The Jewellery Gifts Set To Be Big This Festive Season

The Jewellery Gifts Set To Be Big This Festive Season 

Whether you’re gifting a colleague or a loved one this season our trending Francesca jewellery Christmas gift guide has you covered. 

Looking to spice up your gift giving this year but feeling a little lost with where to start? We’ve got you.

While ‘tis the season to be jolly, often gift giving can put a damper on spirits if you’re buying for someone you barely know or you’ve bought a loved one something similar before.

To save on stress and keep the vibes high this season, we can’t recommend jewellery gifts enough. 

To help we’ve curated our own Christmas Jewellery Gifts Edit full of fun, hot, seasonal and timeless pieces all men, women, couples and family members will adore.

Be it for a Kris Kringle colleague, good friend, sister or Aunty you see only once a year, personalised jewellery gifts such as a bespoke piece, jewellery gift sets or jewellery gift card will never cease to impress.

Jewellery gift sets even work for couples, take Meghan Markle, who wears a dog tag pendant necklace with Prince Harry’s initials engraved. It’s such a cute example of personalised jewellery gifts you can both wear.

Within our collection we also have the option to have pieces engraved as part of our Etch Collection and allow you to choose from a range of pendants that can be alternated or threaded onto a necklace for Christmas gift to be worn all year round.

We also have a range of beautiful customiseable pieces from charm bracelets to locket necklaces, so you can feel assured knowing we’ve got something for every loved one.

To make shopping a breeze we’ve rounded up our top selects for this season. Check out our guide to the best jewellery Christmas gifts set to be top of the wish list this year and with consideration to all budgets. 

The Jewellery Gifts Set To Be Big For Xmas 2022

  • Statement rings
  • Love the look of a vintage ring as a jewellery gift but haven’t got an antique jeweller or local market near you? We recommend buying one of our beautiful Christmas gift rings that gives off old that renaissance charm but is still new. 

    For similar inspired pieces we recommend checking out our Fable Collection as a starting point. 

    Within Fable there are a few key rings we believe make for beautiful jewellery gifts - think the Ivy Ring for a intricate design featuring green spinel stones or Fable Ring for a chunkier design featuring a mother of pearl centre piece. 

    Price guide: Jewellery gifts for under $120 

    Keen to keep it simple? Perhaps choose a band of substance and can tie in nicely as one of a few jewellery gifts that can be stacked with other statement rings.

    For personalised piece, try Etch Ring (featuring engravable initial), Andie Ring (bobble design), Entwine Band.

    Price guide: Jewellery gifts for under $100

    Alternatively, for a statement piece that takes the bling level up a notch we love the following rings featuring diamonds or cubic zirconia: Hampton Diamond Ring, Mayfair Diamond Ring, Twine Ring, Charlie Band.

    Price guide: Jewellery gifts between $69-599.

  • Astrology pieces
  • Do you have someone in your life who reads their horoscopes on the daily and loves all things esoteric and astrological? Well our latest collections are sure to give you the best inspiration for jewellery gifts or jewellery gift sets.

    For anything sun, moon, stars we adore the Fable Collection. Key pieces to browse include: Ever After Earrings, Dreamer Earrings or for stud earrings the Ever After Studs or the Dreamer Studs.  

    Price guide: Jewellery gifts that are priced under $50 (studs) and $100 (longer earrings).

    For more traditional star sign inspired pieces or birthstones see our Zodiac + Birthstone page.
    Shop from either Iridescent Zodiac Charm or Petite Birthstone Charm for smaller personalised jewellery gifts.

    Price guide: Jewellery gift under $50.

    For a larger statement piece we recommend a zodiac necklace for a Christmas gift.

    Shop from either the: Zodiac Necklace featuring a zodiac pendant, a Zodiac Duo or a Birthstone Necklace with option to add extra charms. All three are divine as a necklace for Christmas gift. 

    Price guide: Jewellery gifts under $50.

