What Is Rose Gold And What Are The Best Ways To Style It?

What Is Rose Gold And What Are The Best Ways To Style It?

Learn the origin story of your favourite rose metal, from what is rose gold made of to  how to clean rose gold so your pieces sparkle  all season long.

It’s not yellow gold and it’s not just copper, so, what is rose gold? 

A mix of metals, rose gold is in fact the birth child of both, pure yellow gold and copper, and in some cases, also contains sterling silver too.

When these metals are blended together it creates the colour you now know as rose gold, a pinky copper like hue that can be used in an array of jewellery, from rings through to rose gold earrings, bracelets and rose gold necklaces.

As connoisseurs of all things jewellery, you can consider us as a safe and trusted bible of all things metal and in particular rose gold.

So if you’ve ever wondered: what is rose gold?, where you can buy it, how rose gold is made, what rose gold to buy or how to clean rose gold to ensure longevity, our Francesca guide has you covered.

Read below for a full lowdown on all things rose gold along with how to care for it.

A Guide To What Is Rose Gold And How To Buy It, Care For It & Style It

So, you know what is rose gold? in terms of substance, now it’s time to get a little more specific.

As a jewellery label, we make and design all our collection pieces, so we know exactly where our rose gold comes from and how it's made. But it’s important to remember that rose gold by one brand may not be the same in quality, blend or strength as another brand. 

With that in mind, our guide will explore what is rose gold made of in relation to Francesca rose gold jewellery and what our rose gold is made of, where its sourced and made and how to care for it.


What Is Rose Gold? 

Rose gold is often derived from a beautiful combination of metals such as pure gold and copper.

The combination when used together creates the highest quality strength, durability and colour possible.

Within our jewellery collection, we offer rose gold alongside yellow gold and sterling silver, which means you can purchase everything from earrings to rings, bracelets and necklaces purely in rose gold.

When shopping for rose gold, rather than wondering where to find it or within our collection or wondering what is rose gold specifically, we recommend navigating our website by jewellery type. 

Once you find the piece or collection that makes you swoon, simply select the ‘rose gold’ colour option before clicking ‘add to cart.’ 


How To Care For Rose Gold

Fast forward to finding your dreamy copper coloured piece, now it’s about how do you maintain it.

Whether its yellow gold, rose gold or sterling silver, all metals can tarnish and become dull if not cared for properly, much the way us humans can lose our sparkle if we don’t eat well, sleep well and hydrate. 

In a sense, self care and rose gold care is the same. Both require qualities of gentleness and nurturing.

With rose gold, it’s important to learn how to clean rose gold and safeguard it from elements that can cause damage or react to it so you don’t end up with a tarnished piece.

Wondering how to clean rose gold and save it from becoming lacklustre? Read our best care tips below.

  • Let scents settle first
    Whether it’s perfume or moisturiser, let your product soak well into skin first. The toxins and chemicals in beauty products can fade both yellow gold and rose gold in time. Does rose gold tarnish then in this case? The short answer is yes and no.

    While Francesca pieces won’t tarnish easily, where possible always aim to reduce your rose gold’s exposure to chemicals.

  • Invest in a polishing cloth
    Prolong your rose gold by giving it a weekly polish. We recommend investing in our solid gold polishing cloth to keep your rose gold looking luxe. To learn how to clean rose gold, it’s as simple as giving it a gloss over and rubbing the surrounding surface areas.Et voila! Instant sparkle

  • Swim or shower naked
    By naked, we’re talking sans the jewellery specifically. Swimming in chlorine with rose gold is a big no. Chlorine is a harsh chemical known to react to rose gold. Don’t risk it being corroded. Keep a travel jewellery box handy in your beach bag and remove before diving in. 



How To Style Rose Gold

Rose gold is more unique than other metals, in that its vibrance demands attention and is less likely to go unnoticed. 

While yellow gold is considered regal and traditional while sterling silver more modern, rose gold sits in between these two worlds. It’s modern in its man made essence but it’s got a hint of old school femininity.

With this in mind, styling wise, rose gold tends to lean towards being a jewellery type you wear with softer, feminine clothing or as a statement piece to brighten up a simple outfit.

In terms of fashion, we recommend pairing rose gold with either pastel shades or plain white and grey clothing and items such as blouses, camisoles, blazers and or floral dresses. 

As for jewellery to tie it in with, the rose gold pieces we’re loving right now include: Clea Studs (for subtle earrings), Tranquil Charm as a necklace or bracelet (for a traditional charm that calms and soothes) or a Franc Watch (for a statement look for work).

For more rose gold products and ideas on what is rose gold at Francesca shop our full website here.

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