The Resurgence of Anklets - And Why We Think You Need One

You may have noticed this summer that one thing has come full circle in the fashion world, and that, my friends, is anklets!

It’s time to take your hot girl summer to the next level with an anklet, and lucky for you we have juuuust the one (well, two actually)! 

If you’re a by-the-beach, sand between the toes kinda gal, then look no further than the Peggy Pearl Anklet. Not only does it immediately make you cooler but it’s also very comfortable. It has been beautifully hand crafted in our Hobart studio with the cutest little freshwater pearls, that sit comfortably against the skin without causing irritation!

Oh and did we mention the matching necklace?! Yes that’s right, you can get the matching set with the Peggy Pearl Necklace!



Not to toot our own horns, but it’s stunning! You only have to look at the reviews to see that others agree! With one happy customer, Jennie saying, “Absolutely love my anklet, I get so many compliments”. Who doesn’t love compliments?!

The stats speak for themselves with the Peggy Pearl Anklet now selling out 5 times in the space of 1 month! Safe to say, the people love it! 

Did we mention the other sell-out Anklet?! If you’re into the clean girl aesthetic, look no further than the Delilah Anklet!



The perfect anklet with minimal but impactful details that will make people look twice to see the glistening chain on wrapped around your anklet, making your outfit look *chefs kiss*.

The Deliah Anklet has also been a sell-out style with 5 star reviews! Customer Lisa said, “I absolutely love my anklet, wear it everyday & it fitted perfectly. Goes nice with my bracelet & charms I got from here”. We love that for Lisa! You can check our charms and bracelets here!

Ok, so you’re on board anklets now, which we love! But why stop at one? The great thing about this duo is they look better together so roll up your trousers and make space for these two! Now you really will get the compliments flowing!

As you’ve seen, Anklets are very much the in thing and we’re keen for them to stick around, so it’s time to lean in and make anklets your whole personality!

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