    1. Old world charm
      Think Marie Antoinette, a jewellery gifts category for all things ostentatious, old, majestical, charming and  OTT. These select pieces will work well for a friend, lover or relative who likes to dazzle crowds and wear jewellery pieces that make a statement. 

    For necklaces that steal the show and are antique looking but modern you can’t go past the following: Treasure Locket Necklace, Ivy Necklace, Lioness Necklace or  Ellis Locket Necklace.
    These pieces are timeless, personalised and are one of a kind necklace for Christmas gift options.

    Price guide: Jewellery gifts between $120-350 

    Looking for something a little more low key but still vintage-esque? Be inspired by Fable Collection earrings such as Fable Hoops or Daisy Chain Hoops for beautiful gold hoop earrings or for smaller studs the Ivy Studs or  Fantasy Studs featuring a hint of Christmas green… talk about best jewellery Christmas gifts sorted. 

    Price guide: Jewellery gifts under $50 (studs) and under $120 (drop earrings). 

  • Inscribed pieces
  • Looking to choose more personalised jewellery gifts you know your loved one can wear for an eternity as a keepsake? 

    We hear you. Friends meet Etch Collection: our answer for all things personalised jewellery gifts.

    With the Etch Collection every single piece is customisable - from charms, pendant necklaces, chain necklaces and stud earrings, you name it, we can etch meaningful words onto it.

    In terms of the design it may come down to if you’re looking for a small or larger gift. For example if you want to choose a sentimental piece for a friend such as to make a friendship bracelet and are looking for subtle ‘matchy matchy’ jewellery gift sets we recommend the Etch Alpha Bracelet or Etch Chain Bracelet.

    Price guide: Bracelet jewellery gift sets can be under $100 or under $150 (per piece). 

    For a much larger statement piece try instead a Etch necklace for Christmas gift selections.
    The signature Etch Pendant Necklace is so divine, the shape is old yet new and sure to be a crowd favourite. Alternatively the Etch Amore Necklace is smaller and dainty, perfect to pair with other necklaces.

    Price guide: Jewellery gifts from the Etch Collection can range from under $150 through to $400.

  • Off centre pearls
    Browsing a gift for a beloved woman in your life who is either traditional, overtly feminine, conservative or just into elemental pieces? Pearls are always a good idea when looking for personalised jewellery gifts for this type of jewellery wearer.

    In terms of pearl pieces that make for on trend jewellery gifts this season, we’re all about the off centre, obscure, uncut or imperfect pearls.

  • Within our current pearls collection we recommend either Keshi range: Keshi Pearl Earrings, Keshi Pearl Charm, Keshi Pearl Studs or Lulu pieces like the Lulu Pearl Charm or Lulu Pearl Necklace.

    Price guide: Pearl jewellery gifts are priced under $50 (singular charms) through to under $200.

  • Freedom to choose pieces 
    This category is more of a ‘choose your own adventure’ option that we highly recommend gifting as an option for the particular, the fussy or the super style conscious types who know personally what jewellery gifts they will like but aren’t easy to choose for as the outsider.

    In terms of jewellery gifts we recommend for those who need freedom choose from either:

    • A jewellery gift card to the value of your budget (choose from a set amount or custom amount) here. Prices start from $20 and range through to $1000.

    •  A jewellery box gift to store their precious items such as Stacker Jewellery Box. Big enough for rings, bracelets and necklaces this black suede box is the ultimate in both personalised gifts jewellery boxes too.

    • A jewellery gift set that can be customiseable such as an Etch Collection piece they can engrave in their own time or plain jewellery gifts like a banded ring or pendant necklace they can use as a base to then stack or layer.

    • A jewellery box gift for travel such as Petite Jewellery Box or Bevel Jewellery Box - a perfect fit for a handbag and are jewellery gifts under $50.

    • A Francesca Advent Calendar as technically the more options the merrier right? Plus they can have the fun of opening a new window each day and choosing from all different jewellery gifts.

    For more general jewellery gifts see our online Francesca store or for specific jewellery Christmas gift guide ideas see our Christmas Gifting Ideas Edit for a range of jewellery gift guide inspo.

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