The Jewellery Advent Calendar You Would Trade In Chocolate For


Christmas is just around the corner, but if given the choice between a piece of cheap chocolate, or a stunning new jewellery piece every day what would you choose?

Naturally, jewellery wins hands down every time...let’s be honest. Which is why a jewellery advent calendar is what you’ll be adding to your wish list this coming Christmas.

What’s the fun of an advent calendar though if you’re not quite sure what the meaning behind it is ...well, except for getting to ‘treat yo'self’ every morning as you open a little window of luxury!

Learn more about the history of advent calendars and why it’s worth getting on board early, as if previous years are are anything to go by, our advent calendar is sure to be a sell-out success again!

The Origins of Advent Calendars

Originating in Germany in the early nineteenth century, advent calendars initially began as etchings on walls or doors made with chalk, counting down the days to Christmas (or ‘advent’) until it eventually evolved to be devotional wall hangings and printed calendars.

Over time, little doors were added to the advent calendars, often alongside bible verses, with the countdown becoming a cherished occasion. Advent is traditionally a Christian celebration devoted to the countdown of Christmas and the birth of Jesus. In Latin, advent means ‘coming’ thus, advent is the season celebrating the ‘coming of Jesus Christ’ and advent calendars are a countdown to the Christmas season.   


The Evolution of Advent Calendars

In the early days, advent calendars would contain an image, poem or portion of a story about the nativity of Jesus, but over time it has evolved into much more creative interpretations with games, puzzles, toys and chocolate all as mini milestone celebrations. 

Now, we’ve taken it a step further, by evolving the tradition into a jewellery advent calendar.

With jewellery symbolising everything from power, love, confidence, abundance, compassion and protection (depending on the metal or gemstone used), unlike chocolate which holds no real significance (other than being delicious), we believe by offering jewellery as the daily gift it makes a perfect modern and meaningful addition to advent calendars.

By creating an advent calendar that honours jewellery’s ability to be worn, it allows the wearer to be reminded regularly of the significance of the occasion and we believe it's the perfect way to ring in the Christmas season and celebrate the age old tradition.

Not only will opening the advent calendar every day be a beautiful surprise that’s sure to dazzle the eyes but it has longevity, as in wearing each piece, it’s a constant reminder of the advent season, birth of jesus and honour of the Christmas tradition.





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