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Summer is officially in full swing (hello and thank you amaaazing long weekend), so we figured it’s about time our Franc stacks got the memo! That’s right, just when you were worried your stack was stuck in winter, we’ve sorted your summer-loving vibes with the Mexicola Collection. Featuring vivid oranges and bright blues, these stacks are as fruity as the cocktails you’ll be drinking!


Shot and inspired by the beautiful Motel Mexicola in Bali, it was a full-fledged Franc affair with a team of 6 that included:


Hannah - Detail Patrol Queen & Smooth Operator
Rachel - Campaign Photographer & Stylist
Sam - BTS Photographer & Entertainer
Sofia - Makeup & Skin Guru
Olivia & Candice – The Talent Who Made It All Look Good!


Part of a five day Bali shoot, Rachel still lists the Bali trip as her highlight for 2017!


“Shooting a year’s worth of campaigns in Bali was a massive moment for me! If you had told me three years ago that I was going to be the campaign photographer for an international Francesca shoot, I would have passed out! The highlight for me was sitting down at the end of the day with the team and looking at what we had achieved that day and losing it over the images captured!”
- Rachel


Of course this collection is all about the place that inspired it, Motel Mexicola! Fans of the funky Mexican Bar well before they shot there, Hannah & Rachel were overjoyed when their vision came to life.


“Motel Mexicola is one of those places you visit as a tourist and can't help but take heaps of photos of the amazing interior! The decor screams bright and colourful and we knew this was the right backdrop for our first very colourful shoot!! They also happen to serve a pretty great taco and margarita!” - Hannah 

Francesca might be monochrome - we mean, have you seen our stores!? Hello Hobart, Highpoint & Melbourne Central - but our stacks have never been afraid to stand out! The Mexicola Collection embraces and celebrates this, says Rachel.


“We love semi-precious stones! Every year Hannah and I travel overseas to hand select our beautiful stone collections, so our iconic bracelet stacks are naturally very bright! It was time to celebrate the colour we have as such a permanent part of Francesca's collections. “
Created during our Market days, The Franc Stack has been around since the beginning. Now an iconic part of the brand, it was originally inspired by the amazing creativity of Francesca customers!

“The Franc Stack is one of the first branded icons of Francesca, so it was only fitting that we bring it back to the limelight!! It truly began when I saw how amazing our bracelets looked paired together and as our customers kept adding to their bracelet collections, the stack was born. We find now that there are so many iterations of the Franc Stack out there; it’s exciting to see how customers have put theirs together!!”  - Hannah

With an eye for photography and design, Rach decided it was time to add a pop of colour to our sterling silver and gold-filled bracelets.

“The process began when we found a few rare stones we had never had before and the idea of creating a limited edition stack range came into fruition. The stacks themselves have a lot of thought put into them. Creating an array of complementary hues through each stone, and elevating them with unique designs was really satisfying to design. Each stack is handmade and there are at least five bracelets in each so it does take a while to create each prototype and then show our Hobart beaders how to make them.”


Did you say you wanted earrings to match? We’ve got those sorted too!

“The Mexicola earrings were designed on an afternoon in the office when I just needed to get away from my computer, that’s when I find most success in designing. I sat in the beading room for some time and went through several failed designs before I finalised the prototype. The original design only had one loop of beads, this just seemed too basic and hollow for me, so added an interior loop for a little more detail!” - Rachel.


As for their favourite Mexicola Stack...both of the girls had to go with THE Mexicola Stack!

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