canopies.

We explored Dove Lake and I was fascinated by the reflections in the water, which was a reminder that what we see in the mirror is beautiful, untouched and most importantly, unfiltered. I knew this was a design concept that I wanted to incorporate into the collection.


The next stop was Corinna, on the West Coast of Tasmania. A hidden gem that had the most incredible green forests. It was during this time that I noticed the beauty in age. If it wasn’t for the year on year growth, these forests wouldn’t be as beautiful as they are today. Why are we so afraid to age as a society? It should be something that is celebrated. If we were to look at ourselves the same way we appreciate nature's beauty, I think we would find more contentment within ourselves.

With my journey to discover the true meaning of beauty being completely successful and the designs of the new collection being inspired from the vast Australian landscapes that came from meaningful discoveries, the You Beauty Collection was born. A collection inspired and uniquely designed from a journey of inspiration. 

We hope you love this collection as much as we do, and we hope you too can stop and reflect what beauty truly means to you xx

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