What Being A Mother Means To Me: Steph Claire Smith’s Story

Meet Steph… A Mum, An Influencer And Entrepreneur Who Is Changing The Face Of Motherhood And Paving Her Own Way Forward As A Working Mum Choosing To Juggle It All

In our exclusive interview, she shares the lesser known side of her story as a working mum of one doing her best to show up for son Harvey, her team and for all women out there who want to return to work - setting a new example of what a modern woman and mum’s role in society can be.


Q. Can you share a little about your journey into motherhood?

Motherhood was always a dream but I never thought it would exceed my expectations the way it has.
In just a few words… It is magical, overwhelming and life changing. 

I guess the biggest surprise motherhood has brought me would be my motherly intuition. Of course I’ve listened to all the parenting podcasts, read the books, followed different social media accounts and reached out to my mumma friends (and the KICBUMP community) but it’s often my gut feel on things which tends to be most right. 


Q. What challenges have you faced most since becoming a mother?

I’m a working mum and there’s no doubt I struggle a lot with the mum guilt that comes with the juggle.

But I like to remind myself I am lucky to get to do what I do. Not everyone has the choice to go back to work - some cannot, some have to, and in my case, I certainly wasn’t forced to, I chose to. I’m fortunate that the work I do fulfils me so much, because not everyone can say that. 

I guess my other challenge with working is constantly making sure I carve out enough time each week for quality time with Harvey. I aim to always have mornings and bedtimes with him when I can.


Q. What has being a mum taught you?

Harvey’s taught me so much about life and myself. When you have a toddler, you become so cautious of how you act as a human. You often have to try to reflect the best version of yourself, knowing they are little sponges who copy everything you do. 

So with that front of mind, I truly believe I am the best version of myself since becoming his mum.

Q. What do you love most about being a mum?

Harvey. I love his affectionate nature, I love his gentleness and I love the smile that I get from him most mornings when I get him out of bed. I honestly can’t imagine a love stronger than the one I feel for him.

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