The Colour Of Your Bracelet And What It Means As An Energy

The Colour Of Your Bracelet And What It Means As An Energy

Discover the hidden meaning of your gemstone bracelet according to its colour and what each particular stone's healing properties are.

Colour is often what our eyes gravitate to first when choosing a jewellery piece, but when it comes to selecting stone bracelets often symbolism and spirituality are also front of  mind.

Whether it’s about setting a positive intention, warding off bad spirits or keeping someone you love close, learning about each type (such as what do blue bracelets mean?) is a great way to make a colour choice that’s conscious of what matters to you.

According to Forbes, this pull towards colour bracelets and gemstones is a new trend in light of the pandemic - with women looking to revolt against uncertainty by gravitating to the meanings and significance behind gemstones as a way to strengthen spirituality.

As Guruji Shrii Arnav shares with Forbes, "Gemstones are far more than just pretty stones. Ancient cultures had a strong belief in the power that gemstones hold.”

With this in mind, we at Francesca want to help you translate the ancient meaning and harness the spiritual or symbolic significance that will serve you best. Whether it’s: what does a black beaded bracelet mean?, what do blue bracelets mean? or what does wearing a red bracelet mean? we decode it all in our guide.

Plus we share each semi-precious stone in our collection and show you where to buy it with shop the bracelet links throughout.

To learn more read below to decode what each colour means read on below.

5 Popular Bracelet Colours And Their Meanings

Learn about what each colour of the rainbow holds in reverence to its meaning by reading the Francesca gemstone translations below.

Pink ~ Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is connected to the heart. However it’s not limited to a romantic sense,  the energy of rose quartz can extend to love of others, care, kindness and humility for mother nature, self love or even a be an energy that extends to how we show up in all daily interactions.

The stone of love, rose quartz is known to open the heart and bring compassion and joy to every day. A gentle pink crystal, rose quartz celebrates love in all its forms, whether for your other half, family member, friend, self or fur-baby.

Associated quote: 'When you open your heart to the world, the world opens its heart to you."

To buy a pink rose quartz bracelet or discover more about its meaning, see our bracelets here.

Black ~ Black Agate

It may be dark in nature, but far from it in meaning! For those curious to know what does a black beaded bracelet mean, at its core it's about resilience.

Black agate is the stone of strength. It promotes self-confidence and reminds us to own our power! While we’re focused on finding out what does a black beaded bracelet mean, it comes in a variety of colours, but whatever the hue, agate will always uplift and inspire you to live your truth.

Associated quote: "Strength isn’t staying on your feet, it’s getting back up after you fall."

To buy a black agate bracelet or discover more about its meaning see our bracelets here.

Blue ~ Turquoise, Aquamarine & Angelite

Much like the sky and sea elicit soothing qualities, blue stone bracelets are also connected to nature and qualities of calm.

For those intrigued as to what do blue bracelets mean, it depends on the gemstone - with aquamarine, turquoise and angelite all beholding their own meanings.

Turquoise is the stone of adventure. Said to bring out your daring side, turquoise will inspire you to chase your dreams. It is also said that those gifted turquoise by a friend will go one to have great fortune in the future.

Associated quote: "To see the view from the top of the mountain, you must first climb it."

Angelite in contrast is centred on an energy of calm. Angelite is the stone of connection, known to emanate a peaceful energy and bring balance and wholeness to the wearer. 

Beyond its calming nature, it is also known to have romantic capacities. For those wondering what do blue bracelets mean from a luck talisman sense? It’s said if two people carry angelite, their souls will remain connected, no matter the physical distance between them.

Associated quote: "True connection goes beyond time or distance, it exists wherever you are"

Aquamarine is similar to angelite in that it also carries a calming aura. The stone of peace, aquamarine promotes peace and courage. Reminiscent of the ocean itself, aquamarine encourages you to trust and let go.

Associated quote: “Don't miss the gifts life wants to give you. Let go of the familiar, the planned, the safe, and trust whatever life has in store"

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Red ~ Red Jade

Red can get a rep for being bold and fiery but with red jade, it holds a much more subtle (yet powerful) meaning. If you’ve ever wondered what does wearing a red bracelet mean, the truth is that red jade works behind the scenes to make magic happen, not loudly like you’d assume.

Opposite to a matador encouraging a fiery bull into the arena with a red cloth, it instead works to encourage you to hold your own, with poise and inner calm, in order to bring about results.

The stone of harmony, red jade brings the mind and body back into balance. An insightful, wise gem, red jade encourages both self-love and tranquillity, helping you to reach your full potential.

Associated quote: "Every person is born with dreams and the potential to fulfil them, but a dream will stay just a dream unless you chase it."

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Green ~ Burma Jade & Malachite

Green, like the earth and mountains, is a colour with a deep connection to mother nature. Earthy in nature, be it burma jade or a deep malachite each has a unique and grounded meaning.

Burma Jade is the stone of heaven, said to provide closure between heaven and earth. Long prized for its enlightening wisdom, burma jade holds virtues of good health and longevity.

Associated quote: "Trust the guidance offered from those looking over you"

Malachite is the powerful stone of transformation. Known to symbolise self growth and inspires you to focus on your passions, malachite will inspire you and help release that which holds you back.

Associated quote: "Let your values guide your actions and they will lead you to success."

To discover more about your favourite coloured stones such as what does a black beaded bracelet mean, what does wearing a red bracelet mean and what do bracelets mean, see our gemstone meaning guide here.

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