What is a Locket Necklace For?


Our latest keepsake piece has been months in the making and has launched just in time for Christmas! Whether it’s celebrating the birth of a child, the relationship you share with a loved one or the beautiful memories you cherish with someone watching over you, we designed this piece to allow you to hold those special moments close to your heart in a locket. 

What is a locket necklace? 

What makes your heart sing? What gives you the most heightened, unexplainable emotions? A loved one, a feeling, a moment. We believe that true magic is capturing that moment, freezing it in time and being able to cherish it forever. 

Centuries ago, lockets were created to tell a unique and personal story, often through mourning jewellery however later evolved to be the height of fashion throughout Queen Victoria’s reign. They were often found to case a sentimental piece such as a lock of hair inside. Over future years, showcasing portraits inside of lockets became popular and we can’t get enough of this concept!

We designed our lockets to bring all of life’s precious moments to the fore by wrapping your memory in pure metals of your choice. Our lockets come in three shapes round locket, oval locket & rectangle locket. Our locket will be treasured for reasons beyond aesthetics. Choose between the rectangle Bevel Locket or Oval Locket design in solid sterling silver or 14k rose or yellow gold plated (2 microns on silver). 

How to put a picture in our locket necklaces?

Either print your photo at a local print shop (we provide exact dimensions for the necklace box and locket) when you purchase a Francesca locket. Otherwise, you can submit your photo online (when purchasing online only) and we’ll add the picture to the locket (psssst: we also offer complimentary gift wrapping at check out)!


How can I style my locket? 

Whilst simultaneously contemporary and classic, the locket is a wardrobe classic which will allow you to carry your most meaningful personal stories throughout your day. Created with a combination of technology and artisanship, our lockets are a beautiful piece of fine jewellery with unrivalled exclusivity as the contents of each locket is unique to the wearer! You can style your locket in a similar way to any necklace, we designed our pieces with timelessness in mind, making them beautiful when worn on their own or layered with other necklaces. We love layering the rectangle locket with other rectangular shaped pendants. The circle locket is amazing layered with a statement chain like our rope chain and you cant go past our oval locket on our link chain necklace. 

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