What to Get Mum for Mother's Day


The two most powerful ingredients when it comes to Mother’s Day? Thoughtfulness and gratitude.

When it comes to Mother’s Day it’s natural to place so much stress and emphasis on the ‘perfect gift’ but while we often wonder ‘what you can possibly give mum when she has given you so much?’, by weaving a touch of thoughtfulness and gratitude into the mix, you’ll already be half way there.

A caring mindset aside, to make life even sweeter for you ahead of Mother’s Day May 8th, we’ve also worked to create a bespoke Mother’s Day gift guide to offer forward ideas you may love.

Scroll below for a curated list of thoughtful ideas that couple the care factor with bespoke Mothers Day Jewellery gift ideas and experiences that we’re sure mum will love and cherish.

But first, a word on the power of a mum’s love…

As Marion Garetty once so beautifully said, “Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.” Mums are often our beacon of light, our source of strength, our greatest teacher and believer. A mum often is able to push us forward to grow and excel with their love and belief in us alone. 

With this in mind, why not consider different ways that celebrate a mother daughter or mother and son bond when it comes to pondering what to get mum for Mother’s Day - be it mothers day jewellery gift ideas,  alternate activities or experiences that foster love and connection and bring you even closer. 

6 Mother’s Day Jewellery Gift Ideas And Experiences 

Say goodbye to standard chocolates, flowers and stud earrings and consider this curated Mother's Day jewellery gift ideas and experiences list instead. 

  1. The gift: a locket necklace

Perhaps the most sentimental piece of jewellery you could gift your mum, a locket necklace is a beautiful heirloom piece that you can personalise with a photo and gift to mum so she can keep a memory or picture of you together close to her heart at all times.

In terms of Mothers Day jewellery gift ideas, a locket necklace is by far the most thoughtful choice.

Locket necklace wise we offer different shapes and metals you can tailor to suit your mums taste - from square to round - and take the hard work out for you by not only printing your special picture but we also put the photo it in the locket necklace so that it comes complete and gift wrapped, ready to be loved by mum.

Shop our locket necklaces here: Treasure locket necklaceEllis locket necklace, Oval locket necklace, Bevel locket necklace

  1. The experience: Wellness day

A pamper day is often a once in a blue moon (read: rare) occasion for any mum. 

Rather than wonder what to get mum for Mother’s Day, why not consider giving her the space and time for much needed zen and a chance to prioritise her wellness with an urban retreat - either for herself or with you too. 

A spa date for two is a cute idea as it gives you the chance to unwind together - just Google what spas maybe in your local area and make a day of it! Or if you live in a city, why not make it a wellness themed day and hop around town - book a infrared sauna, go for an ocean dip, have a massage, enjoy a nourishing meal or smoothie and go to a yoga class together. Be it one activity or a whole day, showing mum love by encouraging her to feel good from the inside out is a beautiful way to give back.

To book a wellness day, we recommend the following: in Melbourne we love Botanica Day Spa, Willow Urban Retreat and Holism Retreat. In Hobart we love Savoy Day Spa, Alceme yoga and Endota spa.

  1. The gift: silk linen

One thing mum’s will tell you is that having a child ages you…often due to a lack of sleep (sorry mum!).
A beautiful way to remedy those sleepless nights AND minimise ageing is by gifting silk pillow slips - and if feeling generous silk eye masks and sheets too. 

Silk pillow slips, according to brand Slip, are said to reduce friction of skin to pillow by 43 per cent, allowing skin to glide and relax effortlessly at night, reducing risk of wrinkles developing and dreaded post toss and turn bed hair.

When in doubt about what to get mum for Mothers Day, remember silk promotes both sleep and anti-ageing - it’s basically a two for one win!

To shop for Silk pillow slips, eye masks and sheets, see Slip website here.

  1. The experience: Wine tour

For the mum who considers herself a serious foodie and or wino, nothing could be more fitting than a road trip to a local winery for a spot of red amidst the vines… need we say more? If your mum can distinguish a Sangiovese versus a Merlot then the whole ‘what to get mum for Mother’s Day?’ 

just became redundant, it’s safe to say a winery tour or tasting will go down an absolute treat.

To book a winery tour or tasting, we love Frogmore Creek and Home Hill in Tasmania or Stones of The Yarra Valley and Debortoli in Victoria.

  1. The gift: personalised necklace

Jewellery is a uniquely individual thing, so if your mum tends to gravitate more towards minimalism style wise but still enjoys an air of intentionality and meaning behind what she wears then a personalised necklace is a perfect go-to gift.

Personalised jewellery is up there with locket necklaces in terms of thoughtful Mother’s Day jewellery gift ideas. Within the Francesca personalised collection, there are a range of choices from personalised necklaces, charms and earrings.

To shop our personalised jewellery collection check out the following: Personalised pendants, Rope letter bobble pendant, Better together necklace or full charms collection here. Alternatively, for other mothers day jewellery gift ideas see our Mother’s Day edit.

  1. The gift: a natural glow

In reverence to the tired mumma’s or any mum feeling a little lacklustre and blah, nothing could be more of a pick me up and achieve than with an instant glow up - courtesy of a natural tan brand. 

With natural plant-based tan fast becoming the beloved life hack used by mums to perk up on days where coffee isn’t enough, we can’t love this Mother’s Day gift idea anymore, especially if you’ve felt lost as to know what to get mum for Mother’s Day.

The best part too is that natural tanning products offer a guilt-free glow without the harmful toxins - so mum’s can feel good about what she feeds her skin while looking dewy and aglow too.

As a Tasmanian company we’re proud to support local Tasmanian businesses which is why we love Three Warriors.

Three Warriors are an organic tan brand that makes beautiful plant-derived tanning products using ingredients sourced directly from mother nature in Tasmania. With Tv host and mum Sonia Kruger a fan, it’s a safe bet your mum will love it too.

To shop tanning products including gradual tan, self-tan mousse and face tan go to Three Warriors here.

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