What Being A Mother Means To Me: Amelia's story

Meet Amelia, A Mum Whose Journey Took A Harrowing Twist, But Despite Adversity Is Grateful For The Rainbow That Followed.

Mum to Lottie, Aston and Tommy, Amelia is a strong and ever loving woman who survived the devastating loss of her second baby, Tommy, and yet despite heartbreak was able to find hope and joy again, later celebrating the arrival of her third child and a new outlook on life.


Q. Can you share a little about your journey into motherhood?


I would say my journey of motherhood has been completely different for all three of my children. 

Unfortunately, early on we lost our beautiful second son, Tommy at 17 weeks. A while later, we had Lottie, our little rainbow baby and she is absolutely perfect. 

For me, losing a baby was honestly one of the hardest things I have ever experienced. The pain never goes away, it’s more that you learn to live with it.

I do know though that I am the mother I am today because of Tommy. He showed me a whole new meaning of life and I am so incredibly lucky to have two beautiful children in my arms. 


Q. What advice would you give to other mums who have faced loss and hardship?

For any other mamma’s that have experienced the loss of a baby, I want you to know… I see you, I feel you and I’m so incredibly sorry that your little one is not in your arms. 


Please talk about them, please say their names and know that they are never ever going to be forgotten. It brings me so much comfort to know although Tommy is not in my arms, he is always in my heart.

Q. What do you love most about being a mum?

I just love everything about being a mum. I don’t know who I would be if I wasn’t Aston, Lottie and Tommy’s mum. I love watching them learn and I love watching each individual milestone that they reach. I am so incredibly proud of them.

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