The Power of Pearls


Picture the women that wear pearls and you’ll realise some of the most iconic and powerful women in history come to mind... 

Audrey Hepburn, Kristin Davis (Charlotte in Sex and the City), Meghan Markle and Michelle Obama to name a select few.

Which is why, when you hear the saying ‘pearls of wisdom,’ there is a actually a much deeper meaning behind the beautiful sea jewel - the pearl - that we all know and love.

The only jewel in the world that naturally occurs from a living animal, pearls possess a a depth of wisdom that you could say leaves the wearer (or woman) with the ‘world as her oyster’ when she adorns them.

While there’s often talk around pearls as chic, timeless, sophisticated and classic jewels (not to mention rare and expensive depending on how they are sourced), it’s little recognised as a source of true empowerment for women.

As a women’s jewellery brand that is passionate about empowering women to live out their dreams and use jewellery to inspire confidence, femininity, power and beauty, it’s only natural to want to switch the focus from pearls as something ‘only your grandma wears’ (although she may be the fiercest woman going round) and actually talk about how bossing’ pearls are for women of all ages.

Really, it’s time to forget just ‘power pants’ and stilettos, natural pearls are the best way to command a room, own your power and step into your femininity with grace and ease.

To help inspire your pearl style, we’ve created a guide to what to look for in a pearl and also learn your personality type to pick the perfect pearl to match your power play game.

Types of pearls:

Akoya pearls - The most ‘classic’ pearl, a luminous white jewel, the Akoya pearl is iconic and is traditionally grown off the coast of Japan. Perfectly round and white in nature they have a beautiful lustre but are rare and expensive.

Freshwater pearls - Considered the ‘fashion forward’ pearl, Freshwater pearls fit perfectly within the on-trend category while being a ‘natural’ fresh pearl sourced straight from the sea.

Tahitian pearls -  A tropical and modern choice, Tahitian pearls come from French Polynesia and are the only naturally dark coloured pearls that come in a variety of hues as well as different shapes like droplets, baroques and ovals.

South Sea pearls - Described as the creme de la creme of pearls, the South Sea pearls (aka Australian pearls) have an incredible luster and are large in size and can only be in Indonesia and Australia. As a rare type of pearl, they are highly valuable and expensive, but sure to make a statement.

the pearl personality quiz:

Discover the pearl jewellery choice that will empower your personality with our fun quiz below.


  1. what is your power outfit of choice?
    a) Skinny jeans, a camisole, blazer and serious stilettos
    b) A colourful asymmetric dress with closed toe shoes and a fresh blow dry
    c) A classic black shift dress with matching black heels and serious accessories
    d) A loose white blouse tucked into a pencil skirt with on-trend heels and lipstick

    2. if you were going to drinks with the girls your drink of choice would be...
    a) A spicy tequila cocktail
    b) A full bodied red wine
    c) A finger or two of scotch
    d) French champagne

  1. hosting a dinner party, you would cook...
    a) Zucchini pasta with bolognese
    b) A rack of lamb with lots of veggies
    c) Soup with lots of vegetables
    d) A wholesome roast chicken

  2. if your friends were asked to describe you, they would say...
    a) Confident, magnetic and a modern feminist
    b) Down to earth, funny and always there to help
    c) Sassy, fun, creative and independent AF
    d) Soft, kind, caring and deeply maternal

    5. you never leave home without
    a) a manicure, fresh blow dry and a ready to dazzle smile
    b) a diary, first aid kit and on-the-go healthy snacks
    c) makeup, ID and a glitzy handbag
    d) a to-do list, hairbrush, compact mirror and lipstick

your pearl personality type:

mostly a’s - meghan markle

A natural beauty with a feminist foot forward and an on fleek fashion, Meghan Markle personality types would best suit Freshwater pearls with a modern twist (at Francesca all are high grade freshwater pearls). We recommend the Keshi Pearl Necklace or for brides-to-be.

mostly b’s - michelle obama
A humanitarian with big dreams and an even bigger heart, Michelle Obama types could be likened to Tahitian pearls - colourful, cultured and fun. We recommend the Iridescent pearl earrings or for a pop of colour (outside of pearls), we love the stone of harmony bracelet (yellow jade), the stone of strength (black agate) or the stone of purpose (lapis lazuli).

mostly c’s - audrey hepburn
A bewildering woman with a charismatic charm and a creative nonchalance, Audrey Hepburn types are best compared to South Sea pearls (Australian pearls) - rare, bold, beautiful and hard to chase down. We recommend either the pearl drops or the Evie pearl earrings.

mostly d’s - kristin davis
A gentle soul possessing natural grace, effortless beauty and a polished appearance, Kristin Davis types are best likened to Akoya pearls, classic, luminous and perfect in look and charm.
We recommend the white pearl studs, or the pearl charm bracelet.

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