Why We Love Afterpay

Let’s be honest, lay-bys are so circa 1990. As millenials, we want what we want, now! Which is why the genius new payment plan known as ‘Afterpay’ is made for us. You can get jewellery with Afterpay, just like that!

When you’re scrolling through your insta-feed, spying beautiful new jewellery pieces, the idea of ‘holding it’ behind the counter for a month while you pay it off gradually is so unappealing - let’s be franc*... (pun intended). We are a generation of instant gratification, so the beauty of Afterpay means you get what you want, when you want it, but still allows you to pay it off when you can.

So, when it comes to 21st century shopping, Afterpay is sure to be your new BFF, especially if you’ve been eyeing off any of our latest Francesca collections. But if you’re not up with it yet, it’s time to get acquainted with what Afterpay is and how it works.

Here’s a lowdown on what Afterpay is and how to make it work for you...think all the shopping, at little risk. You’re welcome!

what is afterpay?

Afterpay is a new payment plan system, created by a 28 year old Australian millennial, Nick Molnar is a consumer lending company that allows you to buy what you want that day and pay it off in four installments, interest-free. The perks of Afterpay is that it allows you to not rack up high interest rate like a credit card and is designed with millennial consumers in mind.

how does afterpay work?

The way it works is actually quite simple, Afterpay charges the retailers 4-6 per cent on every transaction to use and provide the Afterpay interest-free service. But for the shopper, it’s completely free to use and you’re given 4 manageable fortnightly payments. If you don’t pay the amount required per fortnight then you incur a late fee.

The idea behind Afterpay is they want you to spend responsibly, so you’re only able to make purchases up to $1000 and they keep an eye on your payments. This means Afterpay only approves your spending if you have a good repayment history, as they don’t let customers go into debt. As part of this policy, customers can’t use Afterpay until they pay each instalment. For those who have only recently joined Afterpay, spending limits will generally be smaller. It also means Afterpay teaches you how to budget and spend sensibly.

why we love afterpay

Well, call us a little biased, but Molnar (founder of Afterpay) began his humble career selling jewellery as part of his family business, firstly...sound familiar? As founding jewellery designers, sisters and millenials of Francesca, we’re so inspired by Afterpay’s humble beginnings and similar shared history with Molnar. But outside of the common grounds, Afterpay works for consumers not against them. It’s more about charging the retails a rate rather than the shoppers. Which means, more customers are able to purchase, enjoy and wear our beautiful Francesca jewellery. Win win really!

how to use afterpay
There are so many ways to enjoy the fun of Afterpay. For Francesca fans, simply start on the homepage, find your desired jewellery piece and then click through to purchase, choosing the Afterpay payment method rather than credit card or Paypal.

Or alternatively, go direct to the Afterpay website and it will list all the stores available with Afterpay and allow you to link through to them from their site, or download the Afterpay app. 

Happy shopping!

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