The Powerful Meanings Behind Your Favourite Gemstones


New age spirituality is back, with every girl now out there dabbling in yoga, meditation, astrology, full moon meanings and manifestation.

And, as a trend that happens to involve gemstones, birthstones, zodiac astrology we’re so on board.

Firstly, because... pretty, sparkly stones and rocks, but also there’s so much power, meaning and magic behind gemstones. From Cleopatra coveting emeralds, to Chinese warriors wearing rubies and Marilyn Munroe singing about diamonds, from an early age some of the most powerful men and women in the history have seen the beauty in and harnessed the natural powers of gemstones.

Now with the new age spirituality and the use of crystals and stones for self care, it’s time to give gemstones some much needed love and power again.

To guide your gemstone choice, we’ve compiled the meaning and story behind each gemstone so you can select the stone that will serve your self care needs.

the francesca gemstone guide:

emerald gemstone
A green you could easily get lost in, emerald is the ultimate gemstone for calling in love. In fact it’s even sometimes called ‘the stone of successful love’ thanks to the gemstone’s energy that’s said to stir the soul, open the heart and offer hope, compassion and harmony in all aspects of love. For singles or those wanting to deepen their romantic relationships, hold a emerald gemstone tight to let the love vibrations roll in.

amethyst gemstone
A deep purple stone that commands a deep personality, the amethyst is a gemstone for the spiritually awakened. Said to cleanse negative energy and attachments and offer a light of spiritual energy around the person holding it, this gemstone works to block out the negative vibes, protect the beholder and keep them safe from things that do not serve them. Keep an amethyst gemstone close if you need spiritual guidance or to feel safe.

turquoise gemstone
An azure blue, the turquoise gemstone symbolises health, wellbeing and equilibrium. Deeply connected to the water element, turquoise is a gemstone associated with tranquility and the ability to balance the body and heal and purify the mind, making it a beautiful tool for meditation. Those with turquoise gemstones will be able to cleanse the spirit of negative energy and tap into a calm state of mind.

rose quartz gemstone
The rosiest of pink gemstones, those who use rose quartz have the ability to live life through a rose coloured lens, letting love and the heart guide their actions. A magnet for calling love in and radiating love out, the rose quartz gemstone is a symbol of unconditional love, self love, compassion and healing. Be it holding a rose quartz to the heart, or wearing one on the body, this gemstone will help you embody a soft feminine energy that nourishes you and keeps you connected to love at all times.

lapis lazuli gemstone

A mystical blue as deep and easy to get lost in as the ocean or a starry sky, lapis lazuli is the gemstone of awareness, truth and wisdom. Wearers of the lapis lazuli gemstone will be able to awaken their inner destiny and revel in self expression. It’s also said that this gemstone possesses the qualities of compassion and honesty and will encourage inner confidence and the ability to speak openly and from the heart.

jade gemstone

Manifesting in a variety of hues - from lime green, to pink and red, jade is the gemstone that will inspire, elevate and reinvigorate you to push past boundaries created in the mind and explore your full truth and potential. As a gemstone of purity, jade is said to bring deep healing, recharge energy and clear any fear or negativity that’s lingering.

sapphire gemstone

A opulent blue, the sapphire gemstone is connected to deep learning, wisdom and clarity. Sapphire is said to open the third eye chakra and facilitate positive energy, so for those seeking focus, intuition and motivation, this gemstone is the ideal study or work companion. The sapphire also holds incredible strength and staying power, with the gemstone categorised as  second strongest stone after diamonds, rated 9 on the Mohls scale of hardness.

opal gemstone

A kaleidoscope of colours in the one pearlescent white stone, the opal gemstone is said to symbolise purity and hope. With its power stemming from the ability to absorb and reflect light, the opal gemstone works to absorb feelings and emotions buried deep within the beholder and either amplify them or allow them to wash away and be let go of. This gemstone will cultivate positive, pure energy and thoughts and give guidance towards reaching your higher power.

topaz gemstone

As golden and glowing as the sun, the orange topaz (also found in pink, blue hues too) is a gemstone said to symbolise vitality and act as a source for true joy, inspiration, creativity and expression. A vibrant stone, topaz will encourages energy recharge, inner confidence, healing and also work to stimulate the body, mind and soul to allow lasting abundance, happiness and love.

amber gemstone
An ethereal golden hue, amber is technically a fossilised resin not gemstone, but still beholds the same beautiful healing qualities as a gemstone. Said to be a source of inner health and wellness, those who wear amber will reduce stress and anxiety levels, receive clarity of mind, balanced emotions and release all negative energy.

ametrine gemstone
A unique combination of two prized gemstones, amethyst and citrine, ametrine (or also known as trystine) is a blend of purple and yellow quartz crystal. The power of this gemstone could be considered greater than most, as it embodies the unique charms of both crystals. With amethyst gemstone energy being inspiration, and citrine gemstone being about focus, ametrine is the perfect stone for tapping into when you need a jolt of motivation for productivity or creativity.

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