What Does The Infinity Bracelet Mean And Who Is It Made For?

What Does The Infinity Bracelet Mean And Who Is It Made For?

Learn the ancient history of the infinity charm, how it has evolved as a concept and what the symbol represents in jewellery today.

Sam Bailey

You may recognise the two loops entwined together as the symbol infinity but how about the origins, philosophy and the meaning of the infinity charm now as we’ve come to know it today? 

With roots dating back to the 17th century and some suggesting even earlier, the infinity symbol was first used by the ancient Greeks and Indians as a philosophical concept, and in time became a mathematical symbol used to describe the notion of an endless process. 

In fact it’s said Aristotle, one of the most famous Greek philosophers and scientists (dating back to 384BC) known for ​​his views on logic, metaphysics, philosophy and ethics was first tied to infinity. He originally used the word apeiron, meaning ‘unbounded’ or ‘indefinite.’ In time it was translated to ‘infinite.’

Throughout time infinity has continued to be a symbol known in philosophy and used in maths and science equations, but more recently has evolved and become associated with romance, eternal love and even a symbol for neurodivergence, in particular autism.

With the infinity charm a popular jewellery piece, to make the right meaning for you and consider exactly what does infinity bracelet mean (or what does infinity bracelet symbolise?) read on for our guide to infinity charms and their alternate meanings below.

What Does Infinity Bracelet Mean?

When it comes to the infinity charm, we are all about making a meaning that’s personal to you. Jewellery is subjective and with so many variations on what the infinity charm can mean from romance to philosophy, eternity to neurodivergence it’s a unique symbol that can be interpreted as you wish.

Rather than focusing on what does the infinity bracelet symbolise?, instead create a meaningful story you can connect with or that will be appreciated as a gift when given to a loved one.

To help you curate the most thoughtful meaning with an infinity charm bracelet we’ve created a list of ideas and inspiration to offer you an interpretation that feels most natural to you.

4 Infinity Charm Gift Ideas & Meanings We Love

1. The I Want To Commit To Life With You Meaning

This is one for the romantics and those in a committed loving relationship looking to deepen a connection and visually show how much you’re invested by gifting an infinity charm.

In this scenario, the infinity charm or infinity charm bracelet would suit one of the following relationship stages:

  1. You’ve been dating someone for a while and are ready to go all in and become exclusive.
  2. You are committed and exclusive as a couple, but aren’t ready to pop the question yet.
  3. You are saving for an engagement ring and want a token to affirm your lifelong commitment to them in the interim.

2. The I See Life As A School And One Endless Source Of Knowledge Meaning

This interpretation is dedicated to the philosophers: those who are big thinkers, knowledge seekers, lifelong learners and forever committed to self growth, evolution and expanding their minds.

In this scenario, the infinity charm or infinity charm bracelet would suit the following people best:

  1. A friend who is a scholar, studying, constantly reading or doing short courses.
  2. A wise or philosophical soul you know (could be a relative or friend) who always inspires you and is imparting wisdom, learning the lessons, seeking further meaning from life.
  3. A highly intelligent person you know who nerds out on philosophy, science or ancient Greek history.

3. The I Am Doing Life With You And Beside You Always Meaning

This is for the ride or die friend, the soul sister (or mister) in your life, the one you trust more than anyone, the one you see as an ultimate wingman or woman in life. 

In this scenario, the infinity charm or infinity charm bracelet would suit the following people best:

  1. A friend you’ve grown up with who knows you and your story more than anyone else
  2. A friend you know is always there, no matter what day, hour, time - they’ve got you.
  3. A friend who you’ve travelled with, experienced different life stages with and who continues to evolve along the journey of life with you.

4.  The I Am Proud Of Who I Am And Honour Those Different Or Similar To Me Meaning

This one is for those who either identify as neurodivergent, autistic or as advocates, supporters or lifelong carers and family members of those identified as neurodivergent.

As we shared earlier, the infinity charm is also now considered a known symbol for those who are neurodivergent or autistic. 

Seen more commonly as a rainbow infinity symbol, it holds a dual meaning, in one sense can be seen as a butterfly, representing the beauty and diversity of continued development. 

More commonly though, the infinity charm represents that there is no beginning or end to the symbol, much as there is no one way or end to working with those with autism. 

The infinity charm has only recently become a symbol for autism to replace the puzzle piece symbol which was used for autism until 1960s. 

The puzzle piece was originally used in an inappropriate interpretation to symbolise how those with autism were a ‘problem to solve,’ rather than accepting they are people worthy of ever changing understanding and constant acceptance. Hence the introduction of the infinity charm as a much more fitting, empowering and positive symbol.

In this scenario, the infinity charm or infinity charm bracelet would suit the following people best:

  1. Someone who identifies as neurodivergent or autistic and can celebrate who they are 
  2. Someone who is a caregiver or is a family member or friend to someone who identifies as neurodivergent or autistic and wants to celebrate or advocate for them.
  3. Someone who is a neurodivergent or autism advocate, works in this specific area and is proud and esteemed to celebrate, champion, promote and encourage autism acceptance.

With four beautiful interpretations on how to give an infinity charm or infinity charm bracelet we hope we’ve empowered you to make a decision founded in love that resonates true to you.

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