The Mother Daughter Necklace: 5 Styles and Ideas We Love


The Mother Daughter Necklace: 5 Styles and Ideas We Love

[sell] Keep a loving bond close to your heart at all times with our selection of mother daughter necklace sets to suit all personalities and style preferences.

Sam Bailey

The mother daughter bond is undeniable, but now symbolising it with jewellery is the latest way a woman, be it mum or daughter (or both) can continue to keep the unbreakable bond close to their heart. 

Gigi Hadid, supermodel and new mum recently spearheaded the trend, wearing a mother daughter necklace featuring her and her daughter Khai's name for the cover of InStyle Magazine in March this year.

Now,  since Mother’s Day, the pull to owning a personalised piece, be it a mum and daughter pendant, matching mum and daughter jewellery or engraved maternal necklaces has never been more popular. 

As a female lead company who advocates for motherhood, at Francesca we love celebrating mothers and honouring both the challenges and heart full moments that come with it along the way.

Which is why we offer a range of mother daughter jewellery, Australia made and customisable to suit your unique mother daughter style and bond.

Whether it’s for an upcoming birthday, a keepsake for when travelling or apart, a christmas present or future Mother’s Day, we’ve got a beautiful selection of mother daughter jewellery to choose from.

For our curated collection of go-to mother daughter necklace sets, see our Francesca personalised guide below, including links so you can shop all mother daughter jewellery Australia made directly.

5 Mum And Daughter Jewellery Styles From Francesca

1. The New Mumma Necklace

The name speaks for itself, this necklace is the dream gift for any new mumma or soon to be mumma who wants to keep their newborn daughter close to their heart at all times.

For the mum-to-be or new mum who knows the name of their daughter, the blessing of the New Mumma Necklace is part of our personalised collection, which means you can choose a Alpha Letter Charm that represents the letter of their first name and also select the charm that corresponds with their birth month.

A bespoke mother daughter necklace set that is completely customiseable, the New Mumma Necklace is the perfect option for any new mum and can even be recreated and gifted to the new daughter too as either a corresponding one (with their mum’s first letter initial) or identical as a future heirloom piece.

As a maternal necklace, it’s delicate and user friendly for breastfeeding thanks to its short chain. That said, be warned, it’s still an enticing sparkly necklace so keep charms hidden from reach where possible.

Shop the New Mumma Necklace here.

2. Better Together Necklace

A cute and modern combo, the Better Together Necklace is a dream mother daughter necklace set for women of all ages, from 20s through to midlife and beyond.

Featuring two rope charm letters and available in rose gold, yellow gold and sterling silver, the Better Together Necklace is the ideal mum and daughter pendant.

Much like the New Mumma Necklace, you can personalise the charms on this one too, the only real difference is it is a little more modern, chic and bold in aesthetic due to the larger rope charms.

To mix it up we recommend the bobble chain option!  

Shop the Better Together Necklace here.

3. Etch Pendant Necklaces

For the old world romantics who love the history of engraved pieces and the delicate personalisation of etching, the Etch Pendant Necklaces are a beautiful mum and daughter pendant recommendation.

Each Etch Pendant Necklace features a beautiful disc pendant design and complete customisation from the choice of chain, colour of metal (rose gold, solid gold and sterling silver) and type of etching style.

As a mother and daughter jewellery piece, the Etch Pendant Necklace allows you to choose to engrave initials (such as your mum’s) or full names (such as the name/s of daughters) with both options offering a different font and format (centred or wrapped around the disc). 

We love this as a Mother’s Day gift for a mum with more than one daughter. The perk being - if you pitch in with your sisters, it makes the gift a shared and meaningful experience while reducing the cost for each daughter too.

Shop the Etch Pendant Necklace here.

4. Locket Necklaces

If a locket necklace is fit for a queen, it most certainly is fit for a mum and her mini queen.

Locket necklaces have a rich history of being worn by the royals, and it’s said this stems from during the Elizabethan era when artists and goldsmiths were commissioned to make lockets so they could keep images of their loved ones nearby whenever they travelled and had time apart.

This same sentiment still lives on today, which is why locket necklaces are forever loved, worn and adored by mums and daughters. 

Within our locket necklace collection, we offer the added perk of printing and inserting your desired picture into your beloved’s locket necklace piece as well.

A true mum and daughter pendant designed to give you the gift of connection and keep their smiles and warm eyes close at all times, a locket necklace is a go to for a mum or daughter duo of any age.

In our locket necklace range we have four designs and types of lockets to choose from. Either pick the same colour or mix and match for variation, but perhaps keeping the imagery the same.

Shop the Pendant Necklace collection here.   

5. Personalised Necklaces

It’s no secret that at Francesca we allow personalisation across most of our beautiful pieces, however the benefit of going directly to our Personalised Necklaces collection means you can browse between all the bespoke mum and daughter jewellery options we have already talked about along with a few more.

One of the Pesonalised Necklaces we love, for the spiritual or modern day horoscope loving mothers and daughters out there is the Zodiac Duo necklace.

The Zodiac Duo comes in a range of colours and each chain customisable. Choose from your corresponding zodiac sign or tomake it a meaningful mum and daughter jewellery set, choose to wear their corresponding zodiac charm instead.

For more mother daughter necklace ideas browse our full necklace collection here.

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