Wear Your Charms Three Ways


Achieve complete versatility with your Francesca charms, wear them on a necklace chain, bracelet bar or a pair of hoops! We share our insights into applying your charms to different base pieces of jewellery and caring for them. 

You truly have endless options with our Francesca create range, continue reading to find out how to get the most out of your charms!


Our necklaces are an amazing statement worn on their own or layered to create a stunning multi-faceted statement. We love the versatility of our charms which can easily slide along our chains to personalise your piece. Our Franc Create chains feature a fully adjustable ball mechanism to adjust the necklace chain to its desired length. From our limited edition, pearls to birthstone necklaces, you are sure to find something that is perfect for you! 

How to attach charms: 

The simplest of them all, you don’t have to fiddle with your jump rings at all. 

Simply slide your charms onto your necklace chain and ensure the jump ring is secure. 

Wear to your heart’s content!


Charm bracelets are well and truly still in style, for a timeless and personalised option you can’t go wrong with a Francesca Create bracelet. Customise a charm bracelet in our app here

Our brand new jump ring 

This is an exciting development from our Franc team! Previously you had to use two pairs of pliers to open our jump rings so we’ve designed and implemented a jump ring which can be adjusted with ease at home.  

How to attach charms to a bracelet using our new jump ring:

The important element when opening our new jump ring is to find the edge where the double-up starts in the jump ring. Next, expose some of the elastic on the bracelet. Find the gap in the jump ring loop, expose the elastic and thread the charm onto the bracelet. Then, release the elastic and swivel the charm onto the bar of the Francesca bracelet.


Our Franc Create hoops are the newest addition to the Create collection and are completely nickel-free, meaning they’re great for sensitive ears! You can wear them on their own for a simplistic and timeless look or add different charms to them when you feel like mixing things up. 

How to attach charms: 

Using your fingers, separate the jump ring slightly and move the charm around the jump ring to completely remove the jump ring and separate it from the charm. Make sure to hold onto the jump ring just in case you ever want to add it to a bracelet or necklace down the track! 

There is a smaller loop attached to each charm. Using this loop, slide the charm onto the hoops (at the end where the earring meets the earlobe) and you can rest assured that they won’t slide off due to our addition of a little round ball at the end of the piece which ensures the charms won’t fall off the hoop!


A great rule of thumb is to ensure that your jewellery is the last thing you put on in the mornings and the first thing you take off at night. The key to caring for your charms is to ensure they don’t come into contact with harsh chemicals and aren’t worn against harsh surfaces which could scratch them. Handle your jewellery with care, limit its contact with lotions, perfumes and creams and store it in a safe place.  

If your charm is sterling silver, you should polish it regularly. You can find sterling silver polishing cloths here. Otherwise, to find out more on caring for gold plated pieces, head to our recent blog post here

To increase the longevity of your charms and jump rings, we recommend minimal opening of the jump rings as this can weaken the integrity of the metal. When you are swapping the charm between base pieces, ensure that you are only opening and closing the gap of your jump ring delicately and creating the smallest gap possible. This will ensure that your jump ring remains robust and you can enjoy the piece for years to come. To see our charms styled in a variety of ways, head to our Instagram page @francesca.com.au for inspiration! xx

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