The Meaning Behind Aventurine And It Healing Properties


The Meaning Behind Aventurine And It Healing Properties

Discover the restorative meaning and energy associated with blue and green aventurine bracelets including what chakra aventurine is and what energy it omits

Gemstones are not just a beautiful element used in jewellery, but are deeply tied to mysticism, with each stone said to contain healing properties and transmit their own unique energy.

If you’ve ever been drawn to aventurine in particular but not known why, in this blog we answer all your questions like what does aventurine do? and what chakra aventurine is to help you explore the meaning behind your intuitive pull towards the earthy stone.

What is Aventurine?

Aventurine is a stone known in the spiritual realm as the ‘heart healer’ with the green gemstone in particular correlated with the heart chakra.

When life is in flow and the heart is open, aventurine activates a sense of love, appreciation and inner harmony. 

When out of flow it can be more challenging to open the heart. This is when you can draw on blue aventurine, known to calm the mind, ease anxieties, promote optimism and relieve external pressures.

With a dual meaning, depending on the hue, aventurine can behold different energetic qualities and be used differently for healing depending on the situation. 

To guide you towards the aventurine gemstone that will suit you best we’ve created a go-to manual for how to work with aventurine especially if you’re new to the ‘woo woo’ side of stones. 

We’ll cover everything from what chakra is aventurine (and what a chakra is) to what does aventurine do, how to identify aventurine and how to tell if aventurine is real.

Read more on how to tap into aventurine energy and create inner harmony below.

A Guide To Aventurine 

In this guide we will answer all your aventurine questions so you can pick the perfect aventurine stone to match the healing properties you’re searching for. Read on for Q&As below.

What Chakra Is Aventurine?

First, let’s talk about chakras and what they are so you can call in the energy you wish to receive.

Chakras, or energy centres, are said to be located in the body, from the base of the pelvis to the crown of head - with each gemstone said to contain healing powers and energy that corresponds with and opens the set chakra you are wanting to work with.

With aventurine, there are two main colours: blue and green aventurine. Each colour and stone is said to holds a different energy and chakra connection.

Green aventurine is said to correspond with the heart chakra, located in the centre of the chest. Heart chakra (anahata chakra) is connected to the energy of love. 

When working with green aventurine, such as our Bowie Bracelet, it is a comforting and secure energy that encourages feelings of confidence, joy, ease and an open heart.

Blue aventurine on the other hand is connected to the upper chakras - the third eye and throat chakras - with a strong focus on soothing unease and strengthening inner connection.

The third eye chakra (ajna chakra) is located in the centre between the eyebrows on the forehead and is associated with our perception, awareness and intuition. While the throat chakra (vishuddha) is known to be the the voice of the body and the transmuter of expression.

Working with blue aventurine is said to assist in opening the innate powers within and clearing any sensitivities that cause a block or disconnect from inner disharmony.

So if you’re feeling a pull towards green or blue and wondering what does aventurine do?

In a nutshell, blue aventurine is the stone of inner peace, said to calm the mind and ease anxiety, while green aventurine takes it a step further, encouraging positivity, heart healing and peace.


How To Identify Aventurine?

Wandering the markets or visiting a wholesale gemstone centre, it can sometimes be hard to distinguish aventurine if not clearly labelled. It’s even trickier given there is blue and green. 

To ensure you are getting genuine aventurine and with it, the energy you are seeking, we’ve created a few tips for how to identify aventurine and how to tell if aventurine is real. 

First, always look for a label. If there is no label, politely ask the jeweller or store/stall owner what the stone is and where they source it. If the colour is a little hard to distinguish, either Google it to  match the colour on screen with the aventurine stone in your hands or check the stall/store’s credentials for a website or Instagram page for more information on credibility.

Alternatively, save the stress and buy directly from a jewellery store you can trust like Francesca. 

We are an Australian jewellery label that is transparent and sources only the highest grade gemstones including aventurine, so you will never have to learn how to tell if aventurine is real when shopping with us.

All the stones we use are labelled beside our jewellery and we will always provide further information if any customer asks where they are sourced. This way you are never left wondering how to tell if aventurine is real or are left anxious about wanting to ask but feeling too nervy to.

To buy aventurine with us, shop the Bowie Bracelet from our Colourwave Collection for a beautiful two toned green aventurine and malachite combo.

How To Care For Aventurine?

You may have heard about cleansing your crystals under the full moon but when it comes to jewellery it doesn’t need to be quite that ‘woo woo.’

To care for your aventurine, whether it's cleaning, cleansing or washing it, read on for our best practise tips on how to clean green aventurine.

Care Guide For Aventurine:

  1. Start with a clean, dry cloth, or even better use one of our polishing cloths for a dry dab and gloss over. This should remove any dust or obvious residue and is the best option when learning how to clean green aventurine or are wondering ‘can aventurine get wet?’

  2. For those inspired to cleanse in a more spiritual sense,try methods focused on the elements of water (in the ocean or bath) or fire (such as with sage or a palo santo stick).

As water is a natural element it is safe to gently rinse aventurine under water in the shower, or swim with it in the ocean (wearing on your body or holding the stone) or dipping it into another natural water source such as a river, lake or dam.

While it’s common for people to ask can aventurine get wet, the truth is, any stone can get a little wet if dried or cared for appropriately after.

The only caveat here is that if you buy an aventurine bracelet such as our Bowie Bracelet it is threaded on a sterling silver or gold plated chain. A shower here and there won’t cause harm but over time they may tarnish. Perhaps stick to a full moon water cleanse only!

Alternatively, purchase a smudge stick or palo santo wood from a spiritual store and perform a smoke cleansing ritual instead, to clear stagnancy and invite renewal.

  1. If water has been used as an element to cleanse or wash aventurine, the last step is to ensure it dries out. While we’ve established the answer to can aventurine get wet?, it’s just as important that it regains its lustre and clarity by leaving it under the sun to dry.

With aventurine known to elicit inner peace and boost vitality and open heartedness we can’t recommend the gemstone and its soothing energy enough. Now with all your what does aventurine do questions answered why not draw on aventurine energy to inspire your week.

Remember, “peace from within begins with a calm mind.” Support a calm mind and soft heart by purchasing a Bowie Bracelet today. Your heart chakra will thank you.

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