The Top 5 Earring Trends for 2023

The Top 5 Earring Trends for 2023
Quiet and laid back yet irreverent and youthful, we discuss the jewellery trends set to be big this year.
Just as lingerie transitioned to daywear, this year jewellery is set to move from being a last minute accessory to a conscious defining piece of any put together look in 2023.
As Coco Chanel once famously said, “Costume jewellery shouldn’t be made to provoke desire, just astonishment…It must remain an ornament and an amusement.”
Taking a page from her book, this years’ jewellery trends are all about irreverence, unconventionality, playfulness with a hint of laid back ease.
If the pandemic era was all about shaking off the bad vibes and bringing back bold shapes, pops of colour and a rebellion to oppression, in 2023 it’s all about being laid back. Think looser shapes and forms and less conventional colour combinations while maintaining an air of ‘youthfulness’, according to Vogue.
From loose, chunky gold hoops and colourful charm necklaces sported on the regular by Hailey Bieber, to irregular shaped pearl drop earrings seen worn by Sienna Miller at Vanity Fair red carpet, the jewellery of this year is playful yet bodes on the quieter side of wild, making the trends of 2023 accessible for all.
So whether you are likely to keep it cool, calm and collected with gold earrings for women like Hailey or want to mix it up a notch with irreverent shapes like Sienna, there is something for all jewellery loving types. 
To discover our lust-have jewellery trends for 2023 and what we recommend from the Franc collection (including our range of hypoallergenic earrings) read our curated list below.


5 Earring Trends for 2023

1. Mermaidcore

Described by Elle as jewellery inspired by “dreamy, oceanic, and beachy motifs,” mermaid inspired charm jewellery (think necklaces and bracelets) is being forecast as a mainstay in 2023.

Think big and bold shell earrings worn by Kendall Jenner through to chunky colourful shell inspired charm necklaces layered with plain gold chokers, as worn by Gigi Hadid.

With plain shell designs paired with gold and more youthful exuberant styles contrasted with primary colours, the ‘Mermaidcore’ vibe is the kind of playful, chillax by the pool holiday inspired look you’ll want to adopt this Summer.

For ocean inspired jewellery, we love the Shore Pearl Charm, Pillar Charm, Fossil Charm or River Pearl Charm threaded onto a short choker gold chain necklace.

Or to borrow direct from mother nature the Etta Necklace or  Keshi Pearl Earrings are the perfect off centre baroque shape giving freshly scooped from the sea vibes.


2. Green with envy 

Green is having a serious moment right now.
Be it heirloom, costume or garnet-inspired jewellery, the flavour of 2023 is emerald green.

Earthy in nature yet equally regal, emerald has been spied peppering all the red carpets with Net-A-Porter declaring it the season of ‘verdant gems’ and emeralds the “gem of choice for directional jewellery collectors.”

The good news too is it’s not limited to a type of green gemstones,  green everything is in: from necklaces, statement rings, drop earrings and studs.

For inspo looks we love, think amber and emerald drop earrings seen by Rihanna at the Oscars, to a statement gemstone knuckle duster ring worn by Megan Fox and coloured stone earrings and necklaces as seen by Emily in Paris star Camille Razat and showcased in Harper’s Bazaar jewellery trend round up. 

Get your dose of greens with the following from our latest Francesca collections. For emerald-esque coloured earrings try the Olsen Malachite Hoop Earrings or Fantasy Huggies from our youthful nature-inspired Fable Collection.

Alternatively, thread an Ivy Charm onto a gold chain necklace or make a more colourful statement with our Bowie Chain Necklace or Fleetwood Necklace Trio.

3. Choker couture

Blame Harry Styles but the return of pearl chokers have gone from a trend to a full blown choker love affair.

Pearl chokers worn high to the collar bone are now a gender neutral statement attracting men and women, from Love Island UK male contestants sporting them as a must-have accessory with boardshorts through to Harry Styles wearing them as an iconic costume piece in his ‘Love On Tour’ in Aus. 

Now chokers of all forms are getting similar kudos on the runways, red carpets and celebrity scene, with Cara Delivigne rocking a serious snake chain choker at the Oscars to Lady Gaga wearing a diamond encrusted chain choker.

However, short of having a million dollars or connections to borrow couture, choker necklaces can be still as accessible in ready to wear trends, with plain gold choker chains and pearls easily available.

Looking to our current Francesca collections right now, for a plain gold choker you can wear as is or layered we love the Farrah Chain or Bobble Chain. Alternatively, for a little Harry Styles inspired swagger we love our Etta Pearl Necklace, Peggy Pearl Necklace or the Mae Pearl Necklace.

4. Ear Candy

Think deliciously blinging, chunky ear cuffs or ‘huggies’ as we like to call them. With oversized jewellery debuting as a trend across the board, the same big and bold statement is being applied as the next ‘in thing’ with cuff earrings.

Described by Elle as a trend that keeps getting “bigger and bigger,” ear cuffs are now moving from a singular huggie aesthetic (i.e. one hoop or singular cuff) to new variations such as a triple cuff along with diamond encrusted crawler earrings that crawl the whole way down the ear lobe.

Inspired by looks from the ever edgy Cara Delivigne seen here wearing a singular statement crawler earring on one ear, through to the dainty Keira Knightley rocking a whole row of singular cuffs and the glam Elizabeth Banks sporting a set of subtle crawlers, there are so many ways to add a little ear candy to any lonesome lobe.

Latest ear cuffs we’re loving right now at Francesca include the: Darcy Hoops and the Willa Huggies. For crawlers the Spark Studs or Cupid Studs and for a little extra try a chain style such as our Kiki Pearl Chain Studs or Tara Chain Studs.

5. Shooting hoops

This is the season to bring your a-game and really step it up with hoops of all sizes and types - from chunky hoop gold earrings for women, to diamond huggies right through to Spice Girls 90s thin oversized hoops.

While InStyle predicts that thicker and smaller hoops are looking to be more favoured this season, it’s also suggested any 90s or naughties baby will still feel fondly about the classic oversized hoop.

In our eyes you can never go wrong with a hoop, no matter the size, metal hue or density.

Casting a glance at looks we love, Margot Robbie known for giving serious glamour pulls off a diamond encrusted hoop earrings set so well, while Hailey Bieber has basically branded plain gold hoops a part of her signature paired back glam look (both big and small).

So it doesn’t matter if you're more into gold earrings for women or open to any size or metal as long as it fits the hypoallergenic earrings tick box then we’ve got a range of hoops for you.

In terms of gold earrings for women the designs we love right now include: Phoebe Huggies for a little glam, Camilla Hoops for a classic chunky hoop and the Riley Hoops for a return to 90s vibe. Alternatively for sterling silver we’re all about the Azalia Hoops trio.

For more in latest season trends, discover our full range of hypoallergenic earrings our online store here.

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