Three Women Who Inspire Us




If there’s one thing we love at Francesca, it’s inspiring women (if you thought jewellery was the answer then yes, that is also correct). But yep, we love being inspired by other women out there in the world, so, we thought we’d write a blog sharing who we find inspiring, you know, so you can go ahead and be inspired too! Sharing is caring at the end of the day, you’re welcome!



Possibly the funniest woman in Australia?! We currently have both hands in the air because we genuinely think she is hilarious. Not only is Zoe Foster-Blake making women around Australia look at their phones and laugh out loud causing awkward social situations, but she is also kicking goals (figuratively, not literally - she ain’t no soccer superstar) with her Go-To Skincare brand!


So get this right, what she has done is taken mundane, everyday skincare products, dropped the uppity-poshness, and turned it into the most hilarious products you just want to bathe yourself in all day, erryday! If you know Zoe from her genuinely hilarious romance advice column in Cosmo, then same - we spent way too long each week reading these. We love having a bit of a laff in our office, so when it comes to women who inspire us to laugh, Zoe comes in strong at the top of the list!



I mean, when we ask you to think of the world’s biggest fitness guru slash entrepreneur, who do you think of? Well, you may have guessed Kayla Itsines, you know, given that her name and face are slapping you right in the face, but yeah! From small city, Adelaide (we like to think of it as Hobart’s sister city), Kayla has taken over the world with her BBG and Sweat fitness programs, making her the most influential fitness guru on this very planet! Crazy right?!


With strong family values and a love for her dogs, we have fallen in love with her strength and daily inspiration on her Instagram page. Even though at about the 5 minute mark of her 28 minute workout, we may think slightly negative thoughts about her, but hey, at least she can inspire us to get up and moving giving us the bikini body we have always aspired to have!*


*pizza is still life though.


Ahh… the girl who fell from the sky! I mean need we say more?! What a freakin’ inspiration she is!! If she can’t motivate you in life, then we don’t know what will! After being told that she would never walk again after a horrific skydiving accident where her parachute failed, on her gap year, Em is defying fate and has learned to walk again, literally taking it all in her stride!


We can’t help but be in awe of her positive outlook on life and her openness with her followers! You know when little problems occupy your day and you think it’s the worst thing in the world, well we just think of Em and her story and it really puts things in perspective! Honestly, you need to read her story, we’ll wait patiently here until you get back, okay?!



Righto, so now that you’re feeling all the positive feelings and are glowing with inspired-ness, go out there, you do you, and inspire others to live their best life! xx

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