Which Jewellery Tone Suits Your Skin Tone Best?


Mixed metals are so last decade (sorry mum!). When it comes to scoping out the best jewellery tone to suit you, there’s so much more at play than choosing your favourite hue.

Sure you might like rose gold and want it because it’s ‘in,’ but jewellery is forever, so rather than be blinded by rose tinted glasses, you want to make sure you choose a jewellery metal that will stand the test of time.

Be you a minimalist who prefers a simple set of earrings, a soon to be engaged bride looking for her forever wedding ring or a woman who likes to rock all of the jewellery (rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings) all of the time, we want you to feel empowered by your metal choice (be it silver, gold or rose gold!).

Elizabeth Taylor once said: “You can’t cry on a diamond’s shoulder, and diamonds won’t keep you warm at night, but they are sure fun when the sun shines!” To which we’d also add… “and look even better when they are on the right jewellery tone that suits you.”

With all that said, to understand whether gold, silver or rose gold is the best hue for your skin tone, we’ve created a guide to each metal to help you discover your jewellery calling.  

Wondering which jewellery metal will suit your skin tone, hair and general style vibe the best? Here are our easy tips and tricks to determine your jewellery type.

Skin type: Pale skin 

Liken your skin type to being more on the alabaster side? What about the undertone? Do you more of a red warm skin tone or a pale white undertone? The best way to find out is to look at the veins on your wrist. If they look blue you are likely to have more cool toned skin and if the veins are more yellow or green, you will have a warm blush undertone.

If you are more red based, then sorry to say but you’ll definitely want to steer clear of rose gold, it will leave you blushing in a not-so-flattering, ‘tomato’ toned way.  Instead read below to see what jewellery will best suit fair skinned beauties.

Best jewellery tone: Silver or white gold jewellery.

Whether your warm or cool skin undertones, have blonde, ash or light mousy brown hair, silver or white gold jewellery will make pop and look fresh against your skin without washing you out.

Jewellery we love: For blonde bombshells who wants a timeless piece, we adore the white gold Amour necklace featuring a diamond encrusted pendant. Alternatively, if you’re more of an earrings girl, we recommend the the stunning new Basilica chandelier silver earrings for a statement or the silver Stellar stud earrings for a more classic look. 

Skin type: Lightly tanned to olive skin

Gravitate more towards a light, golden glow in Summer? Then it’s likely you have a tanned or even olive skin tone and complexion.

The beauty of those who do (be it yellow or a Mediterranean skin tone) is that you can pull off pretty much any jewellery tone. In other words... #blessed.

Best jewellery tone: Rose gold, silver, yellow or white gold.

With the world your oyster, you have full permission to go wild in the jewellery department girl! Choose to mix it up with a new metal each day or decide on a staple jewellery tone (rose gold, white gold, silver or yellow gold) and make that metal your own! ’ 

For women with blonde hair and a light tan, silver and white gold is still a great go-to jewellery choice. The cool shade will compliment fair hair and bring even more of a boost to your skin. Or if you’re more of a mediterranean gal with an olive complexion and dark hair you can’t go past rose, yellow or white gold.

Jewellery we love: For blondes dressing to impress on a night out, we definitely recommend the the Myrtle or Edwin earrings or for a more low key day-to-day try the Franc Create hoop earrings set or our Signature stud earrings.

For brunettes heading out on the town, we love the Fiore pearl earrings from our new Firenze collection (inspired by the architecture in Florence, Italy) or for a paired down option, the Orbit or Stellar stud earrings make for a perfect, poised and ever so chic look. Alternatively, if necklaces or pendants are more your thing, we’re also secretly (okay not so secretly) obsessed with the Basilica and Fleur De Lis necklaces that come in both gold and silver jewellery tones 

Skin type: Dark skin

Rocking more of an ebony skin tone? Then you girl are also #blessed when it comes to deciding the jewellery tone that works for you. Darker skin provides an amazing backdrop for whatever jewellery art you want to feature on your luminous skin. 

Best jewellery tone: Rose gold, silver, yellow or white gold. 

For dark skinned beauties it’s really down to deciding what will bring out your personality and style vibe best. For a cool and contrasting effect, silver or white gold jewellery tones look amazing or if you’d rather feel warm and uplifted then yellow or rose gold metals are your go-to.

Either way, make sure when you’re choosing your staple jewellery tone, you look for the metal (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or silver) that is going to give you the best glow, from the inside out. 

Jewellery we love:

While ebony skin tones can wear what they want with no qualms, there are a few new jewellery pieces (necklaces and earrings) we’re loving that would work so well on your skin tone.

For a fresh on-trend jewellery pieces, we are all about gold hoops! The bigger and bolder the better! The current pieces we’re loving are: the Omega hoop earrings, the Twine hoop earrings in gold as well as the Cosmos Create hoop gold earrings. 

For a more low key every day look that will still glow against your skin, try one of our encrusted cubic zirconia stud earrings such as the Bhakti stud earrings, theTranquil stud earrings (in either the gold or silver jewellery tone) or the Drishti stud earrings.

Of course, if you’re more of a necklace or pendant girl, then every item in our new Firenze collection will also look stunning against your skin tone. Check out the Firenze necklace, the Fleur Des Lis necklace or the Basilica necklace all in gold, for statement jewellery sure to make you shine!

For more great advice on the jewellery that will suit your skin tone best, we also recommend checking out Grazia for advice from true style gurus.
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